change depends on the irrational ones

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I feel like you about H!E last episode and I am happy I found someone who is frustrated like me about that scene, I actually feel like I was betrayed (not only by the studio but mostly by the original novels author)... s1 is where the show is at for me and Kumirei will always be IT for me.

Same anon… sorry I will explain my take a little… kyoani did not do what I feared (that was in the final novel) but I feel still frustrated… the first novel was Kumiko/Reina but then the author switched the focus and novel 3 was more Asuka/Kumiko… but still that scene was so hard to watch for me… and then I go here and people are… happy with it? Then I saw you and I calmed a little because I was not alone in this, so thank you I feel better :’) sorry for the rant in your inbox

Oh thank you! It makes me feel less unhappy to know there are more people who actually think the same about that final. I have nothing against Asuka, Kumiko or asukumi, but all that was shown in the last episodes were very hard to see and forced af. 

I love her development through the first season.

I will not talk about the novels because I have not read them yet, except for one or another spoiler, I’ll only talk about the adaptation made by KyoAni, which until the end of his first season was good. It closed very well, the “problems” were solved properly and my beloved Kumiko had a remarkable development in each episode. In conclusion, it was a very good first season, and each character had an appropriate participation on certain occasions, it’s easily recommended and enjoyable to watch. 

This scene was good af.

The biggest problem comes already in the second season in which everything begins to change or, in one way or another it “stagnates”, the problems of second year girls were not very attractive but at least they explained things we already wanted to know since the previous season, the resolution was fine, but I can’t say the same thing about the Asuka arc, because from here it is that the characters begin to act in a very different way.

Protect this smile no matter what.

Reina’s character is completely destroyed, rendering Taki-dependent and forcing her emotions whenever she finds a chance, doing terribly irrational things to the point that it’s no longer funny. Kumiko on the other hand continues to change in this season too but in a way that I didn’t like at all, it seems that now she’s a spice fairy godmother who knows everything and can do everything, is always in the most opportune moment, knows the problems of half the band, and if that wasn’t bad enough, he becomes someone who can only say things by screaming and shouting things that don’t fall completely into character. 

What happened to this girl?

And lastly, the last episodes, which despite not being totally bad, they seemed like a completely different story, it seems that all the first season had been a lie or simply didn’t exist, and now only matters the undeveloped relationship between Kumiko and Asuka. And as I said, it was forced af. 

Beautiful moments that KyoAni killed.

The only good thing about the last episodes was the rapprochement between Kumiko and her sister who, in turn, served to help Asuka in her own problem, even making a very evident parallelism.

Asuka = Mamiko, just in case anyone had the doubt at this point.

Anyway, I feel better now I “talked” a bit about it. I will continue to recommend the first season because simply, despite everything still worth for me, although I can’t say the same for the second season.

Thank you for your message <3 

PD. KUMIREI is the real “otp” and romance of this anime ;^) 

the signs emotionally distressed/what puts them there (part 1)

♈️aries: frustration, hostility, may throw things, desire to change/fix things, more aggressive passion rather than positive, quick to act, quickly set off, defensive, less social, less stable, makes sure everyone else feels their pain rather than making people happy
caused by: feeling out of control, feeling stuck in the same place, wanting something they can’t have, being misunderstood/misinterpreted, feeling taken advantage of
♉️taurus: withdrawn, can go into denial, distract themselves, untrusting/suspicious, reverts to most comfortable position, seeks only temporary fulfillment, more selfish
caused by: betrayal of trust, feeling they are being forced to change, feeling belittled, feeling manipulated, feeling made fun of, feeling vulnerable, feeling dependent
♊️gemini: superficial sources of happiness/relationships, goes from activity to activity, become more nervous, feel attacked by small things, emotionally unstable, seek attention, rely on other people to direct them
caused by: feeling like they’ve annoyed someone, being alienated, being forced to make a decision they don’t want to make
♋️cancer: self-pity, denial, extreme emotion, loss of logic, displacement of blame, clinging to comfort zone, radicalism, idolizing of some people demonizing of others, self-centeredness
caused by: feeling that someone/something they love is being taken from them, feeling accused/questioned, feeling useless, feeling their emotions are being invalidated
♌️leo: prideful, defensive, self-centered, ignorant, manipulative, entitled, stubborn, jealous, overly independent, blaming of outside sources
caused by: embarrassment, feeling their ego has been bruised, feeling inadequate, feeling unimportant, feeling unconfident, feeling dependent
♍️virgo: over critical or over romanticizing of themselves/others, irrational, overwhelmed, defensive, extreme sense of failure, extreme pessimism, sense of hopelessness, defensiveness, projecting their problems onto other people, judgmental, attacking of differing opinions/advice, fear of change/action
caused by: failure, believing they’re wrong, feeling they’re dumb, feeling they’ve made a mistake, being proved wrong by someone they admire, being disliked by someone they admire
♎️libra: afraid of decisions, unstable, lacking sense of self, doormat, confusion, fear of action, hiding emotions, trying too hard, apologizing for everything, extreme stress
caused by: feeling abandoned, feeling disliked, confrontation, instability
♏️scorpio: defensive, jealous, overcompensating, need to one up everyone, manipulative, self-centered, hold a grudge, putting up walls/fronts, lashes out, little to no explanation for words/actions
caused by: betrayal of trust, being one upped, being wrong on something they were confident they were right on, being called out, feeling vulnerable
♐️sagittarius: running away, carelessness, escapism, ignoring problems, lack of commitment, temporary sources of happiness, emotional disconnect, excessive false cheeriness, irresponsibility, brutal honesty, putting down of others
caused by: feeling tied down or attached, feeling mentally or emotionally stifled, feeling their desires/wishes are being denied, feeling pressured, feeling dependent
♑️capricorn: unemotional, focusing on other tasks, overworking themselves, distracting themselves, detached, self-centered, overly busy, expect too much of themselves, get mad at themselves over little things
caused by: failure, making mistakes, being seen as immature, being outdone, not being respected by someone they admire, not reaching goals or expectations of themselves or other, being considered irresponsible
♒️aquarius: impulsive, defensive, stubborn, rebel without a cause, distant, secretive of real emotions, lacking logic, trouble with expression of feeling, extreme unsureness, lack of standards for themselves, accusatory, distrusting
caused by: insecurity, feeling unworthy, self doubt, feeling judged, being abandoned by someone they cared about
♓️pisces: withdrawn, blame outside sources (bad luck etc), defensive, doormat, escapist, sudden mood swings, lack of motivation, self doubt, self depreciation, childish, unreasonable, unenthusiastic
caused by: feeling overwhelmed, being accused, being judged, being embarrassed, feeling pressured

(part 2: how the signs overcome emotional lows coming asap *disclaimer I am not always an accurate source of advice and every situation/person is different*)