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“Wait, but why did Laila sleep over?” Mutta asked, his head resting on his hand as he turned to Elias in interest.

Elias sat with his ankle resting over one knee, while the rest of the boys were lounging lazily on the couch beside him in the Bakkoush’ living room, doing nothing in particular. Mikael and Even were both occupied with something incredibly interesting on one of their phone screens.

Elias smiled at the memory of Friday night and Saturday morning. They had been constantly texting ever since then.

He shrugged in response to Mutta. “Her friend needed a place to crash and she wanted to keep her company. Also, the folks weren’t home.”

Yousef, noticing Elias’s change in disposition, smiled at Elias before he asked. “So she isn’t mad at you anymore?”

Elias paused, “Don’t think so.”

Adam smirked at Elias. “You seem very happy right now.”

“I am.”

“In other words, he feels whole.” Mikael erupted melodramatically. “He feels excitement. He feels euphoria rushing through his veins. He feels butterflies in his stomach at the very sight of her…, at the very thought of her.”

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Storybrooke Singles (or: Emma Swan Decides Not To Die Alone After a Humiliating Snapchat Incident)
By Organization for Transformative Works

“To commemorate this achievement and prove just how good at this I am, Storybrooke Singles has decided to take on a charity case.” Zelena claps her hands together. “Someone forever doomed to be alone if not for me.”

Emma says under her breath to Regina, “Which desperate sucker did she get for that?” Regina shrugs, tearing off another piece of Emma’s bear claw.

Zelena raises her voice. “And now, give it up for the sad, pathetic lonely woman whose life I’m going to change forever…” Her smile widens. “Emma Swan!”

Regina chokes on her bear claw.

epilogue is now up here! (image-heavy!!)

Reflection of You

Reflection of you- Bear in Heaven

The look of pure glee and happiness Harry saw on Draco’s face as they danced around the living room at three in the morning had him feeling the lightest he had ever felt. Well not the lightest, that spot was taken by the first kiss he had shared with the blonde man.

The song changed and he smiled brightly at Draco, grabbing him around the waist and pulling him closer. Draco just laughed loudly and wrapped one arm around Harry’s neck and the other he placed in Harry’s empty hand as Harry led them across the carpet. Bright grey eyes shined into his and Harry laughed louder.

He didn’t know how this had started, how they had ended up dancing around with abandon to muggle songs played loudly on Harry’s stereo-system in his small muggle flat on the edges of London. But here they were. Draco’s hair flying madly around him and hand warm in his. He looked amazing as usual, dressed in a casual dark blue jumper and black slacks. But it was made better by the slight creases that had formed in the jumper from their movements. The way he had rolled the sleeves up to stop them from getting in the way of his hands against Harry.

The two empty wine glasses stood by a large bottle of Merlot probably explained most of it.

But Harry didn’t feel drunk off of the wine, he had only had one glass. He felt drunk off Draco. Drunk off his smell, his laugh, his smile, his energy. How could he not be?

Draco moved in closer as they did a dangerously fast spin around the low coffee table and Harry felt his breath fan across his face. He closed his eyes briefly, just feeling Draco there, moving with him. When he opened them, Draco was looking right at him, a smile both on his face and in his eyes. Harry could see his own reflection slightly in the grey eyes, smiling widely back at him.

Christ this man.

Harry found himself short of breath which wasn’t from the dancing. Draco was just so beautiful, so perfectly imperfect that Harry sometimes found himself wondering if he was real. If he was just a hallucination made by his own mind. But then Draco would touch his hand, look his way, kiss him, hug him and he knew it was real. The feelings in his chest made that obvious.

Although they had already slept together, in both senses, Harry felt like this was one of the most intimate things he had done with Draco. Dancing here, laughing and open, with no care in the world right now apart from the other so close and happy against them. It made him tighten his grip slightly, pulling Draco even closer and smiling like a madman when Draco moved forward and kissed his jaw.

The night had started hours ago, with Harry opening his front door to let Draco in for their weekly Friday dinner at his flat. The only time they could get off in the week. Draco had brought the wine and Harry had supplied the dinner which he had joyfully cooked, imagining the reaction Draco would give him when he tasted it. He did love cooking.
He didn’t know when they had started dancing, but Draco had turned the stereo on while Harry was dishing up. Harry had been surprised at the sudden sound but had looked around to find Draco’s eyes alight with an emotion that Harry did not know, but loved on him.

Dinner had been great if he didn’t say so himself, and Draco had agreed. It also didn’t do any harm that Draco’s long legs had been twined with his under the glass table, and their hands touching whenever they took a sip of their drinks.

By the time they had moved to the settee, Draco had changed the music enough times to leave Harry laughing at his curiosity. After a while, Harry had taken pity on him and helped, showing him his favourites. Which had led to Draco saying he wanted to hear all of them, which then had probably lead to this now.

The song was dying down and Draco leaned forward until their foreheads were touching, his slightly damp and Harry smiled once again. Draco was breathing just as heavily as Harry, his eyes still alight with pure joy and his smile bright.

“Thank you” He whispered.

“For what?” Harry responded.

“This” Draco whispered back.

“Yeah” was all Harry could get out, the way Draco was looking at him like he was his whole world, had him speechless.

Draco gave him a confused look when he didn’t respond and made to move away but Harry held fast.

“You’re beautiful you know”

Draco just smiled shyly, looking down at Harry’s shoulder.

“You are” He breathed, running his lips across Draco’s damp forehead and closing his eyes against the sudden onslaught of emotion that flooded him. Draco pulled his hand out of Harry’s and slung it with the other around Harry’s neck, making them look eye to eye.

“Yeah?” His voice was soft.

“Yeah” Harry responded.

And then they were kissing, Draco’s lips sweet against Harry’s from the wine he had sipped when he needed a break from dancing two songs back. Their lips met again and again before Draco slid his tongue slowly against Harry’s lips and then into his mouth against his tongue. Harry slid his hands to hold Draco to him by his lower back and Draco moved his head to the side to deepen the kiss as much as he could.

This was where Harry belonged, here, in Draco’s arms. Both out of breath from dancing and touching each other like they were the only thing the other needed.

They danced until the sun rose.

24 things I’ve learned in 24 years:

I’ve seen this go around, and I thought it was a really cool and thoughtful!

  1. Kindness is so important, and your heart is your greatest compass in life
  2. You cannot please everyone, no matter how hard you try, and at the end of the day, if you’re happy with yourself, that’s what matters
  3. Forgiveness is so important - whether that’s forgiving other people, or forgiving yourself, because holding grudges is toxic
  4. People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime
  5. Creativity is so important, and don’t let anyone tell you that it isn’t
  6. It’s okay to love the things that you love
  7. E Q U A L I T Y is so important
  8. Critical thinking is a necessity - you can’t believe everything you read, hear, or see
  9. There is always more than one perspective
  10. Avoid being stagnant, take every opportunity you can to grow and embrace positive change
  11. Smiles and laughter are the best medicine
  12. There is nothing more calming or soothing than sitting by the sea
  13. Giving yourself the proper time to grieve does not make you weak
  14. Never give up on your crazy, crazy dreams
  15. A challenging day can be cured with a good cup of tea
  16. Perfection is boring
  17. Try not to take things too personally - what others do is not a reflection of you, but a reflection of themselves
  18. Persevere - life is hard and people will take advantage, but you can get through it
  19. Don’t be afraid to make drastic changes when necessary
  20. A heart can be broken, but it still keeps on beating, you keep moving on
  21. Take a leaf out of Peter Pan’s book - never fully grow up
  22. There are three sides to every story - yours, mine, and the truth
  23. Your value doesnt decrease based on someone else’s inability to see your worth - don’t get your self worth from others
  24. Live your best life - whatever version your best life means to you

It may be long distance for now, but uh….. Guess who’s got a girlfriend?
I love the interweb , and I love tumblr. We connected on here like… 6 years ago and this year we launched a project together, and today she talked about moving down here after her contract is up and tonight she asked if I’d be her gf.
AND I SAID Yes. Cause I’ve liked her for a really long time and would never ever have had the guts to say it.
So I’ll just be over here messaging my gf and Makin my cheeks hurt from smiling and changing my Facebook status to in a relationship.


Ring! Ring! Sehun is calling! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

Even more reasons to smile

Someone could’ve just gotten an amazing haircut

A woman could’ve just found out she was pregnant after multiple miscarriages

Someone could’ve just gotten their first pet

A child could be reciting the entire alphabet for the first time

Someone could’ve just realized how hurtful their behavior is and genuinely apologized

An struggling actor could’ve just gotten their first role

Someone could’ve just found the strength to pull themselves out of an anxiety attack

Someone could’ve just decided to not go through with suicide, and decided to seek professional help instead

Someone could’ve just taken their first college class and felt a sense of belonging

Someone could’ve just stood up to a bully and made a new friend

A grandmother could have made the best pie to share with her grandkids

A teenager could’ve just gotten their license

It’s someone’s birthday

Someone could be having the best moment of their lives right this second

Someone could’ve just decided to live a life free of negativity

Someone could’ve just gotten complimented at the grocery store

Someone could’ve just received their first paycheck

A poor family could be having their first warm meal

A stray animal could’ve been saved from starvation

A child could be learning their times tables

Someone could’ve just gotten a clean bill of health


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“No matter how far apart you are, or how long you haven’t seen him…that doesn’t change the fact that you are his daughter.” 

Loved seeing the scene where Sarada smiles! 



I used to stand in the mirror, full of self hatred that i almost forgot what it looked like. I used to wish my top lip was fuller, my teeth straighter and whiter and I noticed every little imperfection. I used to never smile with teeth, i used to avoid it. But now, almost a year later, although I’m still not entirely comfortable with myself or my smile, i no longer hate it, I embrace it because my smile shows me, it shows me laughing, and being happy. Which is how i want to look. You are all beautiful, embrace that 💙