chang is my favourite character of all time

Thinking about Branwen Eyes

So at first I thought that Raven must always have red eyes

And Yang’s just change red when she’s angry because that’s when she’s most like her mother.

But then I remembered that Qrow’s eyes went red during his fight with Winter and during the Battle of Beacon.

But they aren’t red most of the time, they’re brown.

But they don’t change back as quickly as Yang’s. As soon as Yang’s takes a breath her eyes are purple but during the Battle for Beacon Qrow was basically joking around and his eyes were still red. 

This makes me wonder if Raven’s eyes were always red all the time or if that has something to do with her lifestyle choice.


They can go more red, glow red like this:

Which reminds me of her:

And these:

Qrow is one of my favourite characters and some part of me wants him, Ren and Nora to be involved in something that reveals their backstories connected to the bandits. 

I need to know.

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who was your favourite character in every heart a doorway? :o

I do not answer these questions.  Both because people tend to treat my answers as being, IDK, canon adjunct or what TV Tropes calls “the Word of God,” and I am a fickle amiable distractable mortal who changes her mind all the damn time, and because…

Because maybe your favorite character is Jill, maybe when she talks about her complicated relationship with food you remember what it was to have a birdcage where your ribs should have been, hollow and painful and impossible to fill, maybe she makes you think I get you, and then I say my favorite was Sumi, and I break your heart a little.  More than I should have the power to do.

Or maybe your favorite character is Sumi, overachieving daughter of overachieving parents trying to find her heart in the nonsense and the nonsense in your heart, maybe she makes you think freedom is possible, and then maybe I say my favorite is Nancy, who only ever wanted to be still, and it’s like I’m telling you that you’re wrong.

I love all my characters, even the bad ones, and I keep much of that love to myself, because my affections should not have the power to influence yours.

But they do.


My favourite Gintama Characters - 4/∞

“New Deva of Kabuki District” Shimura Tae - “You’re not the only one… who ages with time. No matter how beautiful a person may be, they will still age and eventually die. But even so, even if appearances change, don’t you believe that we have things in us that don’t change? Even as our bodies crumble, even as the months and years take their toll… Don’t you believe that we all have something that time can’t spoil? Even if you cover us with winrkles, we won’t lose to you. That’s because we know what beauty truly is.”

there are 50 [ fifty ] six word stories. i’ve picked my favourite ones of all the time. as for me, they are perfect for character ideas or secret ideas, as they have some actual history behind them that i always love playing out in many different ways. these are mostly angsty ones, because i’m slut for angst. idk, i hope they will help you somehow and inspire you! plase like and/or reblog if you’ve found this uself, thank you <3

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Name: Read my about me yo

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Gender:  Male

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Average hours of sleep: Enough. I get enough sleep.

Cat or Dog person: Don’t make me choose.

Favorite fictional character: Bowser, Asgore and most of my friends characters.

Number of blankets: 4 atm. I’m not feeling too great.

Current favourite singer/band: Same thing as always: I don’t have one. Changes all the time. But currently i like the work from Overwerk a lot! 

Dream Trip: To all my friends i met on Tumblr and Twitter. That’d be super awesome!

Dream job: An animator/illustrator at whatever company will take me.

When was this blog created:  5 years ago! Somewhere in November i believe.

Current number of followers: It’s a secret but will soon be revealed ;3c

When did your blog hit its peak: When i started drawing bears/furries. Which was also the moment i was more comfortable with the fact i loved drawing them.

What made you decide to make a tumblr: Friends recommended it as a great Art-sharing platform.

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How was LARPing?

It was amazing <3 I’ve had the most wonderful weekend and I miss everyone already.

NPCing can be so intense because you’re playing so many different characters in a very short time. But you can also go all out because you don’t have to play things as safe as a PC would. If you die you probably made the scene more awesome and you just go back to the NPC cot to change into your new character :D And I love that so much.

My favourite roles of the weekend were a girl possessed by a demon that players had to exorcise (most intense moment of the weekend for me), the spirit of a dead girl coming to haunt the man who accidentally killed her, and Digi, a Sprite of Technology.

I may post some pictures if there are some of me alone.

This honestly breaks my heart. Jesse Pinkman is my all time favourite character, the amount of changes and the length of his journey is spectacular. The way Aaron plays him and the way Vince wrote him is perfect. What an amazing piece piece of acting

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Name: lance

+ nickname(s): lancey, bug

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Gender: trans guy

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Sexual Orientation: ….really bi

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What I’m Wearing Right Now: black skinny jeans with nike socks over the jeans, a blue and white striped crop top and a  north face jacket askdfhdj

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+ do i get asks on a regular basis?: not really 

+ aesthetic: anything i think is pretty or cool looking tbh (meaning everything??)

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Top 3 shows: Excluding Naruto

Friends (all-time favourite sitcom)

Yuri!!! on Ice (everything from the OST to characters to animation is 10/10)

Chihayafuru (something about sports anime and romance just gets to me okay)

This changes ALL the time because I like to binge watch series and they become my current favourites lol.

Top 3 characters that are not Sasuke and Naruto: (going to keep this to Naruto characters, it’s hard enough to pick as it is) Shikamaru Nara, Minato Namikaze, Kakashi Hatake

Top 3 ships: ShikaTema, MinaKushi, TaiChihaya

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Name: eve
Nickname: i get called memeve & beeve by one of my friends ?? idk if that counts
Gender: female
Sign : leo
Height : 5′4″
Sexual orientation: heterosexual
Hogwarts house: hufflepuff
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Favourite animal: cat
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Average hours of sleep: it’s usually 6-8 but on breaks it’s 8-10
Cat or dog person: 100% cat person
Favourite fictional character from Harry Potter: neville longbottom
Number of blankets you sleep with: one - two
Favourite singer or band: it changes all the time, but rn my favourite band is sleeping in silence & artist is ed sheeran
Dream trip: russia
Dream job: historian
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When did your blog reach it’s peak?: i guess when i started and i could get on daily and i could actually do replies with a week
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Name: Chase
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Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Favourite Colours: All of them
Favourite animals: Owls and anything weird
Time right now: 3:19pm
Cat or dog person: Dog person
Favourite fictional characters: Death from Discworld, Regent from Worm, Luffy from One Piece, Garnet from SU, Bakugou from BNHA, Death the Kid from Soul Eater, Tanaka from Haikyuu!, Sokka from ATLA, Cat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug, Cole from DAI and Cecil from WTNV
Number of blankets I sleep with: 0-3
Favourite singer/band: Billy Talent and Modest Mouse
Dream trip: To see the Laika studios
Dream job: Character designer and writer and comic artist and painter and teacher
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Gender: female

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Hogwarts House: the official online test i took in 6th grade said gryffindor

Favourite Colour: red

Favourite Animal: all of them

Average hours of sleep: 4 or 12

Cat or dog person: both

Favourite fictional characters: don’t have any just the authors and books

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 and as many pillows as I can fit

Favourite singer/band: changes, right now the kinks and 4 non blondes and the cranberries (but always rhcp)

Dream trip: tbh just spending the summer in different places in Sweden for the millionth time, including way up above the Arctic Circle like last year, staying til winter for skiing cause that’s on my bucket list, and going to Iceland on the way back again. But with a stop in Amsterdam in like june

Dream job: AI (specifically soft computing, specifically machine learning and fuzzy logic)

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Aaayyyye what's up?? How's TTFOU 18 going?? lol can you tell I'm excited? Anyway I got some random questions for you. Favourite Hamilton ship? Hamilton or Harry Potter? What do you do for fun? Fav Hamilton song? Favourite Hamilton Character? And least favourite Hamilton song.

ayeeee it should be up in like ten minutes tbh im happy ur excited!!! 

fav hamilton ship: LAMS OR MULLETTE TBH

hamilton or harry potter: hamilton right now but hp will always hold a special place in my heart aw

what do i do for fun: lmfao write ttfou 

fav hamilton song: right now it’s Burn but it changes literally all the time

fav ham character: i think tjeffs he’s an awesome character

least favourite hamilton song: omg this is really hard maybe A Winter’s Ball just bc its so short???? idkkkk


There’s one thing I can tell: I’m weeping with joy every time I watch Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. I hoped that the adaptation of the book would be adequate. I never even considered the fact that it would be PERFECT. Add here the fact that my favourite character (from the book) turned out to be even MORE favourite in the film version. I cannot thank all those people enough…

Aaand time for a few small facts about this one:
- the visible card is the Wheel of Fortune, see the book for reasons;
- the blood on the glass/mirror shard is also plot-related;
- it’s semi-transparent, so it actually changes colour depending on the background.

P.S.: Go and give a kiss to Enzo Cilenti and whoever cast him, he’s a pure pleasure to listen to, to watch, and to paint!
P.P.S.: I did finish painting this to Kaizers Orchestra’s “Død Manns Tango”, so it feels appropriate to share the tune xD  

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Nickname: Anorious, Anyanka, Annie, Annabell
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Fave music artist: I don’t have one. My fave music changes so often. at the moment i am obsessed with Abnormality, Light & Shade and Trees of Eternity.
Last movie i watched: Hardcore Henry
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The kind of stuff i post: Goth aesthetic, forests, fantasy stuff and LOTR
Do i have any other blogs: LOADS omg. but only like 2 properly active ones (inc @lifehasstarted)
Do i get asks regularly: Not really
Why did i choose my url: I wanted this to a safe place away from people i know in real life (didn’t work) where i could hide and do what i want without being judged. Sort of a stress escape.
Gender: Female
Hogwarts house: I have no idea, once pottermore said Slytherin, once it said Griffindor. I don’t care enough to find out which.
Pokémon team: I don’t like Pokemon
Color: Dark Red (is this favourite colour i assume??)
Average hours of sleep: Umm its different every day
Lucky number: 32
Favorite character: in what???? that’s such a broad question bleh. i don’t have a single character i like more than anything else. I love Pippin in LOTR i love Samuel in Dishonored, i love Bluebird in DC comics. I love so many characters.
Number of blankets i sleep with: I have a Duvet? i mean i have other blankets on my bed but i use them when I’m sat on it, and cold. Or when making a fort
Dream job: Video Game concept art designer
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  • Name: Calcifer
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  • Sexual orientation:  bisexual
  • Hogwarts house: Slytherin
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  • Favourite animal: my dog ♥
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  • What made you decide to make a tumblr?: I’ve been in the one piece rp community for almost 6 years lololol~~~ it all started with my Doflamingo blog which became rather popular at the time. i’ve played tons of different characters, but most people nowadays would know me for my Buggy blog. i like to bring characters to life. authors can only show so much of each character, but to make them really as real as they can be i like to build upon what the author offered and fill in the pieces that the author left out.

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name: meghan
nickname(s): meg, megsy, & pear
gender: female
star sign: cancer
height: 5′9
sexual orientation: bi
hogwarts house: gryffindor
favourite color: maroon
favourite animal(s): golden labs
time right now: 11:04 p.m
average hours of sleep: 5 to 7 hrs
cat or dog person: dog!!
favourite fictional character: fred weasley, eowyn, ginny weasley, ron weasley etc.
number of blankets i sleep with: 2
favourite singer/band: enya, fatm, halsey, the lumineers,
dream trip: italy
dream job: it changes from time to time
when was this blog created: june 2016
when did your blog reach it’s peak: last few months cause i started to use it
what made you decide to get tumblr: honestly, this is probably my fourth time on this website. my blogs have all been completely different.
fictional character i’d date: fred weasley or bruce wayne
how many blogs do i follow: 277
what do i post about: mainly harry potter with a mix of dc, tolkien, narnia, got and other fandoms i love.
do i get asks regularly?: it depends
aesthetic: coffee, headphones, fluffy blankets, journals, soft music, cloudy days, sounds of laughter etc.

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I love all the Animorphs for different reasons, and I think they all have these moments that are just perfect. The other books, the other moments, those are good. But there are some that are just mindblowing. Jake took longer to reach those moments than the others, but oh, god, it was so worth it.

Jake’s had some great moments earlier in the books, sure. All throughout the series. The Cain and Abel storyline he had going with Tom was wonderful. And he has a special place in my heart because the very beginning of it all, the only time we ever got to see the pre-war innocence, was from his perspective. But his best books were the last two. Those were fucking amazing.

My favourite books are always the ones that show the full range of the characters. Their good characteristics and their bad. And the Answer was such an awesome character study of Jake, I still get a little giddy when I reread it, even knowing what’s coming.

Jake changed a lot over the course of the series, and this was where it finally culminated.

There’s a lot of stress on the fact that Jake won by trusting his instincts and staying calm, not through any great knowledge of tactics. For the most part, that’s true. But this? This final plan? That wasn’t instinct. That was him finally outsmarting Tom’s Yeerk. This was him figuring out what he needed to do to win.

This book was the height of his intelligence and the height of his ruthlessness and the beginning of his fall, because by the end, even before Rachel’s death, he was already going numb and having a hard time thinking.

One of the best parts to me was Jake’s growing horror with what he’d done. The scene where he finally told the others where Rachel was was fantastic. Marco’s quiet understanding next to Tobias’s rage and Cassie’s shock. Jake’s self loathing and explosion at Ax and Marco’s calm strategizing and attempts to focus. It was a great scene. The whole book but especially that scene was full of amazing quotes. This is already getting ridiculously long, so I won’t put them here, but this book provided so much insight into who Jake had become, how much they’d all changed.

I loved the Answer for a lot of reasons. It was the book where the end began at breakneck speed. We got to see what happened to Arbron, the benefits of letting the Yeerks have the morphing cube came out, the Animorphs won. But the best part of it was Jake and watching him cross the point of no return that he had already been perilously close to.

The Beginning might have been even better than the Answer, because I’ve never seen any other piece of fiction that does what it did. It was pretty much an entire book dedicated to the after. To the PTSD and the struggle to move on and the memories. To the wrap up and the cleaning up of a war. It was a character book, not a plot book, and I loved it. (Plus, in the end, Cassie was working for a female US president.)

It was really nice because we got everyone’s perspective for the last time and got to see how they were dealing with the trauma. They all had different ways of describing it, and that was good, because it showed how they were all handling it differently.

Cassie was struggling in her own way, but she was honestly trying and had succeeded in finding ways to make herself happy. Marco was trying but not successfully, and he was good at pretending he was having fun. Ax was just as bored as Marco, but closer to finding something that would actually entertain him. We didn’t get to see Tobias until Jake went to see him, but we know he was angry, grieving, and heartbroken.

I adored Jake in this book. He was so close to just giving up, except he couldn’t, because they still needed him. So he went and made a deal with the Yeerks and with the Andalites, and as soon as he could, he just retreated into himself. This was a Jake that had lost the brother he’d spent three years of his life trying to save. A Jake that had gotten Rachel killed, nearly all the Auxiliary Animorphs killed. A Jake that had just won a war. He was tired, he was done fighting. And once Jake was done being a soldier, what was he?

He could have had anything, but he didn’t want anything. Anything except for what he couldn’t have. Tobias to come back, Rachel and Tom to be alive. For the chance to unlive one fateful moment when he gave the order that doomed seventeen thousand defenseless Yeerks.

He was depressed. He was lonely, even when he was surrounded by people. He went to visit Rachel when no one else was around. And he slowly started getting better. Wrote a book, started teaching a class, got closer to Marco again. He wasn’t okay again. Not even close. But he had started recovering.

Most of the middle of the book felt kind of like a dream sequence. Like none of it was actually happening. It was so different from the other books, from what the Animorphs were used to, it felt unreal. That stopped the second Jake knew he was going after Ax. And then when he went to see Cassie, for the first time ever, he said out loud that it was a lifeline for him, the fighting, the war.

That had always been something people knew about Rachel. That she loved the fight, she lived for it, that she would be lost and wouldn’t know what to do without it. For a long time, Jake either didn’t realize or didn’t want to admit that he was the same way. Maybe he wasn’t, even, until that day on the Pool ship. The day when he did the most of all the things he had to feel guilty for. Whatever it was, when he went to see Cassie, he admitted that he couldn’t move on.

I can’t understand the people on Goodreads who hated the Beginning. It just boggles my mind to think that people didn’t love it. Yeah, it crushed me, too - that’s why I love it so much. What had to happen happened. You can’t just wrap everything up with a pretty bow. They were never all going to live happily ever after. One person was like, “Cassie should have married Jake, and Rachel should have lived and married Tobias once he became a human nothlit” and I couldn’t even find the words to express how idiotic an ending that would have been. You didn’t find this ending satisfying? I’d have considered that ending complete bullshit.

Yes, there were things I’d have liked to see. I’d have liked to see Ax on Earth, because it was his home for years and he grew to love it. I’d have liked that to get more attention than a statement about how he’d always be Aximili of Earth. I’d have liked to see more of the in between moments. I’d have liked to see where Alloran was in the years following the war and what people thought of him. I’d have liked to see Cassie grapple with the idea of trying therapy.

I’d have liked to see the families of all the Animorphs and what they were doing and what they had to say. I’d have liked to see Jake’s parents mourning the loss of their two sons and recovering from their own time as Controllers, or Rachel’s family grieving over their daughter, their sister, and struggling but failing not to blame Jake. I’d have wanted to see Marco’s parents growing close again and dealing with everything they’d gone through and Peter’s love for his second wife. I’d have wanted to see the huge gap between Cassie and her parents shrinking and them starting to understand that she’d had to make some hard choices. I’d have liked to see Loren, losing her son so soon after meeting him, and her morphing to hawk because she loved the skies just as much as Tobias.

But as much as I would have wanted to see this things, I couldn’t, because that’s not how the series works. There’s just so much that it would be nearly impossible for the final book to please everyone. I think it’s almost better that Applegate didn’t address everything, because that would have had so much more potential to disappoint than what she finally did. And honestly, there was no happy ending that would have satisfied me, because it wouldn’t have fit and it wouldn’t have been natural. Bittersweet was the only way to go.

I wasn’t too fond of the whole thing with the One, I admit. It seemed random and sort of tacked on to the end. But I did love the way it ended, those last few lines.

There was a dangerous smile on Jake’s face.

Rachel’s smile.

“Full emergency power to the engines,” Jake said. “Ram the Blade ship.”

It was a callback to Elfangor and the action that made him a full warrior. It was a callback to the similarities between Jake and Rachel and their cores of steel. It was Jake accepting who he was and what he did best. It was an attack on the ship that had taken Ax prisoner and been responsible for Rachel’s death. Those four sentences are my favourite last four sentences of anything ever.

Animorphs was just such a formative series for me. It was such a major part of my life, and it still is, because the older I get, the more I appreciate it. I need people to recognize them as more than the books with the weird covers. I need the first thing someone says to me about them to not be, “Isn’t that the series with the girl turning into a starfish on one of the covers?” Yes, it is. And that book was incredibly horrifying and explored the darker nature of a girl that seems perfect from the outside. It’s almost unfathomable to me that these books aren’t still in print and read by everyone when sexist, racist bullshit like Enid Blyton’s garbage books are still considered great children’s lit.