chang is my favourite character of all time

Thinking about Branwen Eyes

So at first I thought that Raven must always have red eyes

And Yang’s just change red when she’s angry because that’s when she’s most like her mother.

But then I remembered that Qrow’s eyes went red during his fight with Winter and during the Battle of Beacon.

But they aren’t red most of the time, they’re brown.

But they don’t change back as quickly as Yang’s. As soon as Yang’s takes a breath her eyes are purple but during the Battle for Beacon Qrow was basically joking around and his eyes were still red. 

This makes me wonder if Raven’s eyes were always red all the time or if that has something to do with her lifestyle choice.


They can go more red, glow red like this:

Which reminds me of her:

And these:

Qrow is one of my favourite characters and some part of me wants him, Ren and Nora to be involved in something that reveals their backstories connected to the bandits. 

I need to know.

there are 50 [ fifty ] six word stories. i’ve picked my favourite ones of all the time. as for me, they are perfect for character ideas or secret ideas, as they have some actual history behind them that i always love playing out in many different ways. these are mostly angsty ones, because i’m slut for angst. idk, i hope they will help you somehow and inspire you! plase like and/or reblog if you’ve found this uself, thank you <3

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Name: mon…something
Nickname: mon/soup
Gender: lol
Star Sign: virgoo
Height: 5'1 ;;
Sexual Orientation: bi
Hogwarts House: hufflepuff !!
Favourite Colour: yellow !!!!
Favourite Animal: theyre all the best,
Average Hours of Sleep: like 5 HAH
Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 1
Cat or Dog Person: HAH
Favourite Fictional Characters: the entire adv time, gravy falls + ace attn casts, probably
Favourite Bands/Singers: this harder than i thought itd be 🐱
Dream Trip: japan or paris wld be nice actually anywhere wld be nice
Dream Job: my answer changes every 5 seconds so ive decided that i want to be Everything
When Was Your Blog Created?: 2009 or so iirc but only used it like 2012+
Current Number of Followers: 36,980something idk i shldve checked first but im on mobile 🐱
What Made You Decide to Go On Tumblr: peer pressure LMAO jk all my friends had one and i wanted to be a cool kid too

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This honestly breaks my heart. Jesse Pinkman is my all time favourite character, the amount of changes and the length of his journey is spectacular. The way Aaron plays him and the way Vince wrote him is perfect. What an amazing piece piece of acting

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I'm surprised (and a bit disappointed) that you don't have Gray in your top 10! o.o. I thought both Lucy and Gray would make it, not just one over the other haha.

Gray is one of my favourites. Or, rather, he started out as one of my favourites and now he’s like a favourite but not a top tier favourite. I just happened to end up preferring other characters over him? Lucy only just slid in there to be honest. She’s one of those characters that I enjoy in waves of I love her so much and she’s great but she’s not my fave. 

There are just too many characters??? I tend to prefer the villains, too. Or the anti-heroes. My favourites change all the time. Especially in a long manga like Fairy Tail where the characters just grow and change so much.

The only thing that doesn’t change is that I feel nothing towards Natsu. I know I’m supposed to care about him but he’s just kinda there for me. I neither like nor dislike him. He’s the walking definition of learn to take your own advice. xD

Analysis of Kidge
  • When i watched VLD for the first time i was simply amazed by quality. The fact that Dream Works did such a great job on this reboot made my heart skip a beat.
  • All the characters have very nice designs and I.Love.It. Must say i like how they change Pidge into a girl - she is my favourite character(so far) and the possibilities for ships in this show are incredibly. Problematic. For me.
  • Or at least were.
  • When it comes to shipping, i'm usually waiting until the last episode to judge, if those characters could work for me as ship or otp. I love to turn on my analytical thinking on. (that's just how i roll lol) You know - "interaction quality". At first i (what's suprising) din't focus on Klance, the most popular and loved ship or any other ship in particular. My attention drew Pidge x Shiro.(i know, don't get triggered now ok? let me explain)
  • They were just adorable leader - haker team, linked by the situation with Matt and their father. I need to say this, i did ship them romanticaly... But, i found out that she is a litlle younger than him and then Shiro just dissapeared in the last episode of season 2. Poof. Heartbroken lol jk.
  • So my hart was a little confused but i moved on quickly.
  • I decided to rewatch Voltron, just for fun, look for things i did not notice before or just animation errors. Or ANALYSING PLOTS DIRECTION.
  • Guess what happend. Ironically i found fanart of the last couple i could think of. Kidge/Peith.
  • My first reaction was really stupid and bad like :
  • "what is this, who made this, why them together, i don't understand this at all, they don't have much screen time together, did i missed something, must check it out myself and judge"
  • I was really suprised. Like, i don't know why actually.
  • Turns out i was not paing enough analytic attention.
  • It really bothered me so i ended up rewatching voltron just to UNDERSTAND why some people ships Kidge. Seriously.
  • (At that point i was shipping everything BUT KIDGE)
  • And it was good choice to check it out.
  • I was analysing literally EVERY little thing. Like some frikin' conspiracy theory fanatic. And i put my shippers google on.
  • Thats the irony of this situation. Because i find more quality in Kidge than i was expecting. It's true, for some reason they really don't have much time-bonding on screen and i hope it will change in season 3. I don't understand why.
  • If we take a look at things from 80s - they were like ... Best Friends forever.
  • BUT let's go back to VLD. When Keith and Katie do have time on screen together. Ooh. Dude. It's... Really something interesting to watch and think of.
  • Not just because it's suppouse to be cute or whatever, but to understand deepness of the whole show and characters.
  • Both, Pidge/Katie and Keith had someone close to them who was tooked by Zarcons force - Katies brother and father, Keiths dear friend Shirogane Takashi, who (acording to scene where Keith is talking to Shiros hologram) was like brother to him.
  • (brother-zone, thanks Keith for breaking my dreams of Sheith. Still gona ship platonicaly though.)
  • Katie joined the academy, Keith dropped out. Both were devoted and driven by need to search for the answers.
  • Both are inteligent, stubborn and could be daring.
  • Both are not really good when it comes to socialise with people, althoug Pidge is slightly better at this than Keith, who usually plays the role of the lone wolf of Voltron. (not really, he is emo cinnamon roll)
  • Both become voltron arms, side by side working as Sword and Shield of Voltron.
  • It's not just comparisson. They are different in some aspects which brings great balance between them as a duo.
  • Keith is the intuition and feelings, Kaite intelect and logic of Voltron.
  • Just like human left and right side of brain, lions of Voltron working together making it whole.
  • They interactions are not like the rest of palladins, and im not biasing right now to prove my point. There is much more to it than that.
  • It's just pure neutral analysis. When Keith and Lance were showing sings on certain mission it was problematic at first for them to understand each other.
  • While the Keith and Pidge needed only ONE nod to know what is the other one thinking, able to cooperate in case to attack the intruder.
  • That's exacly what makes me interested in this ship.
  • Not sweetness of them. Not becuse it look good/bad. Not the single moments, fanarts, fanfics,of them. But the wonderful pleasure and possibility of analising it just for fun and thinking about the future episodes.
  • Disclaimer :
  • 1. a)they are not my only otp/brotp/ or whatever. I'm a multishipper, and i respect all of the opinions.
  • If you don't like it. I understand and not gonna hate you becuse of that.
  • b) Simply becuse i like all of the characters. Yes, even Galra race needs some love.
  • 2. English it's not my first language, so sorry for every grammar mistake i did in text. Hopefully it's not that bad.
  • 3. I like to draw fanarts of different ships in Voltron, so if you have a problem with that, i'm sorry but it's not gonna change. After all we are all part of the one big fandom. Just like Voltron. We should at least respect each others oppinions.
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Name: Maxwell Daniel Gray

Gender: Male

Starsign: *ugh* Gemini

Height: Bruh I dunno short? I’m short that’s all I know

Sexual orientation: Panromantic, and somewhere on the ace scale but honestly I don’t know

Favourite colour: Barely blue, light gray, and bubblegum pink

Favourite colour to paint the walls: THIS IS SUCH A PRETTY QUESTION. Lavender. Any pastel colours, but specifically lavender.

Favourite colour of lipstick: Black, see icon

Favourite animals: Cats, pigs, and koalas

Time right now: Why do you care

Cat or dog person: Both! But mostly cats

Favourite fictional characters: Ah bro this could take hours. I’ll go to my default, Ethan Alexander from Changing Will

Number of blankets I sleep with: This is such a weird question. 2.

Favourite singer or band: Uhhh all of them? No okay um ………. Set it Off, Melanie Martinez, and Three Days Grace. Those are probably my all-time favourites.

Dream job: Take a guess ;D

When this blog was created: Sometime in 2015? I dunno

What made you decide to create a Tumblr: Jenna Moreci

Why did you pick your username: I wanted my username to be the supreme username

Last book you read: Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin

If you could be anywhere right now: Right fuckin here

What time would you travel to: Also right fuckin here. I am a trangender, biologically female, hella gay human. There is nothing for me back there. ((although I might spend like 2 seconds in the 50′s for the aesthetic because I’m an idiot))

alRIGHT that was a very long and awkward tag thx


There’s one thing I can tell: I’m weeping with joy every time I watch Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. I hoped that the adaptation of the book would be adequate. I never even considered the fact that it would be PERFECT. Add here the fact that my favourite character (from the book) turned out to be even MORE favourite in the film version. I cannot thank all those people enough…

Aaand time for a few small facts about this one:
- the visible card is the Wheel of Fortune, see the book for reasons;
- the blood on the glass/mirror shard is also plot-related;
- it’s semi-transparent, so it actually changes colour depending on the background.

P.S.: Go and give a kiss to Enzo Cilenti and whoever cast him, he’s a pure pleasure to listen to, to watch, and to paint!
P.P.S.: I did finish painting this to Kaizers Orchestra’s “Død Manns Tango”, so it feels appropriate to share the tune xD  

I love all the Animorphs for different reasons, and I think they all have these moments that are just perfect. The other books, the other moments, those are good. But there are some that are just mindblowing. Jake took longer to reach those moments than the others, but oh, god, it was so worth it.

Jake’s had some great moments earlier in the books, sure. All throughout the series. The Cain and Abel storyline he had going with Tom was wonderful. And he has a special place in my heart because the very beginning of it all, the only time we ever got to see the pre-war innocence, was from his perspective. But his best books were the last two. Those were fucking amazing.

My favourite books are always the ones that show the full range of the characters. Their good characteristics and their bad. And the Answer was such an awesome character study of Jake, I still get a little giddy when I reread it, even knowing what’s coming.

Jake changed a lot over the course of the series, and this was where it finally culminated.

There’s a lot of stress on the fact that Jake won by trusting his instincts and staying calm, not through any great knowledge of tactics. For the most part, that’s true. But this? This final plan? That wasn’t instinct. That was him finally outsmarting Tom’s Yeerk. This was him figuring out what he needed to do to win.

This book was the height of his intelligence and the height of his ruthlessness and the beginning of his fall, because by the end, even before Rachel’s death, he was already going numb and having a hard time thinking.

One of the best parts to me was Jake’s growing horror with what he’d done. The scene where he finally told the others where Rachel was was fantastic. Marco’s quiet understanding next to Tobias’s rage and Cassie’s shock. Jake’s self loathing and explosion at Ax and Marco’s calm strategizing and attempts to focus. It was a great scene. The whole book but especially that scene was full of amazing quotes. This is already getting ridiculously long, so I won’t put them here, but this book provided so much insight into who Jake had become, how much they’d all changed.

I loved the Answer for a lot of reasons. It was the book where the end began at breakneck speed. We got to see what happened to Arbron, the benefits of letting the Yeerks have the morphing cube came out, the Animorphs won. But the best part of it was Jake and watching him cross the point of no return that he had already been perilously close to.

The Beginning might have been even better than the Answer, because I’ve never seen any other piece of fiction that does what it did. It was pretty much an entire book dedicated to the after. To the PTSD and the struggle to move on and the memories. To the wrap up and the cleaning up of a war. It was a character book, not a plot book, and I loved it. (Plus, in the end, Cassie was working for a female US president.)

It was really nice because we got everyone’s perspective for the last time and got to see how they were dealing with the trauma. They all had different ways of describing it, and that was good, because it showed how they were all handling it differently.

Cassie was struggling in her own way, but she was honestly trying and had succeeded in finding ways to make herself happy. Marco was trying but not successfully, and he was good at pretending he was having fun. Ax was just as bored as Marco, but closer to finding something that would actually entertain him. We didn’t get to see Tobias until Jake went to see him, but we know he was angry, grieving, and heartbroken.

I adored Jake in this book. He was so close to just giving up, except he couldn’t, because they still needed him. So he went and made a deal with the Yeerks and with the Andalites, and as soon as he could, he just retreated into himself. This was a Jake that had lost the brother he’d spent three years of his life trying to save. A Jake that had gotten Rachel killed, nearly all the Auxiliary Animorphs killed. A Jake that had just won a war. He was tired, he was done fighting. And once Jake was done being a soldier, what was he?

He could have had anything, but he didn’t want anything. Anything except for what he couldn’t have. Tobias to come back, Rachel and Tom to be alive. For the chance to unlive one fateful moment when he gave the order that doomed seventeen thousand defenseless Yeerks.

He was depressed. He was lonely, even when he was surrounded by people. He went to visit Rachel when no one else was around. And he slowly started getting better. Wrote a book, started teaching a class, got closer to Marco again. He wasn’t okay again. Not even close. But he had started recovering.

Most of the middle of the book felt kind of like a dream sequence. Like none of it was actually happening. It was so different from the other books, from what the Animorphs were used to, it felt unreal. That stopped the second Jake knew he was going after Ax. And then when he went to see Cassie, for the first time ever, he said out loud that it was a lifeline for him, the fighting, the war.

That had always been something people knew about Rachel. That she loved the fight, she lived for it, that she would be lost and wouldn’t know what to do without it. For a long time, Jake either didn’t realize or didn’t want to admit that he was the same way. Maybe he wasn’t, even, until that day on the Pool ship. The day when he did the most of all the things he had to feel guilty for. Whatever it was, when he went to see Cassie, he admitted that he couldn’t move on.

I can’t understand the people on Goodreads who hated the Beginning. It just boggles my mind to think that people didn’t love it. Yeah, it crushed me, too - that’s why I love it so much. What had to happen happened. You can’t just wrap everything up with a pretty bow. They were never all going to live happily ever after. One person was like, “Cassie should have married Jake, and Rachel should have lived and married Tobias once he became a human nothlit” and I couldn’t even find the words to express how idiotic an ending that would have been. You didn’t find this ending satisfying? I’d have considered that ending complete bullshit.

Yes, there were things I’d have liked to see. I’d have liked to see Ax on Earth, because it was his home for years and he grew to love it. I’d have liked that to get more attention than a statement about how he’d always be Aximili of Earth. I’d have liked to see more of the in between moments. I’d have liked to see where Alloran was in the years following the war and what people thought of him. I’d have liked to see Cassie grapple with the idea of trying therapy.

I’d have liked to see the families of all the Animorphs and what they were doing and what they had to say. I’d have liked to see Jake’s parents mourning the loss of their two sons and recovering from their own time as Controllers, or Rachel’s family grieving over their daughter, their sister, and struggling but failing not to blame Jake. I’d have wanted to see Marco’s parents growing close again and dealing with everything they’d gone through and Peter’s love for his second wife. I’d have wanted to see the huge gap between Cassie and her parents shrinking and them starting to understand that she’d had to make some hard choices. I’d have liked to see Loren, losing her son so soon after meeting him, and her morphing to hawk because she loved the skies just as much as Tobias.

But as much as I would have wanted to see this things, I couldn’t, because that’s not how the series works. There’s just so much that it would be nearly impossible for the final book to please everyone. I think it’s almost better that Applegate didn’t address everything, because that would have had so much more potential to disappoint than what she finally did. And honestly, there was no happy ending that would have satisfied me, because it wouldn’t have fit and it wouldn’t have been natural. Bittersweet was the only way to go.

I wasn’t too fond of the whole thing with the One, I admit. It seemed random and sort of tacked on to the end. But I did love the way it ended, those last few lines.

There was a dangerous smile on Jake’s face.

Rachel’s smile.

“Full emergency power to the engines,” Jake said. “Ram the Blade ship.”

It was a callback to Elfangor and the action that made him a full warrior. It was a callback to the similarities between Jake and Rachel and their cores of steel. It was Jake accepting who he was and what he did best. It was an attack on the ship that had taken Ax prisoner and been responsible for Rachel’s death. Those four sentences are my favourite last four sentences of anything ever.

Animorphs was just such a formative series for me. It was such a major part of my life, and it still is, because the older I get, the more I appreciate it. I need people to recognize them as more than the books with the weird covers. I need the first thing someone says to me about them to not be, “Isn’t that the series with the girl turning into a starfish on one of the covers?” Yes, it is. And that book was incredibly horrifying and explored the darker nature of a girl that seems perfect from the outside. It’s almost unfathomable to me that these books aren’t still in print and read by everyone when sexist, racist bullshit like Enid Blyton’s garbage books are still considered great children’s lit.

Nerd Tag

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What is your name?


How old are you?


What kind of blog do you run?

Its a Harry Potter thing with my tags to my writing… I guess. 

What is your biggest nerdy obsession?

HP. Also, x-men.

Who is your favourite character of all time?

Oh this feels like a trick…

What is your favourite book of all time?

To make this interesting I won’t say a HP book although they are my favourite. But my favourite book is Chinese Cinderella it changed my life when I was a teenager and I feel it helped shape me. So yeah.

What is your favourite magical creature?

Mermaid (I always wanted to be one)

What made up object do you wish was real?

A wand… yeah there are so many people i’d love to hex

Where do you wish you went to school?

Hogwarts.. obvs

Name your favourite ships

Draco x Hermione, Sirius x Hermione, Remus x Me (or Hermione I guess).

What’s your favourite song?

You are the best thing by Ray LaMontagne ( @goblackhatwithme i seriously imagine that Sirius or Remus sing this to me, so if you fancy whipping me up one of your amazing drabble/oneshot)

What are 3 facts nobody knows about you?

I am not going to share facts that NOONE knows, otherwise they won’t be secrets. But i’ll give you three random things. 

1) All my bones are positioned in such a way I can be double jointed, but I’m not. So I can dislocate so many body parts… Yeah, I’m attractive.

2) I’m lactose intolerant but continue to eat pizza even though it about kills me and my husband nearly had to take me to A&E (ER) so many times cause I’m a fool.

3) Hence the mermaid thing above - I can swim in water for ages and never tire of it, so much so that my husband takes me swimming purposefully when I am stressed because I’m the happiest ever in water and it stops my mind whirling. I hope I can begin again now my knee is healing.

Least fave book of all time and why?

My bibles of waiting times at work - because it sucks and I have to abide it and penalise myself even when I do not agree with the rules.

What characters are your role models?

Hmm.. There are so many I feel I’d be here forever. And it would be far to easy to name one when really I class quite a few as them.

Favourite video game

At the moment it’s Skyrim, cause I am a DRAGON SLAYER BITCHES and I love it so much. I tried to write a fic based on it but I love it so much I was ruining the beauty of the game. 

Are you proud to be a nerd? Why?

Because I’m freaking amazeballs. Why would I not be proud? 

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If you had an unlimited budget and a guaranteed yes from every director/actor/actress etc, which TV show, episode, or movie would you like to rewrite and how would you do it?

Hmm…assuming I can’t do it for any of the ones I’ve already been asked?

The BBC’s Robin Hood.

I love Robin Hood. Robin Hood is one of my favourite stories, and one of my favourite characters from legend. And the BBC version was, in light of that, extremely disappointing and really only worth watching for the sake of Richard Armitage in black leather. So! A few changes ahead of time.

First of all - consistent morals. If Robin doesn’t want to kill people, don’t have him do it. But this is the middle ages, and you can get away with a lot of killing so long as you’re consistent about whether it’s evil or not. Just look at Merlin.

Secondly - more than one Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin kills the first one off early on, but his replacement is even worse than he was, and then a few seasons in he gets removed for his failure to defeat Robin and a third sheriff is put in. This allows a fair bit of range in terms of characterisation, and establishes a lot of different dynamics - one man could be vicious, scheming and greedy, another a brutal ex-soldier who wants to crack down on Robin and doesn’t care about the price in lives, another a quiet, Machiavellian figure who makes Robin question the long-term possibilities of what he’s doing.

Thirdly - no love triangles. If you can’t make Robin and Marian’s relationship compelling on its own, you’re already sunk. Bringing in a rival will only bring this into focus, and also waste valuable plot that could be spent on other things.

Fourth - I kind of like the idea of Guy of Gisborne being a major player, but in a different sense. He’s the Sheriff’s right hand, yes, but not quite as vicious as his employers, and has some link to either Robin or Marian. If Robin is a noble, they were childhood best friends. If Marian is noble, but Robin just a yeoman, he’s Marian’s older, legitimate half-brother. Show the process of a man who believes wholeheartedly in the cause getting more and more exasperated, more cynical, less certain of himself over the course of years.

Fifth - less emphasis on king, more on country. The people are what matters here, not the man in charge. The war does them no good, the taxes they are being bled for offer no profit, and they are being misused by corrupt leaders more interested in filling their own pockets than serving their people. All of this is what matters. King Richard is of only secondary importance.

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Can you please answer all the questions ? 😅 I'm that curious

sure! i already answered three of them so i’ll just do the rest ✨

🌜- Favourite song(s)?
yo my answer to this changes weekly 😅 but currently i’d have to say goodbye by 2NE1 bc that song makes me fucking ugly cry i s2g
🥓- Favourite movie(s)?
my fav movie also changes super often but i saw Before I Fall recently and that shit CHANGED MY LIFE it was just so relevant to where i am in my life rn and i cried really hard after seeing it (i swear i’m not always crying lmao) so i’d have to say that
🎱 - Favourite TV show(s)?
AHHH WHY ARE THESE ALL SO DIFFICULT if i had to choose my fav of all time i’d prob say Skins bc i just love how just purely human the writers made each character and i could really relate to them
💃- Height measurement?
5 ft 5 in (i actually used to be taller than everyone i knew but then i just like stopped growing???????)
🌎 - Dream holiday location?
i’ve always wanted to visit Alaska bc it just seems so pretty there
🦑- Favourite weather?
okokok so i fucking love when it’s sunny and warm but there’s still a little breeze that you’re not sweating like a mofo like !!!!!!! that is the best weather ever
🌈 - Sexuality?
ah jeez so i’m bisexual but i’m way more attracted to males than females (which my friends don’t really get but then again i don’t really live to be easy to get, ya feel?)
🐲- Favourite video game(s)?
pokémon. hands down. next question.
👾- Any fandoms you part of?
well kpop-wise i stan SF9, BTS, NCT, and EXO (i’m also complete trash for 4MINUTE but then they just had to go and break up) 💩- Biggest fear(s)?
i have a rlly bad fear of drowning and i legit cannot get on a boat without struggling to breathe and having my legs shake like crazy 🙃 i also have pretty bad stage fright but i’ve been making progress getting over it as of late so that’s lit 👍
👽- Favourite book/comic(s)?
school has made me hate reading so tbh i don’t really have one
👑- Biggest idol?
is it corny to say my mom? fuck it, i don’t care bc my mom is srsly the strongest person i’ve ever known and she’s a badass i love her
🙉 - Tell me a secret?
lok um here’s one: yesterday, when i was done chewing my gum in class, i stuck it under my chair bc i didn’t want to walk to the trash can
💫- Single or taken?
single (but i have a rlly unhealthy crush on this boy at school that i can never have so u can imagine what a mess i am)
💥- Ever got in a fight?
physically? no. verbally? yes. i’m like really outspoken so i’m always getting myself in trouble by standing up for people that won’t speak up themselves
🌵- Done any drugs?
lol yeah bc they’re like everywhere u look in my school and i used to say yes to trying everything so ppl would like me????? (i was involved in a bad crowd for a while) idk i’ve smoked weed, done acid, and drank alcohol
👅- Follow any religions or beliefs?
nah fam
👻- Country you live in?
the united states of ‘murica 🇺🇸
🤡- What are you currently wearing?
pajamas (which for me is an oversized t shirt and no pants)
💲- Last thing you bought?
i’m like 99% sure it was food but i don’t really remember what it was exactly oops
⚜️- Name your 3 favourite tumblr blogs!
oh god it’s so hard to choose *sweats* uh ok if it’s only 3 i’d prob have to go with @antisocial-burrito @leesanhyuk and @ohjuho
🔮- Any paranormal experiences?
oh hell no i don’t fuck with that demon shit
💻- Best pickup line?
i’m sorry i legit can’t think of anything rn but it’s prob something involving a cringey play on words
🐮- Favourite animal(s)?
dogs 🐶
🌸- Speak any languages?
english is my first language but i speak, read, and write spanish pretty well too
🐙- How long is your hair?
bruh i have no idea but it’s pretty damn long bc i haven’t cut it in what feels like centuries
🍙- Selfie? (i can’t seem to attach one here so i’ll just post one for u)

  • Favourite character: my precious boy Spada!
  • Funniest character: Balance, I need more golden flamboyant robots mechanical lifeforms in my life
  • Best-looking character: Spada and Stinger
  • 3 favourite ships: (I don’t ship anyone in a romantic way so these are all brotp’s) Spada-Hammy, Naga-Balance and Lucky-Garu
  • Least favourite character: hmm… I don’t hate any of them but so far, Hammy and Shou are my least favorite, I really hope Hammy will move to a place where she’s more than just an annoying laugh with bad timing (I haven’t seen ep6 yet so maybe that one changes it). As for Shou, he’s pretty funny but he needs more backstory etc. to really establish himself as the leader.
  • Least favourite ship: I don’t like Hammy-Spada as a romantic ship, I see them more as a brother/sister. Also, the 9 year age difference between the actors makes me a tad too uncomfortable to consider it a romantic relationship
  • Reason why I watch it: Because it fucking awesome!!!!!
  • Why I started watching it: because Zyuohger ended and kyuranger followed xD


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name: Leticia

nicknames: Lety (but my bros and ma call me Let)

zodiac sign: Libra

height: 5′3

orientation: vertical and sometimes horizontal

ethnicity: Mexicana

favourite fruit: pineapple until it starts biting back

favourite season: Autumn

favourite book: it changes all the time but Esperanza Rising has always been close to my heart

favourite scent: field of pine trees after a light rain

favourite colour: purplish colors

favourite animal: tiny, cute, baby animals

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Abuelita Mexican Hot Chocolate with cinnamon

average sleep hours: what is sleep?

cat or dog person: doggo person

favourite fictional character: Michonne!!! 

number of blankets you sleep with: 0.5 blankets

dream trip: any trip that’s paid for and not planned by me

blog created: 2015ish

number of followers: after blocking all the spam porn, a couple hundred

I’m tagging: all the Richonne fandom!!!


sedimentarydearwatson  asked:

OCs - 2, 14, 17, 19, 30

AYYY THANK YOU FRIEND (and thank you for the follow as well!)

2. Do you have a personal favourite among your OCs?
I think it changes over time and they are different OCs that shift more  into my focus, but I think my mage Hawke, Sylvia, is my most favourite. I had the hardest time coming out with an interesting female character and it felt super satisfying when it all finally clicked together. Now I keep reusing her in different universes because its so fun to roleplay this tiny, impulsive mage girl ;3

14.Introduce an OC with a tragic backstory
Yannick is my most tragic baby, tho I introduced him a LOT in the past haha. I probably overdo him a little too but its okay. Uta is kinda sad as well, joining a Sith order was is great mistake and now he’s still between redemption and self-hatred. Haven’t hone his backstory yet tho.

17. Any OC OTPs?
Definitely Uta and his idiot smuggler rebel boyfriend THAT I STILL NEED TO DRAW PROPERLY, damn. Its all about discovering each other, building trust, coming from extremely different perspectives. Also fluff. Tons of fluff.

19. Introduce an OC that means a lot to you (and explain why)
Crimson evolved from my personal avatar to a full-fledged character, but is still deeply connected with me. I tend to draw her when I have a lot of stress or build-up emotions that I need to deal with. I think her story is less important to me than the way she just is a part of me.

30. Which one of your OCs would most likely have a secret stuffed animal collection?
My first thought would be Sirin. He probably sew half of them himself. The other half are gifts.

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Name: Niall

Gender: Male (he/him)

Starsign: Pisces

Height: 5′10 (178 cm)

Sexual Orientation: Ace

Favourite colour: green, red, blue, gold

Favorite color to paint the walls: idk

Favourite colour of lipstick: dark red

Favourite animal/s: Tiger and dragons

Time right now: 5:51pm

Cat or dog person: Yes

Favourite fictional characters: too many

Number of blankets: one in summer 5 in winter

Favourite Singer/Band: not applicable 

Dream Trip: major landmarks or the void

Dream job: something I like

When was this blog created: 6 years ago?

What made you decide to make a tumblr: i was 13? it was the thing?

Why did you pick your url: the username I use one every websites

Last Song You Listened To: er idk

Last Book You Read: Lieutenant Hornblower by C. S. Forester

Last thing you ate: KD

If you could be somewhere right now, where would you be: the void, or like with all my friends in one big cuddle pile 

What time would you travel to: I wouldn’t?

I tag: @jaystrashblog, @autistic-tauriel, @punsbulletsandpointythings, @scottish-pirate, @charlotte-frey

Inktober day 7 


After 5 long years, my… um… I don’t even know what to call him, he doesn’t really qualify for the usual fandom nicknames like “my son” or “my wife”, I’d say “my favourite gay bird”, but pretty much all my favoruite characters are hella gay birds, - LAFFITTE makes his fabulous brief return to One Piece manga. Of course there was no way I would draw anything else today but him. Just no way. And it’s the first time we saw him after timeskip too.

I was so grumpy about OP lately but now I’m back in love with everything and just want to kiss everybody on the lips. 

I guess I’m mostly glad he had a swap of clothing but no drastic design changes, I would have probably loved new earings or a scarf around the neck, but eh this will do, he looks El Topo enough already with that cloack. 

‘nother LoLK redesign nobody asked for, this time Sagume Kishin. I wanted to make her look a little more.. Divine. Considering she’s a goddess and all. Gotta keep in the reversing theme though

Sagume is actually my favourite character from LoLK and I wish there were more arranges of her theme (that implemented the bridge more)