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audreymacintosh  asked:

I'm really struggling to find out what I want to do with the rest of my life. What made you change ur major/what made you change your Ming?

I’ve literally changed my major 3 times and I’m 21! I first declared as a sociology major and was in community college for several years without advancing in my major. So I was really frustrated because the school I was going to was too full so I couldn’t get the classes I needed to graduate on time. I was having a life crisis around this time last year because I wasn’t happy with my life and didn’t want to be a sociology major anymore and I knew I didn’t want to spend another semester in community college. It was like 2 in the morning one night when I was scrolling through Instagram and saw an Ad for a vet-tech institute pop up and I looked into it. Eventually I decided I wanted to be a vet radiologist and applied to universities and got accepted into the one I’m at right now. But after taking a couple classes for this major, I decided it wasn’t for me as I had more interest in behavioral studies. But I didn’t know what I could do with that degree without earning shit money for the rest of my life. I eventually made time to look into possible careers and their salary and the one that made the most sense to me was a zoologist. It was a really long road to find what I actually wanted to do (took me a year!) and I may have wasted 2 years of my life in community college but it’s fine as long as I now know where I want the rest of my life to go. 

I struggled a shit load with what I wanted to do in my life, and I’m a late bloomer because I’m 21 and a sophomore in college. But hey, as long as you have goals in your life that’s all that matters. It took a lot of thinking and restless, stressful nights to understand what I want to do and find a common ground for all the areas of interest of mine. I suggests talking to your academic adviser if you’re in school and see what they recommend for you based on your areas of interests! 

Dear Ming,
          Remember the nights our blood ran clear? Your smile like a band-aid, mine like a leaf on fire. I remember a lot of things. I remember a house with a mouth for a roof. I remember our mouths as something else. A cordless phone, a slaughterhouse. There are faces floating in the river and no one talks about it. Our hunger is a horror movie on mute and there’s nothing you can do about it. Feed us peach pits, dead crows. The hours abort themselves. The trees turn themselves upside down, grope for a new kind of symmetry. Reverse extinction: our births as instant as light, as sweetness. What if silence is just a theory? I want no more theories. I want to consume my house like water. I want to know my hands. I want to say my name without swallowing it dead.
—  Kristin Chang, Dear Ming (I)

We are part of a secret society, dedicated to restoring freedom to the world. We are the Red Lotus.“ — Zaheer

…And we also like to take care of each other’s hair (for those of us that have hair, sorry Zaheer!). So when I had a full group of The Red Lotus, we decided to take a photo based off of this art! Thank you maifandom for creating this adorable art! (*^▽^*)

Art: maifandom
Min-hua: imyoursempai
Gahzan: jdmiao
P’Li: gutsygumshoe
Zaheer: tater_cosplay (Instagram)
Photographer: fairypsychic