I swear to god first tumblr with the logo change into those god awful colors and now DA with the membership icon being a bleeding eyesore as well in comparison to the site’s color scheme. 

Are all the graphic designers just hiding somewhere that we don’t know about? Are they stuffed in a box or locked in a room? Why does no one understand basic color theory on the main 2 sites I visit that deal with artists???

Change for a $100.

I remember hearing this story from the person who trained me back when I worked retail:

Guy walks into a gas station at 5 AM. The shifts just changed, everything has been dropped or cashed out. Guy picks up a caramel piece (yes, those 10 cents per caramel pieces) and puts it down next to a hundred.

My trainer’s trainer [TT] was the one on till that day, looks down at the caramel, looks over at the hundred, looks up at the man and asks:

“Do you have anything smaller?”

TT explains he won’t have enough change if he takes the hundred.

Guy replies, “I don’t care.”

I guess that is what cut the string in TT, because what followed was something anybody in retail always wanted to do.

TT takes out his cash drawer which has exactly 50 dollars in it. Takes out one dime from the cash drawer and dumps the rest of the cash drawer into a plastic bag. He then picks up the hundred and puts it into the now empty cash drawer.

He walks over to his second till - which also has exactly 50 dollars in it, and dumps that into the bag too.

He then hands it over to the guy.

“What the hell is this?” - Guy
“Your change, sir.” - TT
“…I don’t want all this change” - Guy
“I don’t care.” - TT

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Loras Tyrell — The Winds of Winter.

Me before watching Sea of Monsters: so they actually added Clarisse in this movie and made Annabeth blonde maybe this will be kinda ok

Me after watching Sea of Monsters: no no no no no why do they claim to base these off the books