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What inspired you to get into acting?
We live in a world that focuses so much on beauty, perfection, and filters that we forget sometimes that the real beauty of humanity is in the imperfections. There is nothing wrong with striving to be your best self, but don’t completely change who you are to fit into a mold. That’s what inspires me to create these characters - the opportunity to exhibit human flaws in a positive light. Actors go to the uncomfortable emotional places and confront these issues in the hopes that it will inspire people to reflect upon their own lives and any issues they may be facing.

Despite everything, it’s still you.

Thanks for the encouraging messages! I think, that I’ll just be taking a hiatus from trying to draw new content for this blog. Which basically means nothing changes anyways haha. But I’ll do my best to focus on my commissions and finding a job until my move is done. Which is around… may-july? Then I’ll make more content frequently, hopefully! Did you know this blog has 3x more followers than my supposed to be main blog? It’s really quite funny, and I really have to wonder what you are all here for because this blog is mostly for me to…. shitpost and other random shenenigians pffftt. Why are you here all I do is make dumb comments on reblogs and make nonsensical AU doodles.

So yea! Here’s the last piece of my UT AU content until I make sure I don’t accidentally end up on the streets. Unless I get UT commissions, then that’s fine but I don’t have them…. that’s an idea, I wonder if it would be a good idea to do UT specific comms. Might be fun.

Well anyways, have a nice day guys. I will do my best to stay determined! 


Thanks, now I’m crying. ;-;

On our first ever LGBTQ comic we follow Bryan Chandler on a story about something near and dear to both our hearts. When most people think “Autism,” they think of children, but the same advocacy and acceptance that Autistic children need doesn’t cease to exist once we hit a certain age. We don’t disappear, we don’t age out of it, and they don’t send us off on a block of ice and hope for the best.

Our needs change, and increase over time and we often struggle to be successful in our work, finances, higher education, romantic endeavors, and many other “adult” issues that many of our Neurotypical brethren take for granted. Thought even after mastering many of these issues, a lot of times our struggles still break down to one thing…Acceptance. And that’s why Bryan and I do what we do.

Bryan Chandler is a gay Aspie who’s page Asperger’s Syndrome Awareness - Bryan’s Advocacy has been fighting for awareness and acceptance for Autistic individuals across the world for years. His page follows his journey to become an Autism advocate for people like us. Check him out at:

And as always. Don’t forget to pledge your support for my work on PATREON.COM/IRISHWOLFPRODUCTIONS

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If he changes, what I think he will, especially because of their last scene today's ep, he will be worth it for her. But he needs to learn first to become a good fit for Kara because Kara deserves the best

A man at his age completely changing on such level, at his core, is practically impossible in real life. But let’s say that it happens on the show, let’s say that it does (tho it won’t). What kind of message does that send?

If your friend dated such a guy who would yell at her, disrespect her, dismiss her wishes, and insult her regularly, would you tell her to just “give him some time to change, give him another chance and another and another” while he keeps treating her like crap? If so, then you’re not really a good friend.

So the message that the show is sending to girls is that they should put up with such behaviour because MAYBE, just maybe, he’ll change sometime in the future in the next few years maybe perhaps perchance, if he feels like it.

Speaking of behaviour and patterns, abusers (emotional abuse in this case) - and these are scientific facts, you can look it up - they treat you like crap, and then they will apologize and say they’re sorry and do something nice for you and ask for another chance. And you would give them that chance. And they would treat you like crap again the very next day, because they know that you will forgive them again and again, because that’s what victims do (and it’s not their fault). The abusers promise to be better but they never will be.

So if the writers suddenly make him better (tho I don’t think they will because they see his abuse as comic relief???????????) the only message that it would send would be that if you give him about 100-200 chances he’ll be better someday. “Stick around and help him get better.”

Let me quote Jenny Schecter: “It’s not my job to make you a better man and I don’t give a shit if I’ve made you a better man. It’s not a fucking woman’s job to be consumed and invaded and spat out so that some fucking man can evolve.

Space Dad Surprise Party [Shiro x Reader]

A/N: HAPPY (non leap year) BIRTHDAY SHIRO!

Thank you @memento-scribet for the idea <3

You find out that Shiro’s birthday is on a leap day but ‘won’t’ have one this year. You decide to change that and give him the best non-birthday yet. (Modern AU)


You’re jaw dropped staring at Lance and Keith.

“What do you mean he doesn’t have a ‘real’ birthday this year?” disbelief in both your voice and plastered on your features.

“You’re his girlfriend, shouldn’t you know this?” Lance pointed an accusing finger at you. “Yeah but he never said it was a leap year, he always just told me it was the 28th” you confessed, falling back in your chair.

“He’s not really find of his birth date so he always tells everyone the 28th not the 29th.” Keith cleared up for you. Still feeling slight betrayal.

“Is this why he never wants parties or anything?” Lance asked as Keith nodded.

“Oh he’s getting a party this year, and he’s gonna like it” pulling out your phone and finding a few necessary numbers.

“Who’re you calling?” Lance peeked at the screen of your phone. “The others , it might be short notice but I’m throwing Shiro a surprise party” a mischievous smirk on your lips.

“I’m pretty sure he hates surprises. He likes to have everything in control remember?” Keith reminded you, but you didn’t care. It will be some payback for lying about the date. Surprises always made him a flustered mess and you were looking forward to that now.

Luckily you were able to pull everything together in a matter of two to three days. The plan was you’d get him out of your apartment, just taking him out to lunch and keeping him busy. While Lance, Keith, and Pidge decorated the apartment, Allura got the cake, and Coran & Hunk planned out dinner. It was flawless. Everything was set and all that needed to be done was the execution.

The morning of February 28th you woke up like any other morning. Shiro had his arms around you and pulled into his chest protectively. Letting out a sigh as the sun rays began to make you stir.

Your eyes fluttered open, after adjusting to the new light filtering in.

Looking up at whose arms you were wrapped in, smiling when seeing his peaceful expression. Though you noticed his eyebrows furrowing as the light met his face now.

Glancing at the alarm clock on your night stand. 10:34 it read, you had to have him out by noon. Meaning you had to elicit consciousness from him.

Running a hand through his messy morning hair. Gently playing with the ends of the white strands. Seeing a smile pull at the corners of his lips. “Good morning” his voice was deep and thick with sleep.

“Morning birthday boy” nuzzling into his chest. His arms tightened around you. Giggling you placed kiss on his chest, trailing up until you reached his jaw. “Okay I’m up” he met his dark grey eyes to you [e/c] ones.

“Good” smiling you kissed him. Before pulling away and slipping out of the bed. He groaned, “Come back” watching you slip on a pair of sweat pants under the shirt, which was his, you were wearing.

Walking over to stand by his side of the bed, “I’ve got a whole day planned, so get up, get dressed, and maybe we can do this later.” pecking his lips before retreating out of the room, hearing him chuckle behind you.

You took him out to his favorite restaurant for lunch, and everywhere you could think of to distract him. It was around five o’clock when you got a text from Lance. You were at the museum checking out the new constellation exhibit.

Of course it suited Shiro perfectly. So he was a bit torn when you said “Let’s go home”

But he went anyways. The walk back consisted of the both of you talking and joking around. He was curious however because of your constant checking the phone. Though he didn’t question it just carried on the conversation.

Reaching your apartment building, you both boarded the elevator a huge grin plastered on your face.

“What’s got you so smiley?” he rose a suspicious eyebrow at you.

“Nothin” You stated, rather unconvincingly. “Oh because that was convincing” he teased, intertwining his fingers with yours.

“You ask too many questions, come on” Tugging at his hand as the elevator opened.

Sliding your key in the lock and shoving the door open. The lights were still off and you walked in cautiously, to make sure not to trip over any balloons or anything.

As soon as he stepped through the door the lights flicked on and everyone in the room jumped out yelling “SURPRISE”

He about jumped out of his skin, letting out a yelp, becoming flustered and embarrassed. Just the revenge you wanted.

“Oh god guys” He laughed looking around at his friends. “Who?”

They all diverted turned attention to you. Smiling sheepishly up at him, “So that’s why you had so much planned” pulling you against him.

“What can I say? I’m good at day planning. And I’m good at getting my revenge, thanks for the little yelp back there” A mischievous glint in your eyes.

“Revenge? For what?” He chuckled, punching his shoulder “Not telling me your real birthday you goof”

“But it doesn’t matter now, lets have some eat dinner, have some cake, open gifts. It’s your kinda birthday after all.” Pulling him into the living room with the rest of your friends.

After eating and very horribly singing happy birthday, that last thing to do was gifts. Some gifts were thoughtful, others were gag gifts. But nothing was funnier than Lance’s. Giving Shiro an envelope and small box. “The box is for you guys to share” simply stating, neither of you expecting it to be a box of condoms with a note with a winky face on it.

You died laughing as Shiro just turned bright red and thanked Lance with a stutter. Meanwhile you were still laughing, it proving contagious and the whole room joined you.

Shiro had to admit it was a pretty nice non-birthday. But it wasn’t over yet. Deciding to get one last blush out of him when it was just the two of you.

Sneaking away from where he was doing dishes in the kitchen. Grabbing Lance’s gift from the living room coffee table.

“Hey babe” calling as you walked back into the kitchen. Coming to his right side and running a hand down his metal prosthetic. “What do you say we cash in Lance’s gift tonight?” twiddling the box between your fingers

It was too damn easy to get him flustered, “Would you quit that” he laughed before going to snag the box from your hand. Quickly pulling it back you teased, “If you want ‘em you gotta catch me” before running out of the room.

He chased after you yelling your name. Trapping you in the living room. He wrapped his arms around your waist and began to pull you with him. Though you were expecting to be pulled back to the kitchen. However he made an unexpected turn toward the bedroom.

When he saw your expression change, he smirked “You still have to give me a present”



The next morning Shiro woke up, only to find you missing from his arms.

Sitting up he looked around the room to see the floor cleaned of the scattered clothes from the previous night’s activities. Slipping out of the bed he found you cooking breakfast in the kitchen.

Wrapping his arms around your waist from behind, “What’s this?”

“A birthday breakfast” you chuckled, causing a confused expression to grace his features. “But my birthday is over”

“Technically you don’t have a birthday this year. Sooo, since we’re not sure if the day before or after the 29th would count as a birthday, I decided to make both special” turning in his arms.

Wrapping your arms around his neck, he smiled at you lovingly “You know I love you, right?”

“I do know that birthday boy part 2. And I love you too” pecking his lips.

“Best birthdays ever” he mumbled against your lips. Before connecting them for another time.


while i’m on it, i guess i’ll make a headcanon for yosuke’s parents!

his parents aren’t bad people. they’re fairly average, hardworking people, but can be rather strict with yosuke. while they expect good grades, respect, and hard work, they’ll often be distracted by junes and it’s proceedings in a small place like inaba. it’s usually do to junes that yosuke can find wiggle room to get out of trouble ( most notably with his grades ). he’s learned how to sweet talk them during his time in inaba.

his father is the more strict of the two, but more business oriented. once he’s focused at work, he has a hard time not thinking about it or acting like a boss ( and all things managing a branch includes ) once he’s off the clock and instills the I’m Not Your Dad At Workthought to dissuade favoritism when it comes to yosuke. his father is the one that deals out yosuke’s punishments primarily as well as lectures ( though can be bargained with when it comes to offering more help at junes or with special projects & over time/extra shifts ). while a strict ( if not slightly absent-minded & work focused ) parent, he does have plenty of merit & general good will. he has a tendency to make terrible puns & dad jokes that make yosuke groan & has plenty of cheer to pass around.

his mother is more reasonable and demure, though not without her own bad tendencies. her personality is generally more relaxed and easy-going. she often helps at junes as a coordinator or event planner. she’s not at the store as much as yosuke’s father, as her work would be split between the branch store in inaba, and the company itself ( so she has office space both at work & at home ). unlike yosuke’s father, she has the ability to turn off work mode while at home. she does most of the cooking and watching over the house ( and drags father & son into cleaning with her frequently ). although overall more lax ( and willing to try diffusing his father when he’s being too harsh ), she can also be strict. she wishes for yosuke to be a happy, good, hardworking young man.

his parents aren’t bad people, something yosuke realizes early on, but they can be overbearing & scrutinize him for little things. it’s partly because of this that he can’t really talk to his parents about a lot of things ( like money, how he spends money, his insecurities, sexuality, and day-to-day school life ).  he’s learned to get crafty with words & spin things in a different light when it comes to them. his family isn’t typically traditional, but it’s due to their strict nature, expectations, and limited views ( not that they actually talk about that a lot in the first place ), that he expects certain things from society & the people around him. while not in his parent’s presence, he becomes blunt and sloppy with his wording ( feeling a bit more free ) and has a tendency to—-you know

due to how his parents are, yosuke had to immediately get a job to have any real spending money ( as his allowance was very minimal ). he’s used to working to have any cash, but he also needed to freedom to spend his money how he wanted ( as his parents would question or overly check & ultimately deny whatever purchase he wanted to make otherwise ) without scrutiny from them. 

despite the bad aspects of his parents ( because all parents are people, and all people have some not great qualities ), they can be affectionate, cheerful, and helpful people. his father is not particularly affection physically, but his personality shines when he’s in a good mood & not tired from work. his parents will often chatter about their day && make a lot of terrible, painful jokes. his mother is more physically affectionate with him ( with hugs and head pats & ruffles, and general motherly touches ). they’re warm people that can draw a groan out of yosuke any time. 

his parents do, however, attempt to pull back a little bit whenever teddie is brought into their household. they want to make sure teddie feels welcomed & at home. they worry about both yosuke and teddie plenty & like to know they’re doing well at junes and have a group of friends during the unsettling time in inaba.

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42) are you a good judge of character?

This one i will say a Resounding Yes. I’ve met a lot of folks but I only have a handful of friends, I have a lot of Acquaintances good and bad.

I can say my older self could be a DickBag tbh and I’ve tried my best to change

For example I went to a friend’s wedding and I didnt trust the woman he was marrying at all when I went down there but I was cordial and let them be. Low and behold 7 months later she’s been cheating on him and taking his money and I was just like I knew something about her bugged me So this one I’d say yea its why I’m mindful of how close I let people into my life.

I’ve always said I prefer 4 quarters to 100 pennies and the same comes to people so if I see folks saying or doin shit I’m not down with then I just realize it and get on with my day.  I know who I love and care about so I’m not gonna let a few folks bring me down or somethin. Also meditation is a god send for that stuff.

We just want to thank everyone that nominated, voted, and participated in the #HavenAwards17. We had a fantastic list of nominations, with SO many different Hermione pairings. We hope that you feel the same, and we can’t wait to do this again next year! 

Best Hermione Characterization
First Place: Teardrops & Teacups by @xxdustnight88
Runner Up: Doing it for the Order by DesertC

Best Dark Fic
First Place: Be Careful What You Wish For by @articcat621
Runner Up: Accommodations by MarcellaDix

Best Romance Fic
First Place: To Dwell on Dreams by @snapeslittleblackbuttons
Runner Up: Winter Wonderland by @squarepeg72

Best Epic-Sized Fic
First Place: Teaching Miss Granger by @oracleobscured
Runner Up: The Problem with Purity by Phoenix.Writing

Best Drabble/One-Shot
First Place: The Contract by bentnotbroken1 ( @wolf-of-ravenclaw )
Runner Up: Broken Wings by Squarepeg72

Best Marriage Law Fic
First Place: Sudden Changes by @mrsmarauders
Runner Up: The Problem with Purity by Phoenix.Writing

Best Rare Pair
First Place: Baby, It’s Cold Outside by Squarepeg72
Runner Up: Late Night Shenanigans by GaeilgeRua

Best Smut Fic
First Place: Teaching Miss Granger by Oracle Obscured
Runner Up: Set Me Free by xxDustNight88

Best Drama/Angst Fic
First Place: A Fall Through Time by @ariel-riddle
Runner Up: Teardrops & Teacups by xxDustNight88

Best Crossover Fic
First Place: Nights in Diagon Alley by xxDustNight88
Runner Up: When Books Meet the Sea by @starrnobella

Best Threesome/Moresome Fic
First Place: A Tale of a Bookworm and Two Snakes by @mrsaturtle
Runner Up: Teardrops & Teacups by xxDustNight88

Best Time Travel Fic
First Place: Watch Over Me by snapeslittleblackbuttons
Runner Up: Somewhere in Time by Serpent in Red

Best Supernatural Fic
First Place: The Problem with Purity by Phoenix.Writing
Runner Up: In the Shadows by articcat621

Best Tragedy Fic
First Place: Remember Me by harmioneshiper99
Runner Up: The Great Malfoy by articcat621

Best Fluff/Humor Fic
First Place: Mistletoe Mishaps by GaeilgeRua
Runner Up: Warm Hugs by drakien

im really trying to be a nicer person and i hope everyone who i havent treated well knows this.. i dont mean this in the sense of “ohh see?? ive changed and you should take me back”. what im trying to say is that i know that i was in the wrong and that i listened to ppl who said what i did was wrong and now im changing my behavior. 

i guess this is the best apology i can give?? changing my behavior that is.

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What would the skelebros (UT, UF, US and SF) do/think if they find their S O in the middle of yoga ( or other training excercises) ?

Hey, I finally get to do one! ~Mod Feral

UT Sans
He’s a bit curious, and finds it interesting that you’ve found something that works for you. However, he’s more likely to follow once just to watch you for a bit than to try anything.

UT Papyrus
Not only is his intrigue greater than Sans’, but he’ll join you everyday after finding out. After all, if his Date Mate is doing this special training, he should too!

UF Sans
Boy, he’s gonna have to see this! He first thinks you’ll be average at best, but his thoughts are quick to change. Now he follows you to classes and peeks in randomly to admire you as you’re working out. His thoughts are mostly inappropriate, but they stay inside. Nothing you say or do is changing his mind of either joining you or to stop staring.

UF Papyrus
Once he finds out more about it, he checks in on your class. There’s a 90% chance he’ll decide your current “training” isn’t good enough and will offer to train you instead. Politely decline the offer if you value being able to move after a workout.

US Sans
Similar to UT Papyrus, he’s very interested and joins you. He can get a bit overly excited as he goes, though, so you might wanna keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself or get stuck.

US Papyrus
“Kay.” He really… doesn’t seem to mind or have a lot of thoughts or questions. He’s more just glad to have found out where you go weekly and what you do on a daily basis. He may start checking in on you on occasion, but he’s mostly unfazed.

SF Sans
“What… are you doing?” Once you tell him what you’re doing and how often you do it, he’s glad to hear you exercise and are trying to get even stronger. He will have days where he “offers” go train you himself. Get ready for the most vigorous go at it you’ve ever experienced.

SF Papyrus
Jesus, he does NOT stay on one train of thought for long. He just can’t seem to figure it out. Is this normal exercise for them? Is he supposed to find them extremely attractive? How long has he been staring? Should he go in? Make himself known? Smother you with affection? Jump you? You eventually see him the first time after he had stopped staring in administration and started dissociating.

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.
  • Me, 7 weeks ago: Ah, I really hope the fanservice isn't too invasive and fetish-y. I mean they look good together but it's sort of tiring to see queerbait and absolutely no pay-off...
  • Me, now: Ah, I really hope Victor and Yuuri choose a nice location for their wedding and honeymoon, I mean there are so many beautiful places in the world to choose from...