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Just In Case (Olicity, 5x23 spec)

(what we’re all assuming will happen based on this tweet)

They’d been here too many times before.

She wanted to say that. She wanted to scream it from the treetops so everyone would hear how frakking ridiculous it was that just when they were on the cusp of having everything, something swooped in and turned the entire world upside down. Really, you think she’d be used to it, should even expect it. But it always surprised her, every single time.

This time was no different.

Felicity stared up at him. 

The words were on the tip of her tongue, everything she’d kept at bay since last summer - everything buried under fear and anger and hurt and regret - but she didn’t say any of it. Now was so not the time, and at the end of the day, the words weren’t necessary. She didn’t have to say any of it, not anymore. They both knew. They always had. So instead she gripped his suit, so tight her fingers hurt, pouring every ounce of love she felt for his man into these few precious seconds.

He did the same, and the love and gratitude and openness staring back at her took her breath away.

The conversation they held with their eyes lasted all of a second, but it also felt like it encompassed an eternity.

Felicity nodded, her lips twitching in a small smile. It was reassuring, confident, strong, as much for him as it was for her. He returned it, but his had an edge of sadness hooked to it. She understood exactly what it meant - it wasn’t sadness fueled by regret, but sadness that they were back here, again, always.

Well, she thought, that just meant that when they got out of this, she was going to tell him to absolute hell with taking things one step at a time. She wanted him, she always had, and the wall that had been between them since the very beginning - the very, very beginning, since always - was finally crumbling and she was ready to kick it down the rest of the way so there was nothing left but them. She was going to ask him to dinner, or have him over, ask him if he wanted to cook, but maybe not because she hadn’t done anything food-related in the loft kitchen since he left. Everything was dusty and unused, almost like it was all waiting for him. Sort of like her, she mused to herself, waiting for her to come back to herself, to him, to each other. So yes, definitely dinner, but maybe going out for dinner, like their first attempt at a date, only this time…  

Oliver’s lips twitched up again, this time with something softer - with pure, radiant love - like he could read her thoughts. With a reverent, “Felicity,” he stepped forward, closing the distance between them. He barely left Felicity a second to react, for her lips to form a startled, ‘Oh,’ before he wrapped his arm around her waist and hauled her up against his chest, his lips slanting over hers.

It was their first kiss in months, but it felt more like years. Decades. So much had changed and evolved and shifted over the last year and all of it was summed up in this one single moment, of them finally coming home to each other.

Just like their silent conversation, the kiss was short, but the weight of it made it feel longer, and Felicity knew it would resonate inside her for the rest of their lives. 

When they pulled apart, Felicity was a little breathless as she asked, “What was that for?”

Oliver licked his lips, brushing his forehead against hers before he set her down, stepping back. 

“Just in case,” he whispered, his fingers interlacing with hers.

It wasn’t sad, or tragic, or filled with any fear that they might not find each other again. 

The kiss was a symbol of a simple fact: he loved her.

Felicity pulled him back to her, grasping his hand tightly as her other came up to cup his cheek, to pull him down for one more kiss. 

This was one was quicker, but it was just as powerful.

Oliver’s eyes were closed when they pulled apart, his brow furrowed in question, and when they fluttered open, finding hers, Felicity smiled. 

“Just in case,” she said.

I love you, too.

Love Sick

Shawn Mendes 
Words; 430
This was part of the noun game thing, the word being ‘sick’. I already had a few about Shawn / Alex being physical ill, so I decided to try and come up with something a bit different for this one. Also, I wrote this in about 10 minutes, so keep that in mind 😊 

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The bedroom door opened. I didn’t bother looking, knowing it was either Brian or Geoff who walked over to sit on my bed. There was a slightly awkward silence between us, filled with small sniffles on my end.

“You want to tell me what happened?” It was Brian.

I took a deep breath, although my words still came out shaky, “She was kissing some dude.”



I flipped onto my back to stare at the ceiling, not bothering to hide my red, blotchy face. I must have looked absolutely pathetic but I was beyond the point of caring.

“You still love her, don’t you?” He knew it was a stupid question. So did Mom and Aaliyah and everyone that asked me the same thing. And every time I wanted to yell; Of course I still loved her! I’ve been in love with her for six years! That wasn’t going to change over six months!

But I didn’t yell. I couldn’t even bring myself to speak.

I nodded slowly, struggling to swallow the giant lump forming at the back of my throat. I swear I had no more tears left, but yet they still stung the back of my dry eyes. At this point, I’m sure crying blood would be less painful than the dagger stabbing my heart.

“Why don’t you talk to her?” He suggested like it was the easiest thing ever. Oh yeah, let me just go talk to the girl who’s heart I fucking ripped to shreds.

“I can’t,” I barely whispered, “How am I even meat to face her again? The last time we spoke, I-I- “

I made her cry. I couldn’t even admit it out loud, images of that stupid haunting my mind. I wasn’t even there to comfort her, I just had to sit and watch as she slowly began to break down because I was a fucking coward and couldn’t wait two weeks to break up with her in person.

Her screen went black before the water works started. Meanwhile, I was a sobbing mess from the start. From the moment I said those words, I knew I made the biggest mistake of my life.

We haven’t talked since. Six long, agonising months. We’d been inseparable since we were eleven. The longest we’ve ever gone without talking was five days, a week at the most. It was the worst kind of torture imaginable.

“So you’re just going to sit here and do nothing?” There was a slight frustration hidden in his tone.

“Yeah,” I chocked, “If this is what it takes to make her happy, I’ll do it a thousand times.”

mimzilla  asked:

In the midst of the Daud hate, I come with a CorvoJess query: do you think they bicker playfully? Or do they agree on most subjects without much debate

the good stuff, thank you for bringing it and balancing things out, ur like….the avatar of my inbox

anyway, their relationship is a long one, so I think it’s fair to assume it changed over the course of years.  I think maybe when they’re younger, still figuring themselves out as people doing important work and having a lot of responsibility despite the relatively young age and the lack of experience. Later on, I feel like they developed into people with much calmer, collected personalities, and with their relationship lasting so long, they must have figured most things out and smoothed the rough edges.

But overall, I don’t think they had any serious disagreements except for maybe that diplomatic mission she sent Corvo to, in order to find the cure for the plague. The way Corvo writes about it later, about how he believes her trust in his success was misplaced and she was regarding him too highly in this, suggests that he didn’t see himself fit for the task, not even to mention the fact that he’d be reluctant to leave her side and render himself unable to do his actual job in the process, while he is away. This I can see them arguing about, but not much else.

A lot of notes or memories they recall about their relationship suggests it was more like an emotional refuge of sorts, for both of them, a place of emotional comfort and safety where they could afford to be themselves. It didn’t give me the impression of a relationship where they bicker a lot, more like the opposite, actually, since their private time is the rare time of serenity they can share together.

Corvo calls Jessamine “his friend and confidant”, after all. It suggests that not only did they trust each other completely, probably even more than anyone else in their lives, but them genuinely valuing each other’s opinions on things, confiding in each other and always trying to solve whatever problem comes up as a team. No wonder Jessamine also says that everything is much easier and her heart is at peace when Corvo is near, and Corvo asks for her guidance, to watch over him - not only is the presence of their lover is comforting, I guess it also implies they did try to do everything together, and without each other they both feel very lost.


DAESUNG’s message:
V = There is nothing I have to envy
I = You are such
A = A beautiful person
I = I want to stay with you forever
Pi = When you need it, V.I.P forever

T.O.P’s message:
Over the last 10 years,
I’ve changed a lot and so have you
I think we’ve all changed
in a good way with a lot of good memories
I’ll always do my best to be
someone who can create new expressions
While I’m gone, please take care & get plump
Plump = Eat a lot and stay healthy
BAEBAE’s lyrics: “We are comfortable so we get fat.”

SEUNGRI’s message:
Thank you and sorry. I want to be with you
and be nicer to you. It’s true
Actually, I am the person
who treats the V.I.P.s the best
but you only love G-DRAGON or T.O.P
I’m jealous. I am
I need more love
You have to heal me
You are my private nurse

G-DRAGON’s message:
V.I.P.! I’m not sure we treat you
as well as the V.I.P. name deserves
We try our best, but I know it’s not enough
I’m truly sorry that we are only used to receiving
We’ll treat you better from now on
Without expressing, you can’t know
But please remember we love you so much
You supported us when we were tired.
We could share happiness
and we could rely on you when we were sad
We can’t always talk
to each one of you face to face
but let’s love each other more and more
It is only 10 years now
Let’s keep going on together
We’ll make you happy, always

TAEYANG’s message:
Thank you so much for staying
with the 5 of us for so long, 10 years
We should have spent more time with you
I’m so sorry we couldn’t do that
Let’s fill the future with happier memories
We love you all

send me a dessert
  • cherry turnover: who do you live with?
  • bananas foster: do you believe in soulmates?
  • glazed donut: would you rather visit a zoo or an aquarium?
  • pumpkin pie: what were your interests as a child?<br>
  • lemon tart: how many languages can you speak?
  • chocolate mousse: how is your relationship with your parents?
  • creme brûlée: describe your style
  • cheesecake: have you ever visited a sex shop?
  • raspberry sorbet: favorite clothing stores?
  • green tea ice cream: who was your first crush?
  • chocolate chip cookie: how has your life changed over the past year?
  • berry trifle: first & last concert you went to?
  • tapioca pudding: favorite animated characters?
  • fudge brownie: do you like your name?
  • strawberry shortcake: are you good at keeping secrets?
  • tiramisu: are you daring when it comes to makeup & clothing or do you like to play it safe?
  • oreo milkshake: do you sleep a lot?
  • apple crisp: how do you relax?
  • carrot cake: who is your celeb look alike?
  • macaron: what is your ethnicity?
  • cinnamon bun: favorite salty snack?
  • red velvet cupcake: ask any question of your own

Take creators stepping in and dismissing fan theories and interpretations of their works with a grain of salt. This is a lesson I learned early, from Anne “my vampires aren’t gay and also I might sue you” Rice. 

During the peak of my Vampire Chronicles love, I – at that time, a very petty fifteen-year-old –  set out to underline every single really queer moment in the whole series. Spite aside, I quickly realized that in a series where the protagonist runs away to Paris with clearly his violinist boyfriend, and convinces his next super angsty obviously boyfriend to MAKE A VAMPIRE CHILD WITH HIM to keep said angsty boyfriend from leaving, this was easier said than done. 

I mean, she’s not fully wrong – Lestat’s not gay, he’s very bisexual. Louis and Nicki are both hella gay, though. 

Anyway, I’ve meandered. The point is – creators can say wildly inaccurate things about their works sometimes. Anne Rice went Christian and didn’t want her books to be SUPER FUCKING QUEER anymore. Creators’ views on what they’ve made can change over the years. You never fucking know. 

Top 20 Larry fics in 2016 over 100k by kudos on Ao3

* criteria; completed in 2016 and not part of a fic series

1. Soft Hands, Fast Feet, Can’t Lose by dolce_piccante for docilelou
2. California Sold by isthatyoularry
3. To Be Loved To Be In Love by Angel_Dust
4. Shake Me Down by AGreatPerhaps12
5. Nameless Night by green_feelings
6. wings to break your fall by karamelised
7. Hiding Place by alivingfire
8. Time Bomb by ThisSentimentalHeart
9. Fight For Me by Mie1412
10. Bloodline by banana_louis
11. Never Be by cherrystreet
12. And You’re My Ever After by NiamJenn1994
13. Luscious blood by Deidei
14. run away home by hattalove
15. Into the wild by Deidei
16. Lights Will Guide You Home by louisxharry1
17. Only You Can Be My Alpha by wubwubnparmaham
18. Fake It Till You Make It by thealmightyavocado
19. Dominus. by SS98
20. you are in love by wildestdreams
Harry Styles: Singer Opens Up About Famous Flings, Honest New LP
One Direction's Harry Styles goes deep on love, family and his heartfelt new solo debut in our revealing feature.

January 2016. There’s a bench at the top of Primrose Hill, in London, that looks out over the skyline of the city. If you’d passed by it one winter night, you might have seen him sitting there. A lanky guy in a wool hat, overcoat and jogging pants, hands thrust deep into his pockets. Harry Styles had a lot on his mind. He had spent five years as the buoyant fan favorite in One Direction; now, an uncertain future stretched out in front of him. The band had announced an indefinite hiatus. The white noise of adulation was gone, replaced by the hushed sound of the city below.

The fame visited upon Harry Styles in his years with One D was a special kind of mania. With a self-effacing smile, a hint of darkness and the hair invariably described as “tousled,” he became a canvas onto which millions of fans pitched their hopes and dreams. Hell, when he pulled over to the side of the 101 freeway in L.A. and discreetly threw up, the spot became a fan shrine. It’s said the puke was even sold on eBay like pieces of the Berlin Wall. Paul McCartney has interviewed him. Then there was the unauthorized fan-fiction series featuring a punky, sexed-up version of “Harry Styles.” A billion readers followed his virtual exploits. (“Didn’t read it,” comments the nonfiction Styles, “but I hope he gets more than me.”)

But at the height of One D–mania, Styles took a step back. For many, 2016 was a year of lost musical heroes and a toxic new world order. For Styles, it was a search for a new identity that began on that bench overlooking London. What would a solo Harry Styles sound like? A plan came into focus. A song cycle about women and relationships. Ten songs. More of a rock sound. A bold single-color cover to match the working title: Pink. (He quotes the Clash’s Paul Simonon: “Pink is the only true rock & roll colour.”) Many of the details would change over the coming year – including the title, which would end up as Harry Styles – but one word stuck in his head.

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“John Watson would be so insulted to be portrayed by an Asian woman!”

Well, maybe, but he was a reasonably open-minded character and Lucy Liu’s Watson is competent and intelligent. I’d be much more concerned about his reaction to Nigel Bruce’s gibbering and guileless depiction in the 1940’s classics.


No Pain, No Gain” 

Based on a Miraculous musing that I shared last year (that I can’t seem to find on my main blog) about Master Fu taking Nino under his wing to become the next holder of the Turtle Miraculous and awesomely enough, I’m not the only miraculer who shares this thought. The very first time I saw Master Fu, I immediately thought of Mr. Miyagi cause you have to admit, the resemblance is definitely there and since then I’ve been itching and hoping that the series would do a Karate Kid inspired episode where Nino comes to Master Fu for help.

Like maybe there’s this new schoolyard bully with the hots for Alya who starts targeting Nino specifically due to his relationship with and somewhat own romantic interest in our foxy gal; constantly challenging him to foolish fights for Alya’s love. Being the nonchalant character he is, Nino dismisses the bully’s initial advances at harrying as he wasn’t the type of guy to want to fight anyone.  

And in similar Karate Kid type of fashion, Master Fu firstly meets Nino after he saves him from being pummelled by said bully and his comrades when they suddenly cornered him after school. Following that event, Nino is forced to fight back against said bully; seeking out Fu for help, practically begging him to teach him how to fight; a request which Fu surprisingly accepts.

This is how I imagined Fu’s first encounter with Nino to be like. And after helping him the first time, Master Fu starts to acknowledge potential in Nino—a potential which inspires him to start training him to be his successor. I imagine that at first Wayzz wouldn’t be too keen with the idea of Nino one day replacing Master Fu as his new master cause I figured that, unlike Plagg, Tikki and possibly the other kwamis, Wayzz is the one who’s been with his original holder the longest; considering that Fu is over 100 years old. While the others had had to change holders over the years, Wayzz has been with Fu since the day one and is very much loyal to him.

But ultimately I imagine once he sees Nino’s good qualities, Wayzz will begin to warm up to the young lad and actually starts to care for his well being; seeing a lot of the qualities in Nino that he did in Master Fu that made him love him as his master. Plus I think this kind of scenario could be great for Nino’s own character development as a teacher-mentor relationship with Master Fu can certainly help mould him into a stronger individual and hero. Not to mention that it’ll be really touching to see Master Fu have a sort of father-son/grandfather-grandchild/close family oriented relationship with at least one of our young heroes and I think Nino would be the perfect candidate to bring out that side of him. We don’t know if Fu used to have any kids of his own. I doubt he ever did given his duty as Miraculous holder and Ancient Guardian (and even if hid have some, he probably outgrew them since he’s practically immortal). So yeah, I’d love to see that kind of bond with Fu, Nino and Wayzz in the series, if possible.  

Do I think Master Fu will choose Nino as his successor for the Turtle Miraculous? Indeed I do.

However, do I think he’ll just hand it to him on a silver platter like he did with Adrien and Marinette? HA! Hell no! I think Master Fu will go full Mr. Miyagi on Nino and make him work for his miraculous, putting him through a rigorous training regimen to build his strength and test his worth. Plus it’ll be good for comical moments when Fu unintentionally pushes poor Nino too far and has to be scolded by Wayzz for getting too excited and overdoing things with his student. Poor Turtle Sensei just wants to see his Turtle Kouhai succeed XD

Would love to see this become canon but…for now these are all just headcanons of mine. In the meantime, a squiggle meister can dream…and draw, am I right? Alrighty I’ve rambled enough on this. As always, I hope everyone enjoys this week’s newest ML squiggle art and I hope you also enjoyed my Miraculous musing (granted you actually read all of that). Feel free to share yours over on my main blog if you have any.

Until the next squiggle piece, y’know my motto, staaaay tune for more precious star kids!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

♥ More Miraculous Art by Squiggles

~LittleMissSquiggles (2017)  

Let’s take a moment to look at Gear and its role in the Inkling world. Gear is divided into three types, headgear, clothing, and footwear. From our observations, the gear sold at shops in Inkopolis Square keeps pace with the ever-changing world of squid fashion.

Each piece of gear comes with “gear abilities” that provide a variety of benefits during battle. Using a piece of gear repeatedly will increase the number of abilities it has. Our research has also revealed that gear abilities have changed along with fashion over the last two years, with a number of new abilities joining some time-tested favorites.

150 Self-Discovery & Reflection Journal Prompts

1. What is going well in your life right now? 

2. Think of the last time you had a really great day. What was the best part of it? 

3. Write about a time you felt brave. 

4. How will you enjoy creativity and nature today?

5. List as many things as you can that make you happy. 

6. How can you take a break today? 

7. When is the last time you lost track of time? What were you doing? 

8. What is the last thing you created that you were proud of? 

9. When is the last time you were excited? What was happening? 

10. When do you create the best results or make the best decisions in your life? 

11. How do you enjoy spending your free time most? 

12. What are your greatest strengths? 

13. What values are most important to you? Are you living true to these values? Why or why not? 

14. If you could make a difference in the world, what would it be? 

15. If you had no fear, what would you do? 

16. What is the biggest barrier between you and your full honesty in journaling? 

17. What would you do with $10 million? 

18. Write a letter to your teenage self. 

19. What have you learned today that will make tomorrow better? 

20. What are you most grateful for? 

21. What would you do if you had no fears? 

22. Do you own things, or do things own you? 

23. What happens when you let go of expectations? 

24. What are you currently worrying about? 

25. Who are you? 

26. Who do you want to be? 

27. Write about a difficult time in your life when you showed strength. 

28. What makes you unique? 

29. Write a letter to someone who has supported you through the most difficult time in your life. 

30. What do joy and wellness look and feel like to you? 

31. What qualities do you look for in a friend? 

32. List your accomplishments and successes. 

33. Who made you feel good in this past week?

34. What activities make you feel energized? 

35. Reflect on the happiest moment of your life and write down how you felt, what you heard, etc. 

36. What is your most treasured possession and why?

37. What is the greatest life lesson you’ve ever learned? 

38. How do you feel about your body? 

39. Do you consider yourself a victim of your circumstances or a survivor? 

40. How does journaling help you? 

41. If you could run away, where would you go? What would you bring with you? 

42. What are two unforgettable moments in your life? 

43. Share your innermost secret; something you’ve never told anyone before. 

44. What is one thing you can do today to improve your health? 

45. What is the driving force in your life? 

46. What is your personal motto? 

47. Write a letter to someone you need to forgive. 

48. What are you angry about? 

49. How do you want to be remembered? What do you want to be remembered for? 

50. Choose a number and write a gratitude list. 

51. What do you need right now? 

52. Who or what means the world to you, and why? 

53. Share your favorite positive affirmations. 

54. What are you passionate about? 

55. Reflect on an old photograph and write about it. 

56. Write your own obituary. 

57. How do you manage stress? 

58. How does it feel to be the age that you currently are? 

59. What does authenticity mean to you? 

60. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Who was it from? Why is it the best? 

61. Do you practice any time management techniques? If not, do you think you could benefit from some? 

62. If you could relive any experience in your life, what would it be? 

63. Are you addicted to social media? Honestly assess yourself. 

64. Reflect on some of the changes you’ve seen in yourself over the last 5 years. 

65. What is your earliest childhood memory? 

66. Write a review of a book or movie that had a huge impact on you.

 67. What does growing older mean to you? 

68. What is your guilty pleasure? 

69. Write a letter to your future or current child. 

70. Look in the mirror and write about what you see. 

71. Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 years? 

72. Write about your family members. 

73. Why is it important to embrace your inner child? 

74. What excites you about your future? 

75. List 5 short-term and long-term goals. Explain the steps you’ll take to achieve each of those goals. 

76. Share your bucket list. 

77. What bad habits do you have? 

78. Write about the place you grew up. 

79. Discuss an important and controversial topic that is relevant in the world right now and explain your stance on it. 

80. Write a letter to a pre-teen about body image. 

81. How do you maintain your mental, physical, and spiritual health? 

82. Are you honestly happy with how you have lived your life so far? 

83. What do you really, truly want? 

84. How can you amplify what you’re currently doing in your life? 

85. How can you make someone’s day today? 

86. What are you currently fighting or resisting? 

87. What does life want from you? 

88. What do you need to give yourself permission to do? Write a permission slip for it, as long as it is healthy. 

89. What do you want to learn today? 

90. What would happen if you forgave yourself for doing something you regret? 

91. How can you do more? 

92. How can you do less? 

93. Do you ever get in your own way? How? 

94. On this long journey of self-discovery, what do you hope to achieve or find?

95. What do you think shaped you into the person you are today? 

96. Knowing that you must let go of some things in order to move forward, what do you need to let go of? 

97. Is there anything you need to get off your chest? Write it out. 

98. When do you feel free and the most confident? 

99. List questions you need answers to. 

100. When you’re old and gray, what do you hope you remember about your life? 

101. Do you have depression or anxiety? If so, write about what it feels like, what it looks like, etc. 

102. What is motivating you to journal for self-discovery? 

103. Write a list of people you can trust or go to in times of need. Note contact information. 

104. If you lost everything, what would you do? Where would you go? 

105. If you knew you had a month to live, who would you call? What would you say? What would you do? 

106. How is your relationship with your parents? 

107. What is your dream job or profession? 

108. What is your stance on religion? Do you consider yourself religious? 

109. What is the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done? 

110. What is worse: never trying, or trying and failing many times? 

111. What is the worst thing that’s ever happened to you? 

112. What would you change about your body? 

113. What does success actually mean to you?

114. How do you express your anger? Is this a good or healthy manner of expression? 

115. If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for? 

116. List some of your favorite songs and note why you like them. 

117. Do you have any sexual fantasies? 

118. What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made? 

119. Write a letter to someone you strongly admire. 

120. Do you procrastinate? When? What could you do to stop procrastinating?

121. What are your weaknesses? 

122. Describe your favorite season and why you like it. 

123. Write about how your sense of style has changed over the past 5 years. 

124. What is the meaning of life? 

125. What is your life’s purpose? 

126. What are you currently craving? 

127. What is something you would love to do, but aren’t sure if you can do? 

128. When do you feel the best about yourself? 

129. When do you feel the worst about yourself? 

130. Who are you not? 

131. How does your intuition or conscience speak to you? 

132. What aspect of your life do you need support in? 

133. What gave you great joy today? 

134. Did you feel lovable today? Why or why not? 

135. What expectations of yours haven’t been met recently? Why or why not? 

136. When you think about your future, how do you feel? 

137. Write about some of the negative things your inner critic says to you, and then disprove them with rational thoughts. 

138. If your life could be summarized or exuded in one word, what would that word be? 

139. Write about a moment experienced through your body. It could be making love, eating breakfast, laughing, etc. 

140. What couldn’t you live without? 

141. What does unconditional love look like to you? 

142. What do you wish others knew about you? 

143. If your body could talk to you, what would it say? 

144. What do you love about life? 

145. What emotions do you feel or associate with confidence? 

146. What are some things you’d like to say no to? 

147. How can having a positive attitude change your life? 

148. Write a pep talk to yourself for use the next time you feel upset or depressed. 

149. Write a letter to your future self. 

150. What have you learned by journaling for self-discovery?


modern gods  → aphrodite

she stopped romanticizing the idea of love long ago. she has seen the damage and harm people have caused in the name of “love.” aphrodite travels from shelter to shelter, offering tender words to the people she finds there. she’s discovered that one of the greatest pleasures in her long life is helping others.