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I swear, no matter what I do I still end up fucking up my relationships and friendships with other people.
—  Why the hell do they keep giving me more chances?….I wouldn’t.

confession time: I slap pastel on everything. even the things that arent supposed to be in pastel

(thank you @novembon for the request and the kind words!!! I’m glad you enjoy what Ive got on my blog. hope this reigen trying to be cool suits your taste.)

this request post predicts the pastel apocalypse. find out how the world will end right here

Do you ever just get scared for no reason?.. It’s like you know something bad is about to happen but you don’t know what and that just makes you even more terrified.
—  Anxiety // I’ on ig

When you’ve been in a fandom so long that your favorite character list slowly starts to include characters you would have otherwise hated had it not been for the positive Fanart/headcanons/fanfictions and fan theories that get you thinking on their honor.


My take on the Kirkwall gang in Inquisition. (part 2)

I think I’ve found why I disengaged so much with Octavia’s storyline this season. She became a romantic character as opposed to the realistic one she’s been for the past three seasons. Camera angles changed when she was on screen, there was a lot of slow motion, excessive violence, and most of her dialogue became dramatic one-liners.

I saw, and made, jokes about the LOTR feel of the character’s storyline this season, and the problem with that is it doesn’t really fit with the show.  It felt like a different genre, and it didn’t work for me. @abazethe100 actually made a post about romanticism and realism on the show before in regards to Lxa and 3A, and I feel the same way this time as I did then.

Maybe the writers are setting this up intentionally and will have Octavia pull back from the commander persona, which they’ve established as very negative and even dangerous. But for right now I’m just frustrated? confused? by the change in characterization.

Honestly, I do question the wisdom of what I’m doing…



Nuff said. Brotha #MalcolmX was definitely light years ahead of his time Decades later and no change. Tired of us becoming hashtags due to murder…but #RestInParadise #AltonSterling

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During the day, I try as hard as hard as I can to be positive. And most days..

I succeed :)

But every single night, the pain comes rushing back.

And I don’t think any amount of positivity will end that…

—  Å.G.P.

If you are writing modern/urban fantasy stories and a situation could be solved by a Google search, picking up a phone and making a call, or shooting a gun, address why that isn’t the solution. 

And have it be a good narratively believable reason.

We’re too far into the technology age to simply accept no one saw or recorded this happening in a populated area (although mass disbelief is still viable to a point), and we’re certainly too far into the modern age for magic to simply universally make technology not work – that’s a lazy cop out that just doesn’t cut it anymore and doesn’t account for things operating from a distance. 

Build your universe in a better way.

  • Her: I feel like it’s always raining..
  • Him: How?
  • Her: The whole world just seems so gray. It’s as if someone laid an everlasting blanket of fog over me.
  • Him: But you said things were getting better..
  • Her: I thought they were, but how could it possibly get better when people just keep hurting me. How could I feel better when there isn’t a single person who likes me.
  • Him: I like you.
  • Her: you’re lying
  • Him: I'm not!... *sigh* I don't think you understand how much I love you..