chang jia

well, at least watching all this nardo helped me modernize the xingese royal guard uniform and come up with masks for the guard charas

tidbits about the OCs:

  • Lei Chang: Ling’s son by his wife from the Chang clan. Bitter that the Chang clan was bested in the last competition for the throne.
  • Nuying Wu: Ling’s daughter by his wife from the Wu clan, who had the eldest prince in Ling’s generation. Charismatic and flamboyant.
  • Jia Elric: AlMei daughter. Haughty, pretty much considers herself a princess, especially since Nuying has taken her under wing.
  • Su Zhao: half-blood Xingese/Pagyrican (a country bordered by Creta and Aerugo). Jia’s lady-in-waiting and chief bodyguard. Alkahestrist. Tired.
  • Zhen Yao: LingFan son, just not by blood. Alkahestrist. Stoic. Works as one of Jia’s bodyguards while hiding from Lei, who wants him dead.

7 Boys – GOT7 (Jackson)

Pairing: Reader X GOT7
Word Count: 1,301

Summary: You worked as a landlady for your uncle’s dormitory where you meet 7 gorgeous boys. One of them gave you a love letter while you got stuck at the elevator, but you don’t know which of them it’s from.

A/N: Written in celebration for GOT7 comeback album 7for7!!! Yey!!!

For Jackson’s smile ^_^  Sorry this took awhile. I had quite a long break and forgot how to write 😅

Read: GOT7 (0), Mark (1), JB (2), Jinyoung (4)


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desperasian  asked:

I was wondering, are there any Chinese marvel heroines? I mean I absoluetly love watching the movies and the TV series made by marvel but it's sometimes disheartening that a label I look up to that has lots of (so to say) diversity, I can't find any sort of example in movies or TV series..

Hey there! 

First up, Marvel has a lot of diverse heroines. The problem is Marvel likes to push them aside to make room for more stories about white dudes. This is more glaring in the MCU, and while the comics have been making great efforts towards adding more diversity in their books, there is much progress left to be made.

But to answer your question, yes, there have been both Chinese and Chinese-American Marvel heroines! I’m going to restrict this to heroines (not villains) in the MCU or 616, that have at least 10 appearances in comics (to weed out the minor side chars). 

Let’s start with the ones in films/TV…..

Agent Daisy “Skye” Johnson was revealed in Season 2 - Episode 10 of Agents of SHIELD to have been born in Hunan Province in China to a Chinese mother and a white American father. This matches the actress Chloe Bennett’s ancestry as well. Skye is a super badass SHIELD agent, expert hacker, and the ability to project vibrations causing earthquakes. Daisy Johnson is not Chinese-American in the comics, however. 

Agent Melinda May, played by Ming-Na Wen in Agents of SHIELD, is presumably of Chinese descent like her actress. Agent May is a highly skilled Agent, and is the deadliest fighter out of the central cast. 

Blink in the comics is Bahamian, but in X-Men: Days of Future Past, she is played by Fan Bingbing, a Chinese actress. Blink is a mutant with the ability to make portals (like in the video game, Portal) as well as the ability to make psionic weapons out of the energy that her portals are made of. She isn’t a huge character in Days of Future Past, but she gets some sweet action scenes. 

Jubilee (Jubilation Lee) is a Chinese American mutant. She appears as a cameo in X-Men, X2, and X-Men: The Last Stand played by Katrina Florence in X-Men (pictured above) and Kea Wong in X2 and X-Men. She appears in concept art for X-Men: Days of Future Past but did not appear in the final film, sadly! 

Despite her minor appearances in the films, Jubilee is a major character in X-Men comics. Jubilee could project “fireworks” or “lumikinetic energy blasts” as her mutant power. She lost this power after M Day, and subsequently was transformed into a vampire. (This is way cooler than it sounds, I promise.) She now has all the powers you’d expect of a vampire, and copes with the weaknesses with the help of her fellow X-Men. Jubilee is also a major character in the 1992 X-Men cartoon series. If you want to read more Jubilee, check out X-Men, an ongoing comic with a diverse all-female X-Men cast. 

Okay, let’s go to characters only seen in the comics. 

Based on Monica Chang’s family name, she is likely at least half Chinese. She has been confirmed to be a devout Muslim. Monica Chang leads SHIELD’s A.I division and starred in Avengers AI. Unfortunately, Monica Chang has not appeared since the cancellation of Avengers AI. 

There is even a Chinese herald of the Silver Surfer! Suzi Endo, previously known as Cybermancer, was a woman with cybernetic implants giving her “bionic woman” style powers. She was formerly a member of Force Works, then was transformed into a Herald with access to the Power Cosmic in Silver Surfer vol 6. 

Jia Jing, codename Sprite, is a young mutant enrolled at the Jean Grey School. She has rock hard skin, super strength, and fairy wings. She appeared as a minor character mostly in Wolverine and the X-Men.

Leiko Wu was a MI-6 agent who mostly appeared as a side character in Master of Kung Fu and other Shang Chi comics. Unfortunately she was killed off in the most recent volume of Deadly Hands of Kung Fu.

Tang Jhimon, codename Silver, is a Chinese-Canadian member of Beta Flight, a Canadian superhero team. She has the ability to project intense blasts of cold, ice, and has powers of flight. She unfortunately hasn’t appeared since the early 90s, along with other members of Beta Flight.

Finally, leaving you with a bit of trivia, the Chinese analog to the Avengers is called the People’s Defense Force. These characters were introduced in Mighty Avengers and have not had any appearances since. As such, their powers and origin stories are left unexplored. 

Hopefully this list cheers you up! :) 

This is a real story that I’m about to tell, with only the names changed. It’s not to protect the interest of any parties, but it’s just such an unbelievable true story that I just HAVE TO share it satirically of course.

I shall title this piece as “What a lot of effort”. If my story writing skill sucks, I will say it’s because I have not written composition since as a teenager more than 16 years ago. LOL Gomenasai! But this is a juicy true story. I encourage you all, my followers to read and reblog.


Once upon a time, there’s was a girl from a SEA country called Jia Ying who have a lot of passion for shoujo manga. One day she got the bright idea to start a shoujo manga scanlation group of her own after fleeting from a few scanlation groups, one to another. She decided to create her website on tumblr and thus, her scanlation group were born.

However, despite having the good intention of wanting to release mangas that she loves faster, she started to step all over the community toes by hijacking other’s people series all over the place, garnering a lot of hate.

“What can I do?”, she thinks and Eureka! she has the bright idea to create a persona called Ayuka to hide behind. Ayuka will be ‘admin’, someone who replied rudely to all the other groups’ administrators upset over their hard work being hijacked without any communication, while Jia Ying will continue to pretend to be the good person who are apologetic about her admin’s way of stepping on people’s toes and worm her way in to other groups.

One day, another new shoujo scanlation group were established and it quickly caught Jia Ying’s eye after there were some pickups that she was interested in as well.

On the pretext of applying as a proofreader, she successfully joined this new shoujo group to start working and act as a liase between her group and the other group.

This other admin, we shall thereforth called her as “Miss A” and her group as “Group A”, started the group because there was a manga she really likes but it the last chapter released was over 2 years ago. She wanted to scanlate that but however, as she quickly finds out soon enough, it doesn’t work that way, so she was mulling over what to pick up.

Miss A back then was pretty casual about the whole thing, having been very new and was just trying to find her ground. She also have a huge sources of raws that were her own and during the first few months of Group A’s establishment, freely let her members download raws of the group’s pickup as a perk. She figured its all going to be worked on anyway by these same people, so why not.

Little did she know, this will soon set in motion a huge chain of events that will be unraveled over the course of one year.

Jia Ying sets about to establish herself in Group A as a valued member, working hard and showing herself to be a happy go lucky girl who just loves manga. Miss A can see that her passion is real, but what she soon learned about Jia Ying really makes her unsure whether to laugh at the ridiculousness of it or sad at how there’s such a sad miserable person existing in this world to scheme up elaborate plots just to steal other people’s raws cause she’s too poor to get any. But more on that later.

Greed got the best of Jia Ying however when she clapped eyes on a few stories that Group A picked up. But she was thinking of how can she steal those raws as her own without getting caught and offending Miss A (who sadly has more money than sense and can buy any manga she wants) the golden goose.

And that’s when she had another awesome idea! Create another scanlation group to release them!

When the first hijack happened, Jia Ying even pretended to be nice to warn Miss A that she heard through the grapevine there’s a new group that planned to release something Group A were working on. Naively, Miss A worked through the night with a few members including Jia Ying to rush out the chapter. Of course, Jia Ying having the insider information, released the manga earlier than Group A. Boy, how she was snickering with glee in front of her computer thinking how she fooled Miss A so thoroughly.

Miss A said nothing nor confront the yet unknown to her then, the fake group and continued to work on the pickups in her group. A couple of months’ passed by without incident until the Jia Ying decided to release yet another of Group A’s pickup with her fake group. Should I just give this fake group of hers with a name so you guys reading would not be confused?

Okay, how about let’s name her actual group as “Group W” and her fake group as “Group S”? Does that work?

This time, Group S release raised alarm bells in Miss A that there’s a mole in her group stealing her raws. She’s quite positive that its hers even though she has no proof because the raws used were uniquely capped. Nobody in the community has it that way because the source she buys from are not the same as the other people. However she has no proof but she felt that things don’t quite add up.
First of all, not only were the digital raws looks 100% like hers, it was an unknown mangaka.

For Miss A, it doesn’t makes sense for this mysterious group S who mode of releases are so similar to her own, right down to the way the scanlator pages are set, but to pick something so unknown and having the coincidence of having the exact kind of digital print raws.

But hey, weirdest coincidence has happened even though she has suspicions she can’t outright accuse anybody so she just kept her suspicions to herself. But Miss A was fed up of this Group S hijacking and went to write an Ask on Group S’ tumblr.

Things got out of hand since the “row” was played out on tumblr in public. Miss A was fed up of Group S hijacking without a courtesy to inform her first making her waste time seeking people to work on the series.

All this time, Jia Ying were by Miss A side, playing the good girl, cheering Miss A on, taking her side, saying how she hated Group S. Jia Ying was really amused at how stupid Miss A is but at the same time, she started to have a real case of envy toward Miss A and her group.

She started off by creating a forum for Group W (her real group) on the exact same host as Miss A. She also wanted a wordpress site with the same theme as Group A, however that don’t quite happened as she don’t quite have the money to do all that. Jia Ying would also copied the Google spreadsheet Miss A created for her group to keep track of all the ongoings for Group W as well.

Ever since the hijacking incidents, Miss A couldn’t shake off her suspicions that there were a mole in her group. She thus changed the mode of distribution of her raws and only certain people working on certain stuff gets access to certain chapters.

With these changes, it means Jia Ying could no longer just free tap into this free HQ Raws source. So, what a girl got to do she thinks? She then tried to ask Miss A several times to provide raws for Group W on behalf of Ayuka, the mysterious admin of Group W who does nothing except “provide raws”. Miss A helped a couple of stuff but generally rejected her requests. Miss A felt that a group should be responsible for their own resources. If you can’t afford it, let other have a go.

And then, due to a mixture of real life commitments and since she can no longer freely tap into the raws that Miss A has, Jia Ying started to drift away from Group A.

Fast forward half a year later…

One day, while just casually browsing through some series site on a famous manga aggregator site, Miss A came upon a chapter that Group W is working on being uploaded by Group S. She was really pissed off about it because Jia Ying knew how upset she was over Group S asshole replies over the row they had about hijacking.

She suspected that the admin of Group S went on to join Group W and group W, specifically Jia Ying, doesn’t have the courtesy to inform her so. She also felt kind of betrayed because she found out about it 2 months from the posting date. And that 2 months before, Jia Ying were happily working with Group A and Group D for a mega collaboration to release a slew of manga for a special occasion.

Miss A wondered why Jia Ying never mentioned it and figured she must’ve had something to hide and all her suspicions about the mole came surging back.

Miss A firstly confronted Jia Ying. Jia Ying gave some really unbelievable excuses. She claims that Group S must’ve downloaded the release off Group W’s tumblr and uploaded it to the aggregator site without permission. She also claimed that she didn’t realised someone has upload it there.

As a scanlator herself, Miss A finds it hard to believe since it’s a very prominent aggregator site and as a scanlator, “How can you not know when your release is being uploaded” she said. The suspicion stays strong and since Miss A was the raw provider of that series for Group W that Group S uploaded, she decided it’s time for payback all those months ago by releasing the series herself. She also decided to cut off all ties with Group W because she can’t work with people she’s strongly suspicious off.

To be honest, Jia Ying actually accidentally upload the chapter to the aggregator site as Group S. But she somehow figured nobody would notice. And when Miss A founds out about it 2 months later, she pretended to be really upset about Group S uploading without her permission and acted out a one man show on tumblr back and forth.

Few months down the road, after Group A released the contended series, Jia Ying decided to write to Miss A as Ayuka, expressing her displeasure on how rude Miss A was to hijack Group W’s series.

Miss A do realised it wasn’t a nice thing to do, but find it ironic that Group W who’s famous for hijacking writing to her telling her it’s rude to hijack others. The contended series was after all hijacked by Group W from Group SR anyway.

Miss A replied a matter of factly telling “Ayuka” what she really thinks of what “Ayuka” was saying in her email. “Ayuka” didn’t replied from there onwards and Miss A thought that the matter was over as far as she was concerned.

Few weeks later, Jia Ying came writing an innocent email to Miss A pretending as if nothing happened. As if she don’t know that Miss A has cut off all ties. Miss A responded informing her that she has already moved on.

Jia Ying is displeased over what Miss A did and she started to argue on behalf of Group W. Miss A shut her down by telling her, “If your admin "Ayuka” has not responded towards my reply to her, why are you here few weeks down the road arguing about the case?“

Jia Ying decides to play the usual I’m so innocent persona and claim that Group W really didn’t know about the uploading again but a very stubborn (i must say) Miss A refused since she has already made up her mind. Plus she was really strongly suspicious of Jia Ying being the mole then so she just want to get rid of her.

Jia Ying continued to wrote to Miss A, claiming she lost respect for her and that fame has got to Miss A’s head.

Miss A snorted at this. In the one year Miss A started scanlation, her bluntness and outspoken take no prisoner attitude have probably offended more people than enamoured her to many. "Do I really care if you lose respect for me? Am i going to be living my life anyway less just cause you are?”

“I’m still the same person as I was before. If I care about fame and recognition, I wouldn’t be as how I am,” she said.

Jia Ying didn’t reply after that and moved her focus towards targeting Group D instead. She wanted revenge and she blames Group D’s admin, C, for participating in Group A’s “hijacking” of Group W’s manga.

Since Jia Ying decides to play the row out in public, she actually wanted to really humiliate Group D but it kind of backfired. What she did leaves some people with extreme distates and thus how this story were born.

After the scandal of Group W vs Group D. Miss A found out first hand information about Jia Ying’s great effort at deception. It was then she found out that “Ayuka” didn’t exist. It was then she found out that Group S is actually a side tumblr of Group W. It was then she saw the raws of the series hijacked by Group S (which group S claimed they bought with their own money). Miss A opened the raws that Group S so called bought with their own money and laughed real hard when she saw her computer’s name digitally signed to each image.

Miss A thinks back towards the whole year she has been played around with by Jia Ying and laughed. Well played, well played. Life is indeed full of surprises. But she really feels pity for what a sad life Jia Ying has to create such a huge web of lies just to get her hands on others’ stuff.

Oh, another hilarious thing, every single release of Group W’s that credited “Ayuka” as the raw provider is actually Raffmanga’s. Jia Ying has so much pride that she can’t even admit it. Part of Group W’s editor test involves cleaning hard to clean Raffmanga’s raws.

Miss A once again enjoyed some laughs courtesy of Jia Ying when she saw her own raws that Group W used to released what was once their joint credited as “nyx studios”. “Oh, so now I’m Nyx Studios” she thinks. Jia Ying was not meticulous enough in checking the editing and when Miss A saw a really huge blob one one of the pages courtesy of HER debinding mistake, thus she knows its 100% her raws that was credited falsely.

Next, when will Jia Ying learn her lesson? How would this story unfolds?

To be continued…

I just want to emphasise that I not only realised, but know that I’m no saint. However, my group’s are just trying to mind our own business and continue pushing ourself towards a perfect release with ZERO errors. Hijacking is not my M.O. There’s already plenty of manga that are not translated out there and if you followed my tumblr, you would have seen just how much manga I own. I don’t beg for money from people, everything from PDP are 99.99% my own money. The efforts are of mine and my team solely. All I seriously care about are just ONE thing only. To release PDP’s pickups in great editing, great translatiosn that stays true to the actual yet flows well seamlessly making it an enjoyable read and lively typesetting that conveys the spoken word in the manga properly.

And to those who knows me, I am just this damn blunt person who seriously has no fucks to give about whether people likes me or not. I see it and I will call it. That’s it. Me have got nothing to hide as far as I’m concerned.

In the end, I will just let my group’s effort do the talking.

I do realised that by posting this, unleashing this, it probably might cause a shit storm. How big or how small I don’t know, (it really just depends on how much other people reading this give a shit) but I feel that I have the duty to tell you about just how fucked up this person is. She has not only messed with my group, she has also messed with many other groups as well.

However, I might also pushed this person to a breaking point with this and she might start hijacking me even more after this.


She has now leeched on to FW Scans. And hey FW Scans, I saw you put me on follow the other day, read this and be warned. You better be careful of that person. I have made it quite obvious who it is so it won’t be hard for you to guess. I don’t know if FW scans are just another group that Jia Ying made, and seriously, me running ONE group is already tiring as fuck, I don’t know how she can god damn put on so many fake personas and run so many…

Everything I have written here are true, I have visual proofs to prove everything I’m writing here if ever that person comes out accusing me of lies.

To readers that actually donates to Group W, even if its tiny amount, think about whether your money are actually going to be used properly. To the groups that has anything to do with Group W, I say cut your losses and RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the rest of the staff of Group W, I don’t know how much do you guys know about what’s going on inside your own group, but if you had been having niggling doubts I hope this post shed some lights on them.