change like the seasons


last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while

i was eating a banana and then i had a revelation 

ok so

the paladin suits are canonically able to morph into whatever size the paladin who wears them is, as shown by hunk in episode one

alteans are canonically able to shapeshift as we find out in episode ten

so do u think that they gave the suits the ability to shift with the paladin’s size so if they ever had to shapeshift for a mission, their suits would be able to shift in size with them?

Eiffel: which country has the most birds

Eiffel: portugeese

Eiffel: wait

Hilbert: that’s a language

Hera: portugull

Eiffel: nice recovery

Lovelace: don’t you mean nice redovery 

Minkowski: turkey, how did we miss turkey

Some Mom Amethyst doodles. She’s the most physically affectionate of the two mothers, she likes to randomly hold the gemlings up and carry them around, or hug them, or throw them in the air and catch them(which causes Pearl to freak out if she’s around to see it). Of course, she shapeshifts to entertain them a lot (they like it when she turns into animals specially). About that sad Amethyst looking at the pearl gemling: Don’t worry, Amethyst  loves her little pearl, she just can’t help wondering about her being such a small gemling, she worries the baby inherited her “defectiveness”.

okay i was thinking into the future like 6-7 months or w/e and i kinda… don’t want there to be any bellarke in the s5 trailer? like, i’ll miss them and i can’t wait to see them again, but with the time jump it feels like the first time i see them together in s5 should be the first time they see each other again too

I wish brooklyn nine nine would center their finale drama around someone else other than jake or captain holt for a change like in season 1 jake went undercover and in season 2 holt got transferred to the PR department and in season 3 jake and holt went into WITSEC in florida 

let’s mix things up in season 4 shall we like what if gina and rosa ran away together and everyone was like hey where did they go

I told myself I wasn’t going to marry the fox. Then I decided, why not marry the fox?


Second to last one! Just the female Inari to finish, and I’m done with this set of 3oT bachelor/ettes! :D