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Sometimes I regret being a feminist

No, it’s not because of mean anons, or because of the community, or how hideous and anti-feminist general/liberal feminism has become.It’s because after I went deep on feminism I realised how misogynistic and hateful this world is towards women, and I feel like I live in a constant state of agony for knowing everything, and knowing that I can’t do absolutely nothing about it.Reading articles,news or testimonies about violence against women and girls leaves really, really sad and upset, it can change my mood through the day and I feel that it affects my personal life in a negative way, I don’t know if other feminists can relate to this and to what point this is normal.Sometimes I feel like being unaware would be better, specially when I see fellow feminists in abusive relationships or suffering other types of male violence,the ones who were/are prostituted, it’s like this knowledge isn’t worth anything, we will suffer misogynistic violence just like any other woman.The feeling of impotence I get when I see these things happening to family members and other really close women destroys me.

Idk, just wanted to share some real personal shit on this blog, I might not be the only one among us who feels like that.

“Aaa… HeHeh… I will come out to play one of these days again, but a certain someone is currently too tired to let me play…”

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From highest to lowest, who is most likely of all the batfam to say "I'm fine" when they're really not?

1. All of them
2. Alfred, like a normal person.

But for real this is hard. It changes depending on mood and who is currently having a personal crisis.

ok but consider this; 2D being emotionally hyper sensitive. he’s able to pick up on even the most subtle mood changes – it can either cause him distress and concern, or relief and happiness. if Stu senses that someone is sad and trying to hide it, catch him asking if they’re okay, because he cares. he wants to know. he seems like the kinda guy that’ll Do His Best to make someone feel better. even if he accidentally mucks it up in the process, he’s trying.

what if stan lee the delivery man didn’t misread the name on the package and steve had actually addressed it to tony stank bc he was still mad about tony trying to kill bucky for something that wasn’t his fault

It’s difficult for someone to deal with my vibrant personality and random mood changes. That’s why I love being single. I don’t need to explain myself. As a creative, my mood solely depends on how much I utilise my day. It’s so mad. If I’ve had a great day, I’m in a good mood, if I feel like I’ve wasted a day - please don’t talk to me. I take it personally that I’ve wasted a day and don’t want to be bothered. I think I’m slightly a perfectionist but at the same time a serial procrastinator.

There should be a make-a-wish foundation for kids and teens that are suffering with severe depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders and other mental illnesses. These are people who also need hope to get better, hope is not just for the physically ill.