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I wish I would have grown up with you. I would love to watch you try and be sexy in these poses.

I don’t want to disappoint you, but I never tried to be sexy like that 😂 I was a pretty shy and self-conscious kid. I never was popular but for some reason popular guys liked me and never said a bad word to me or about me for that matter. That attitude was always a great mystery to me to be honest 🤔 Maybe it was because I was never scared of them and they sensed it. I had a little rebel to my shyness though 😎 Like a switch that made me go and pick on the strongest one while defending the weakest one usually. Maybe they were afraid of me because of my change of moods? 😂 Never thought about that 😂 I was a great kid to grow up next to, way easier and nicer than my grown up self 😂

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Number 3 with mark from got7, please and thank you :-)

3. Things you said too quietly

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You and Mark had been going out for about 3 months and neither of you had really dared to say those three words even though you both wanted to. But one day Mark figured that that would change. He would finally tell you how he felt… His only problem was how shy and insecure he was feeling about it. He had tried multiple times to tell you how he really felt but you would always get distracted at those times and ended up not hearing him. Like the time where he said it but Bambam almost tackled you to the ground or when your sibling walked into your room just as the mood was changing.

You weren’t stupid though, you knew what he was doing. It was just amusing to watch him struggle a little bit. But after a whole day of him messing up, you knew that you had to let him say it or he would explode. So therefore, the two of you had a date night at your place where you had planned to let him confess.

“Hey Mark, do you want me to get some coke for you too?” you asked him from where you were standing in the kitchen. After hearing his response you brought the sodas to the couch where he was sitting and put them on the coffee table after opening and taking a sip of your own drink.

“Hey dude, are you alright?” you asked him carefully as he looked out your window, clearly distracted. His only resoponse was a quiet mumble as he looked down to his hands on his lap

“I’m sorry what?” you asked him, not exactly prepared for what he had actually said.

“I said I love you..” he said a bit louder this time which made you smile and giggle. As you leaned on his shoulder you kissed his cheek and took one of his hands in your own.

“I know. I’ve noticed that you’ve been trying to tell me for a while but don’t worry, I love you too” you say, grinning as he stares at you in shock.

“You let me go through all that already knowing what I wanted to say?!” he asked, shocked. You nodded and he broke out in laughter.

“Wow, I can’t believe I love such a mean person” he said with a smile on his face as he brought his arm around your shoulders.

“Hmm, and I can’t believe I love such a cute dork” 

Send me a number and a pairing/idol or an anime character/pairing and I’ll write you a short scenario/ mini fic

Eager (Drabble Challenge)

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40. “Am I your husband or your taxi service?” + Yixing

As the seasons changed, so did your mood. The temperatures rose, but your patience fell.

This afternoon was no different as the sun beat down on the house, the temperature felt unbearable.

You laid dramatically on the floor in front of the fan that was running on its highest setting, blowing cool air over your skin. It felt like it was doing nothing in the midst of all the humidity, and internally, you came up with several nefarious insults for the useless device.

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I hope Chris Bacon receives an Emmy nomination again for working on the music for Bates Motel. Norma and Norman’s theme is such a great piece and it’s interesting to hear how the theme slightly changes each time. While it has been incorporated in other seasons, I felt that their theme sounded a lot sadder in season 5 without Norma around and it’s incredible how music can change a person’s mood during certain scenes. After hearing it play in episodes like “Inseparable” (5x07) and “The Cord” (5x10), I’ve been having a hard time getting his scores out of my head. Even if he doesn’t receive a nomination, I would love for a season 5 soundtrack to be released!

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Funny how my mood instantly changes once we get a new Danai pic lol! I just love her

Hahahaha, I know right. Actual ray of sunshine Danai Gurira.

Mehcad Brooks story time!

So today I met Mehcad at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in London. It was hot and everyone was under a glass roof, Melissa and Chris cancelled the day before the event, a lot of people were a bit moody and Mehcad showed up half an hour late to his signing. We were told he had food poisoning, poor guy. 

But boy was he worth the wait. 

As soon as he arrived he changed the mood. He was a ball of light. He hugged everyone he could and kept apologizing for being late, going down the line and giving people hugs and high fives. I had a VIP pass and was the only VIP pass waiting so I was one of the first ones to go and get my autograph and picture.

I told him that as a trans man who is transitioning one of the things I struggled with was finding positive male role models who embodied a positive masculinity, being strong but sensitive and leaving room for women and femininity, and that James represented that for me and was one of the first characters who did. His response was beyond humbled. He thanked me, probably gave me three or four more hugs and told me how much it meant to him to be putting that energy out there, then he asked if he could take a picture with me. I laughed and said that I had bought one, and he said but I want to take it with you on my phone. So we did. He took the pic himself (bless those long arms) then took a couple with my phone as well. He asked if it was ok to share my story and I said of course, that I’m very open and out and proud, and he thanked me because he felt it was so important and he was so floored by it. 

A little later was his panel. Due to the other Supergirl guests cancelling he was alone. From the moment he stepped out he was full of light and energy in spite of having food poisoning. You would never have known. There was a sign language interpreter there and he was trying to learn the things she was signing during his questions, made everyone feel special and welcome, made sure every child that stepped up to ask a question was given a round of applause, and when a girl came up to thank him for what he was doing for the people of Manchester (he’s giving away free autographed 8x10s to anyone from Manchester who sees him this weekend) he asked if she was from there and she said yes, so he said “come up here” and gave her the biggest and longest hug. 

He told some funny stories, and at the very end when someone asked how he feels about the show being political, he said he doesn’t think it is, he thinks it’s about inclusion and hope and light, that it doesn’t matter who you are, a black man can be an iconic comic book character and you can love any gender, and he doesn’t think that’s politics, he just thinks it’s right, and as he was saying it he made contact with me in the audience and smiled and winked at me. It was honestly so touching. 

He was also asked about what he thought of Mon El’s backstory, and he pretended his mic had cut off LMAO. You could tell he was ready to pop off about slavery, but he wanted to keep things light and positive, which was exactly what people needed, to be honest.

Mehcad Brooks, everyone.

look im happy that tracer is canonically into girls and all but if u thought that her having a gf would make me stop shipping these two…..boi