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jack and the bilingual bullshit
  • jack won’t watch a british show without french subtitles because it’s too hard to understand their accents, but he also watches foreign movies with english subtitles even though the french option is right there??? jack????
  • unclear on how his own name is pronounced. his parents don’t seem very sure either. he is afraid to ask.
  • jack hates english punctuation so much. so much. why is it always cramping his style. 
    • shitty can tell when jack’s writing a paper in English because his texts get increasingly capital-F French
      • shitty replies with “hello jack       .   when are we going to annie   ‘  s   . lardo says     << i   ‘ m hungry >>    .”
  • The Autocorrect Struggle
    • autocorrect is also cramping his style
    • marty texts to ask about the game schedule the next day and jack, being half asleep, forgets to change his language settings and replies “Devonshire entire la a 17 heiress pour lo dinner”
      • marty always replies to these texts with “thanks, jacques, that was helpful”
        • he is a jerk.
    • jack’s slowly teaching his english autocorrect to speak french; shitty claims that if you yell “hey siri - FUCK NO” when it corrects to the wrong word it’ll learn faster
      • autocorrect knows to leave tabarnak alone, because jack is a great teacher.
      • speaking of siri - why does she not understand anything jack says ever, any of the time. jack and siri Are Not Friends. they are not bros and jack does not like her.
  • absolutely refuses to watch disney movies in english. that is not the language of disney. he’s seen a whole ten minutes of the english version of the lion king; all of the voices were Wrong
  • he thinks bilingual puns are so funny!!!! he only gets say them every once in a while but they’re hilarious!!!!!!!
    • jack once called ransom, with an actual honest to god phone call, just to tell him a great pun that bitty didn’t react to strongly enough
      • (a key part of rans’ impression of jack is the phrase “i just told bitty this one but he didn’t laugh”)
  • he takes german for his language credit freshman year (shitty: HAVE YOU NOT DONE ENOUGH) and fails a test on possessives because he never learned how to use apostrophes in english and he can’t figure out how to translate plural possessives. he may be the first person to fail a german test because his english isn’t good enough.
    • just?? random gaps everywhere in his english knowledge, honestly. he can write a paper but he doesn’t know what an adverb is. he missed two spelling tests in high school because of a concussion and he still just lets spellcheck tell him how to write “occurred”
  • jack knows history vocabulary but he learned a lot of it out of books and he doesn’t actually know how to pronounce any of it in english
    • he does presentations with his Absolute Most French Accent just so everyone is really clear that he doesn’t know what he’s doing
    • has no idea about science words and won’t discuss it with anyone in english, no thank you
      • someone claims that jack once implied that petroleum comes from exploding fish bones; every time they try to ask jack about it he dodges the question and then runs away.

jaebum is the definition of a sweetheart but he’s always misunderstood as this type of cold, expressionless leader when he’s the one giving us the most reactions most of the time his laugh is the greatest you know the one i’m talking about the one where he throws back his head so far that he hits the object behind him and when he smiles the entire room lights up and whenever he talks about his music, especially about his songs, his whole body language changes and he gets so excited his expression lights up and you can practically feel the happiness radiating off of him and if you mention nora oh god he might cry because he really loves her and misses her so much like his lockscreen is a picture of her but yes he also gets really happy about her and he’s always always always giving 110% attention to the fans, full eye contact, intertwining fingers and playfully banters with them and if you compliment him he’ll most likely disagree with you or agree and will turn into this blushy mess and he’s always looking out for others before himself like if the members need a drink he’ll hand it to them and open the bottle for them if a fan needs some encouragement his leader mode activates and will give you serious advice and will help you in any way that he can like this boy is so much more than his image

Image Description: A bingo card with ABLEIST BINGO at the top (courtesy of @chronicallyisajennie​  

Under the B:

  • “Have you tried Yoga?”
  • “Everyone can go vegan!”
  • Assigns neurotypical motivations to a neuroatypical person’s behaviors
  • “I think you mean person with Autism”
  • “People have it worse”

Under the I: 

  • Compares acute illness to chronic illness
  • “You take too many medicines!”
  • “You don’t want equality, you want special treatment!”
  • Plays Disability police
  • Uses disability, mental illness, etc, as a metaphor

Under the N:

  • “Big Pharma”
  • “Language changes!" "You’re policing my word choice!”
  • Free Space
  • “Neurotypical? Non-Disabled? Don’t you mean normal?”
  • Accusations of faking

Under the G:

  • “You’re derailing”
  • “You don’t look sick/Disabled!”
  • Uses ableist slurs
  • “I wish I didn’t have to work”
  • “I don’t see disability”

Under the O:

  • “Everyone feels that way sometimes”
  • Special needs/ differently abled/ handicapable
  • “You’re using your disability/mental illness as an excuse”
  • “Exercise!”
  • Pathologizes/medicalizes bigotry
linguistics is political

linguistics is believing that everyone’s ways of talking are cognitively equal and are worthy of study
linguistics is accepting language change, accepting slang, accepting stigmatized groups of people
linguistics is caring scientifically about all the peoples of the world enough to want to document them but caring emotionally about them enough to know when they want to be left alone
linguistics is trying to communicate, trying to learn how we communicate
linguistics is understanding that across languages and cultures, our surface structure might be different but a lot of our deep structure is the same
linguistics is documenting the amazing ways the deaf/hard of hearing community has come together
linguistics is helping kids with learning disabilities figure out how to learn language skills in ways that work for them
linguistics is figuring out how to learn second languages better to bridge cultural gaps
linguistics is political.

Your bodily functions are not inherently feminine or masculine.

Even the functions and abilities of your body that are the most fiercely gendered by your culture are still nonbinary if you are.

If you are nonbinary, then every single one of your bodily functions are nonbinary, too.

No exceptions.

My brain during French classes

me: how do i say “to use” in french?
my brain: a folosi
me: that’s romanian, i need french
brain: at bruge
me: … stop kidding and tell me…
me: *had to change the sentence because my brain started to ignore me*

*2 hours later*

brain: hey, i remembered, it’s utiliser
me: … 

For women, then, poetry is not a luxury. It is a vital necessity of our existence. It forms the quality of the light within which we predicate our hopes and dreams toward survival and change, first made into language, then into idea, then into more tangible action. Poetry is the way we help give name to the nameless so it can be thought. The farthest horizons of our hopes and fears are cobbled by our poems, carved from the rock experiences of our daily lives.
—  Audre Lorde, “Poetry Is Not A Luxury”, from Sister Outsider

what can i do if ive lost my motivation to learn a language?

u may come to a point in ur language learning journey where u struggle to find motivation to study or find it difficult to dedicate enough time to using ur target language. while this is not exactly avoidable, there are a few things u can do to help combat boredom and get u back on track to achieving ur goals (◕ᴗ◕✿)

✿  take a little break. dont force urself to do something thats making u upset or bored. allow ur interest in the language to slowly redevelop, remember language learning should be something u enjoy, not a horrible chore
✿  write down a list of all the reasons ure learning the language and why u want to be able use it to look at when ure feeling down
✿  listen to music watch tv and talk to people in the language instead of just learning it out of a book so that ure constantly encouraged to use what uve learnt and pick up on new things naturally
✿  changing ur computer/phone language also helps u surround urself with the language to learn new vocab and reminds u that u can already use it even if ure not “fluent” yet
✿  use all ur time!! revise by going through flashcards or using duolingo or just listening to a song or reading a couple of sentences in a book whenever u get a spare minute waiting in line or on a train to make the most of this “wasted time”
✿  make language learning the last thing u do before u go to bed (reading a book or listening to some calming music works the best, try to stay away from ur phone/computer screen!!) - sleep is really important and if u dont get enough it is hard to remember new information and concentrate
✿  if u have a school project to do or u just need to quickly google something to find some information, do it in ur target language!
  accept criticism and corrections optimistically - someone who offers u advice is trying to help u, not insult u or make u feel bad because u accidentally got something wrong
✿  dont be afraid to celebrate ur achievements!! even if its just correctly remembering the gender of a word or getting a sentence right or pronouncing something correctly or something, be positive!
✿  have fun! change ur routine regularly to keep things fresh and interesting, and remember to read over ur list!

Katie McGrath is a natural actress. She can put a character in her head, in her mind and suddenly her face muscle structure changes, her gestures change, her body language changes. She becomes a different character every time. Believably. Her poise, her beauty, the raw self dare in every little twitch, or eye brow rise. Perfectly crafted with intelligence and true thought. She does that on purpose, you know. Bravo.
—  Anonymous
Stress signals in dogs...and why they are important!!

I was watching a video the other day of a service dog in training. He was heeling beautifully beside his handler in a department store, sitting on command, performing a long distance down stay, and just being a really good dog. The handler wrote a short bit about how proud she was for how well her puppy was doing with his public access training. However, my heart truly breaks for this dog.

What the handler failed to realize is how completely uncomfortable her dog was to be there. Despite him behaving near flawlessly, his body language was screaming he’d rather be anywhere but where he was right then. Unfortunately many dog owners fail to notice subtle, yet key, signs of stress for their dog. Without knowing how to read subtle changes in body language, you can easily cause your dog to go from mildly nervous or uncomfortable, to a full on panic or rage in a matter of seconds. This is what happens when people say their dog “just had a meltdown,” or even snapped at someone, for “no reason.”  Ignoring stress signals is incredibly dangerous for everyone involved.

When out training with your service dog (or your pet dog for that matter), it is important to get into the habit of carefully watching your dog’s body language. It helps to write down in a training log exactly how your dog reacts to different stimuli. This way, you will be able to clearly see where your dog is solid, where your dog is not, where you are improving, and where you need more work.

Below are signs of minor stress signals for dogs.

When I say minor, this doesn’t mean you should continue what you are doing in hopes he will just “get over it.”  What I DO mean is that these are the signals which are almost always overlooked… when key stress signals are overlooked by the handler, it can lead to much greater problems.

  • Lip licking when no food is present
  • Yawning when he didn’t just wake up
  • Rapid sniffing of the air or ground
  • Stiff movement or tense muscles
  • Slowed movement or a laggy heel
  • Lowered tail
  • Hyper vigilance (rapidly moving eyes trying to scan the environment)
  • Hardened facial features
  • Dog stops taking treats/food
  • Dog starts taking treats in a more hard/bitey manor
  • Hard eyes (fast/sharp blinking)
  • Weight shift changes
  • Panting when it’s not hot out
  • Slightly roached (curved) back
  • Ears back
  • Not responding to handler’s commands
  • Looking away from handler
  • Whiney and uneasy
  • Nibbling on treats but not actually eating them
  • Leaning on the handler
  • Scratching themselves

Now here are some major stress signals for dogs.

If your dog is experiencing any of these, it is not only time to remove him from the situation ASAP, but to also rethink your training plan. Many of these signals will occur just shortly before a complete panic and/or bite.

  • Tightly tucked tail
  • Whale eye (dog’s eyes go wide and you can see the white rim around them)
  • Pulling towards an exit
  • Pulling away from the handler
  • Spinning on the leash
  • Not responding to the handler’s commands
  • Not responding to the handler’s voice
  • Shaking
  • Urinating
  • Low/tucked body position with a roached (curved) back
  • Sweaty paws
  • Whining
  • Heavy breathing when it’s not hot out
  • Teeth chattering
  • Tense lips and incisors (front teeth) showing while licking at the air
  • Laying down on the ground with their chin down and not wanting to move

Your service dog depends on you JUST as much as you depend on him. As your dog’s handler, you are 100% responsible for his mental and physical well-being at all times. No matter what situation you find yourself in, your dog’s needs should always come first.

Pushing a nervous dog into a situation where he is uncomfortable is one of the absolute worst things you can do for your SDiT, and creates the potential for much greater behavioral issues further down the road. Thinking your dog can “just get over it” is an extremely outdated training tactic. Just because your dog appears to stop fighting does NOT mean he is comfortable in that situation… it simply means he has shut down.  He’s still anxious and afraid, but he’s decided there’s no point in fighting anymore. This is one of the most dangerous situations your dog may find himself in. He appears “calm,” but a second later has the potential to lash out and bite.

I get it, we are all excited to start public access training! However, the goal for service dog training should always be to create a mentally sound and stable dog in all situations. Subjecting him to situations which cause him fear or panic is just NOT the way to do that.

My Song

I cam back from lunch and walked past the white nurses talking about Trump winning the election, i said hi to all of them (no greetings back and went out to the hall to study), and they started talking about how they voted for him because they truly honestly believed in his policies (just reporting what they said) and that they really weren’t racist, and how they were passionate about him finally doing something about the illegals.

the topic turned to- they didn’t have anything against the doctors running the clinic they worked at (this is a family clinic started by an indian doctor, later on his son, daughter in law, and family friend joined the practice, these indian doctors have been living and working and raising their families LEGALLY here for some fifty years) and they think these doctors are probably legal.  

also everyone else who comes to this country should speak the language and “be similar to us”. also, immigrants apparently have a lot of extramarital affairs?? huh?

anyway, i caught the later bits of the conversation on my phone (not everything, unfortunately). sigh, this broke my heart.

(this probably isn’t even that bad compared to what my classmate heard at the main hospital yesterday, she pretty much texted me in a distraught state because she was the only black girl in a white hospital in rural ohio and they were all cheering about the election results)

Texting doesn’t ruin children’s grasp of the written language; it actually improves it. According to a study at Coventry University, school students who use “textisms” (shortening words, pissing all over the rules of grammar, etc.) tend to be better at spelling and grammar later on. This is because they’re literally playing around with language instead of simply memorizing a bunch of confusing rules so they can pass a test. This gives kids a chance to practice alternative ways of linking sounds and letters, which is way more effective than doing a million boring grammar exercises.

By consciously breaking the conventions of spelling and grammar, kids are engaging with them at a greater depth … and yeah, changing language itself in the process. Which is a good thing. In a world in which more and more people communicate through symbols on screens, textisms allow us to modify the meaning of words to convey ideas or emotions more accurately. Texting someone “Where are you?” doesn’t communicate urgency as well as “WHERE R U???????? >:O”

5 Extremely Wrong Things ‘Smart’ People Love To Say


[Part ½] Bits and pieces of a [fan] sequence set in the world of Miraculous Ladybug [The sequence was ultimately discarded due to conflicts with later canon, and other personal reasons]. However the roughs remain. [Part 2/2]

[Much emphasis on rough.] 

General context & premise of the sequence:
[note: below will contain series SPOILERS and speculation]

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