chang is my favourite character of all time

I have to get this off my chest.

I am genuinely upset with what the writers have done with The Sophomore. The Freshman was my absolute favourite. It did go overboard with drama from time to time (yeah, understatement of the year, huh?), but I still enjoyed it. I loved James Ashton. I still do, even after the stupid face-changing fiasco. And Zig? One of the most well-written male characters I have come across in the game.

And then they trashed it all in the span of 17 chapters. What were they even thinking, writing that bit with Manny? I’m not even invested in this series anymore. If anything, I just want to see what goes on with Zig and what happens with James after graduation.

Oh wait, will James even exist outside of the diamond scenes anymore? Who can tell?

Anyway, I feel like the writers have sealed the fate of this series with the BS they pulled with Manny.

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Inazuma Eleven Fandom Meme

Get to know me Inazuma fandom version!

How long have you been a fan of Inazuma Eleven? 

I don’t really remember… maybe in the far 2010/2011, I was ten/eleven years old?!? (My God, how fast the time passes…) 

How did you find out about Inazuma Eleven?

Thanks to my sister, that she watching tv and changing channel we came across an episode of Inazuma Eleven, and there was Kazemaru/Someoka (I don’t remember) who slamming against the door post. It was really painful but equally fun, I don’t really know why (maybe because my sister and I find it all fun). And nothing, since that day we fall in love Inazuma Eleven and we watched all episodes. ♥

Favourite IE Character(s)

(I really love every character, I can’t sign everyone…) (and anyway I done the Inktober with all my favorites :3 )
Aphrodi, Kazemaru, Nagumo, Sakuma, Atsuya, Midorikawa, Tsunami, Someoka, Fudou… 

Favourite IEGO Character(s)

Gamma ♥, Alpha, Beta, Zanark, Taiyou, Hakuryuu, Fei, Kariya, Tsurugi, Yuuichi, Midori (yes, she the one girl that I like, perhaps… ah, also Kinako!), Ryoma, Ibuki…

Least Favourite Character(s)

Toramaru, Hiroto (Tatsuya), Ichinose, Aki, Touko

Favourite OTP and ships?

- Inazuma Eleven: Endou x Kazemaru, Someoka x Fubuki, Kidou x Sakuma, Nagumo x Suzuno, (Nagumo x Aphrodi x Suzuno)

- Inazuma Eleven Go: (ehm, there are some weird otp that I invented…pls don’t judge me) Gamma x Zanark, Hakuryuu x Tsurugi, Ryoma x Zanark, Ryoma x Midori…

mmmh I think I stop here ahah ^^’

Favourite BROTP?

Sakuma Kidou and Fudou (penguin powah), Tsunami and Tachimukai, Tenma and Fei, Alpha Beta and Gamma (mygod this trio), Aphrodi and Gouenji, Kariya and Kirino…

If you were in a team of your choosing, which school?

I’m really undecided between Teikoku Gakuen and Zeus Junior High, but in the end I’ll choose Eisei Gakuen ahahah

What position would you be playing?

Pointing out that I didn’t play football and I don’t really like to play, I sometimes played at school and I was the goalkeeper (I was not bad, I mean.. I took all the balls with any part of my body aAaaHh) But I think I’ll play as defender!

Favourite hissatsu move(s)?

- Inazuma Eleven: All Aphrodi’s Hissatsu ? God Knows, Heaven’s Time, God Break, Chaos Break is my absolute favorite! Atomic Flare, Fuujin no Mai, The Hurricane.
- Inazuma Eleven: Go hissatsu: Shoot Command 13 (Gamma Strike), Shoot Command 24 (Omega Attack)(and THIS is my favorite for the Go’s serie), Fire Tornado TC, Disaster Break, Great Max na Ore (sUUUUPAAAH), Kiku Ichimonji.

Favourite Season?

For Inazuma Eleven I prefer Aliea Arc and for the Go’s series (Even if I didn’t finish to watch Galaxy) but I loved the Chrono Stone so much!

Favourite Episode?

Uuuuuh my God, I think Episode 55, 65, 103 ( and for the Go Episodes 18, 20-21 and 43 ♥♥♥

What does Inazuma Eleven mean to you?

It means a lot to me! I don’t like football/sakka and thanks to the Inazuma Eleven I started to appreciate it!
In this amazing anime there are characters of all kinds and I love this, the diversity!
And thanks, again, to Inazuma Eleven I met some amazing people ! 

Do you contribute to the fandom? (Graphics/Gifs/Writing/Art/ Supporter)

I draw. Draw is my life. And I love draw my babies of Inazuma Eleven! 
I hope you enjoy what I do! (〃∀〃)ゞ

Recommend some of your favourite Inazuma Eleven blog

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Bookish things I wish were a reality:

* reading slumps to not be a thing
* not to have to wait for the next book in a series to appear
* everyone to be able to find their most comfortable reading position
* time to stop while I’m reading
* erase my memory and experience my favourite books for the first time again
* be able to visit book worlds and meet the characters that I love so much
* have all the money for books

The Three Waves of Discworld

So I’ve been thinking for a while about the Discworld books, and how they can be divided up into three rough thematic phases; not based around the focal characters, but rather what the story is about.

The first wave, which begins with The Colour of Magic and I would say ends with Guards, Guards! or Faust Eric. These books are parodies of existing fantasy, and thematically spend a lot of time exploring the conventions of these stories, both mocking them and codifying them as fact for the Disc. We get a lot of witches and Rincewind books here.

Having set up the status quo, the stage is then set for the second wave to enter, starting with Moving Pictures. This is when Pratchett starts to branch out in terms out his parodies, and moves from fantasy parodies to other areas of society and culture, from the movies in Moving Pictures to shopping centres in that weird Reaper Man subplot, to guns in Men at Arms. Notably, all of these are based around external forces disrupting the status quo, and having to be set right. My favourite example of this is probably Jingo, where the external force disappears by itself when the island sinks back into the sea. Hogfather, Carpe Jugulum and Thief of Time all fit into this wave, which has kind of a fuzzy boundary with the third wave. 

Fantasy has always, as an overall genre, had a problem with the idea of growth and change. The idea of “Setting right what went wrong” and protecting the existing status quo has always been a major element in a lot of fantasy stories. “Restoring the true king” is a popular one which is lampooned by the character of Captain Carrot, but Discworld itself has, up to around 1996, had a problem with this itself (notably, the point of the Carrot subplot in Men at Arms is that he is the true king but delibrately chooses not to reveal himself in order to defend the status quo) Its plots, while often having some changes for individual characters, rarely allowed the setting itself to change, and the change that occurs is put right by the end.

The first book to sort of challenge this is probably the fantastic Feet of Clay, one of my favourites, where the role of the Golems is examined and by the end, the concept of a Golem owning itself is introduced. This is a major change for golems in the setting, but it isn’t really played with much here. The two books that really kick off the third wave come, fittingly, at the turn of the Millenium; 1999′s The Fifth Elephant, which examines dwarf politics, and the 25th Discworld novel, 2000′s The Truth, which is the first time we really see a persistant technological change in the setting. The newspaper set up by de Worde is a major factor in all the later books, and notably it is the protagonist of The Truth that is trying to disrupt the status quo with the creation of the newspaper. It isn’t films or rock music, which are eldritch abominations that must be stopped, but an organic and important change in the setting. This is the main theme of the third wave: the Disc is changed and shaped in lasting ways by the actions of the main characters, particularly on the wider social level. Cherry Littlebottom helps to change dwarf gender norms, goblins and orcs are introduced to society at large (admittedly in rather easy ways), and the biggest change of all is the introduction of everyone’s favourite conman, Moist Von Lipwig, who progressively creates or helps create the postal system, paper currency, and the first train network. In the Tiffany Aching books, we see both changes in the social structure that were made far earlier and then ignored (the female wizard Eskarina Smith in I shall Wear Midnight), and a double whammy in the death of Granny Weatherwax and appointment of Gregory as the new witch for her old area in The Shepard’s Crown. In the three waves, we go from stasis, to active defence of the status quo, to challenging and changing it.

Obviously this isn’t a perfect model. While I think the switch between waves one and two is fairly clear, as I noted above waves two and three are far more fuzzy in their boundary. Most notably, while I said that The Truth was the first major wave three book, between it and Monstrous Regiment and Going Postal, we have the second wave’s last hurrah; Nightwatch

Nightwatch is entirely build around the idea that nothing changes. Carcer’s actions threaten to change history, and Vimes has to put it back, while on the other side of the thematic coin, the revolution that the past characters, including young Vimes, are fighting for explicitly just results in more of the same, putting Mad Lord Snapchase in charge.

Except that…even here, we know that this is not true. Vetinari is in charge of Ankh Morpork in the modern day. Vimes has risen through the ranks to become the commander of the watch and a lord himself, a far cry from his humble, improvished beginnings.

The world will change, and sometimes those changes must be fought, but often we need to fight for those changes ourselves.

The Leia To His Han

Request: “I’m here for Peter Parker! I saw it yesterday and I’m in love! I have a request and we all know Peter is a big geek of Star Wars, so could you write something where the reader is a big Tolkien fan, a.k.a she’s a Tolkienite.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

A/n: I’m sorry but I literally know -1000% about Tolkien so I just made it that the reader is a big fan of star wars :D

“Hey, cool shirt!” A soft voice spoke, capturing your attention.

You lifted your gaze from your work to spy an excited Peter Parker, waving from the table beside you. If it had been anyone else, you would’ve thrown them an annoyed look, or even gone to the extent of shushing them. But Peter had constant puppy-dog eyes, he was the definition of adorable. And even though you barely knew him, you’d gladly get into trouble if it meant talking with him for a little while.

“You like Star Wars too?” You whispered back, your cheeks heating under his attentive eyes.

“Yeah,” he replied, constantly checking up front to make sure the teacher didn’t see him leaning over in his seat. “Ned and I are obsessed. Even do the whole lego thing.” He then realised that last piece of information was nothing to boast about, his confident demeanour faltering. “I mean- Ned does it. I just help sometimes.”

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My Top 5 Root Moments

Shoot Week Day 1 - Favourite Root Moments

(All gifs are mine. They took forever and they’re Not Good, and I’ve developed such a massive appreciation for everyone who spends the time making these things.) 

1. Root’s view of the universe (317)

This scene perfectly encapsulates Root’s misanthropy. The idea that she presents here is Camus’ Absurdism, which describes the conflict between the universe’s inherent meaninglessness and our need to find a purpose. Camus argued that the only true way to resolve this conflict is by embracing the Absurd – acknowledging the chaos of the universe while defiantly searching for meaning anyway. This episode, which is the springboard to Root’s redemption arc, concludes with Root doing just that. The Machine gives Root’s life meaning, but She encourages Root to make her own choices. Root also admits that she cares about Shaw, Finch and even “the helper monkey.”

2. Shapes and symphonies (510)

Can you believe that Root discussed philosophy and metaphysics and made a joke about Shaw’s glorious ass all during a lethal shootout? Legends only.

This entire speech was great, but I particularly like the lines in the gif above. It’s such a contrast to Root’s previous thoughts about the universe being “infinite and chaotic and cold.” Instead, she indicates that we forge our paths in the universe – which, as I discussed earlier, sounds very similar to the idea of “embracing the Absurd.” 

I also appreciate how meta this line is. Root and Shaw, aren’t real, but they still mean everything to me, both individually and as a couple. And even though they are no longer on our TV screens now that POI has ended, we can still keep them alive in our imaginations through our fics, art, gifs and so on.  

3. Root’s newfound sense of belonging (510)

Root spent the majority of her life alone, shunning humanity. This moment in which she admits to Shaw that she’s finally found a family and a sense of belonging was hard-fought, which makes it all the more gratifying. She had to earn Team Machine’s trust. She risked her life for them repeatedly and even endured brutal torture. But as she said, she wouldn’t change any of it. 

4. Root and the truth (301)

I loved Root from the moment that she pulled a gun on Finch in 123, but this is the scene where she became my favourite character of all time. This monologue is incredibly chilling and really conveys Root’s power. Her voice shakes from the thorazine that she’s being forced to take and from rage (at her confinement and at this psychiatrist, who easily fits her definition of bad code). It’s a tremendous performance by Amy Acker. 

5. “Maybe someday” (411)

In Prophets (405), Root says that a good end would be a privilege for her. Here, she gets what she would probably feel is a “good end”.  As Root knows that she is about to die saving the world, all she wants is confirmation that there could be something between her and Shaw someday. The way her face lights up at the mere possibility of them having a future together absolutely breaks my heart.

Emotion and Pacing in comics

One of the reasons that I love comics so much is that there are many valid ways to approach the medium. When I make comics, the parts I’m most concerned with are character and story. Everything I draw on the comic page is in service to character and story. Because of my focus on those two elements over, say, experimenting with my art and page structure, I will sometimes get criticism that my work is safe or boring. This is probably fair criticism! I don’t do a lot of experimenting with paneling or challenging storytelling or explicitly challenging artwork in my comics, because right now that’s not what I’m interested in. Maybe I will be more experimental someday, but not right now, with the kind of stories I want to tell. :)

When I make a comic, my goal is for my readers to be engaged with the story I’m telling, and the characters in that story. That’s also what I look for when I want to read a good comic. I want characters to love, I want a story to be engaged with.

For the most part, I struggle with drawing comics (most artists do, if we’re honest ;)), but there are some parts of comics I think I have a good handle on. I feel like I’m strongest when portraying emotion on the page, and I’m good at drawing those scenes out and making the reader feel what my characters are going through. Some of the techniques I use to convey emotion came from being obsessed with movies when I was a teenager, and some techniques are stolen from my holy trinity of influences: Jeff Smith (Bone), Hiromu Arakawa (Fullmetal Alchemist) and Naoki Urasawa (Monster, Pluto, 20th Century Boys). 

Of the three artists I’ve mentioned, I consider Urasawa especially to be a master of emotion and pacing. When I first started reading his comics, it was like light struck my brain; finally I saw what I’d been trying to do for years right there on the comic page in front of me! I like the way he lays out his emotional scenes a lot. Here’s an example (read right to left): 

Urasawa uses repeating panels and decompression to draw out the emotions of a scene. In this single page there isn’t a lot of movement. It’s literally just two characters staring at each other, but the tension rises going from panel 1 to panel five. Gesicht (the man)’s expression doesn’t change between panels two and five, but we literally feel his anger rising off-panel, concluding in the close up in panel 5.

There’s an excellent You Tube channel called Every Frame a Painting (I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but if you haven’t, please go watch all the videos! There aren’t many, and they’re all really informative). My favourite video is this one, about editing:

This video hit on something that I strive for in my comics: emotion takes time. When I draw a scene that is emotional, when characters are struggling with something, or celebrating something, or being challenged, I want my readers to feel what the character is feeling, and one of the best ways to do that, for me, is to take my time. To give that emotion time to breathe on the page. 

I’m going to use some scenes in my graphic novel The Nameless City to illustrate how I use decompression and pacing to underscore the emotion in my comics. To avoid spoilers and because this is getting a little long, I’m going to put it under a cut. Please read on! :)  

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The Problem of the Female Lords

The female lords in FE are a divisive group of characters. While they certainly have their fans, the female mains receive a lot more backlash compared to their male counterparts from the larger community. This is partly due to the way the writer’s handle them within the game’s plot.

Their choices in-game tend to be a lot more controversial (see: Micaiah opting for harsh tactics, Eirika handing over the sacred stone to Lyon, Celica agreeing to help Duma ect.) They all have to share the spotlight with another male lord, whose involvement in the plot often overshadows their own (see: Micaiah and Lyn in particular.) Furthermore, they often develop frightfully little in the core campaign, partly because of said shared spotlight (Lyn suffers the most from this but Celica gets it pretty bad here too.) None of the four female lords are bad characters, at base. They have well developed flaws and goals. However, Fire Emblem plots have never been kind to them. The purpose of this post isn’t to hate on any character, but to criticise some of the writer’s choices in the handling of them. 


Lyn doesn’t suffer from a character problem. Her arc during the tutorial paints her well as a well rounded character, with solid goals, issues and a decent backstory. Her plotline in the tutorial is very well done and it really helps to make her compelling to the gamer. I’d say she’s the most well-liked out of the FE female lords (compounded by her winning the female vote for Heroes.)

Lyn’s issue is that she’s overshadowed the moment Eliwood’s arc begins. I honestly don’t understand why the writers included her at all when she had such little to do, plot wise. They could have continued her arc about her becoming a ruler and her growing distaste with it. She could have acted as a good reflection of Hector’s fears of rulership once his brother dies. She could have helped more with the Black Fang. If her arc from the tutorial had continued, I feel she could have been one of the best FE lords but she’s never given a chance to shine.


Micaiah’s my favourite female Lord in FE. However, I do admit that she has the most issues as a character, massively due to her sharing a spotlight with Ike (who is my favourite Lord overall, but I’ll get back to that.) 

Radiant Dawn suffers from pretty terrible character writing in places. Ike’s pretty much a head that talks for the game’s duration, who’s only redeemed by his PoR incarnation. The Dawn Brigade are largely empty shells as characters, including the prominent Sothe. Many characters with arcs (Pelleas, Skrimir) aren’t fleshed out much beyond their character plotline. Micaiah, too, is affected by these problems.

Micaiah mostly suffers from her motivations being told to the player, instead of shown. We know she adores the people of Daein, but we see very little of her actually interacting with the Daein people. 

I feel Part 1 would have been a lot more appealing if it had been a story of Micaiah slowly deciding to devote herself to the common people, instead of that being her motivation from the beginning. She could have started out as a wandering traveller, joined the Dawn Brigade either because of self-interest or Sothe’s insistence and then taken back Daein after seeing how good the Daein people could be. It would have made her actions in Part 3 make a ton more sense. 

Furthermore, I feel her power to tell future events could have been scrapped. It actually plays very little part in the plot. Micaiah knowing that something bad’s going to happen doesn’t really influence her actions in any meaningful way and it could be written out fairly easily. This should lessen the ‘Mary Sue’ complaints about her. 


Okay, confession time. With the exception of Corrin, Eirika is actually my least favourite lord for the sole reason that I’m not a fan of naive characters. I don’t hate her and Ephraim ranks just above her on my dislike list, but I feel it should be noted. 

Eirika’s problem is that she barely develops at all. The only thing that really changes with her is her view on the Lyon situation. Her stance on war doesn’t change. Her naivety doesn’t improve. Ephraim suffers from a similar issue in that he’s so confident in his tactics but he’s never knocked down a peg. 

Her not developing leads to one of her most frustrating moments; when she hands Lyon the Sacred Stone. Although one could see why she does so, I maintain it shouldn’t have happened. I feel a scene where Lyon tries to persuade her to hand it over, she almost agrees, and then he does something which makes her suspicious would have been a great way to show her developing. 

Eirika isn’t a stupid woman but she believes in the best of everyone. However, I feel the numerous times she’s been betrayed in the game up to that point should have had some pay-off. 


I feel Celica’s issues as a character are the most fixable, as the main thing people complain about in regard to her is how she handles the whole Jedah situation. 

Celica’s problem is that the writers were trying to keep to Gaiden’s core plotline, which involves her being captured for Alm to save. I’d say she has the most developed motivations and flaws out of all the female protagonists; her motivations are explained well, her flaws (her stubbornness, her need to do everything herself) are things which are used against her, which is pretty good character writing. Compared to Ike, whose flaws ‘almost’ get him into trouble but wind up helping him out, and Corrin, whose flaws are excused by almost everyone he meets, Celica’s pretty well written in that regard. Near Leif levels. 

The issue is that her big mistake in trusting Jedah occurs so late, so there’s never a chance for her to truly learn. If it had happened sooner in the plot, then Celica could have had the chance to reflect and consider how she shouldn’t try to do everything on her own. It also would have helped if her friends had been the ones to save her and not Alm, which may have helped to take her out of the damsel-in-distress trope.

Furthermore,  the addition of Conrad serves to weaken her character. Unlike with Clive and Alm (where Clive mostly serves to advise) Conrad saves Celica so many times it’s a little ridiculous, especially since those incidents could have easily been written around. When you consider that Celica seemed like the stronger character of the two in their past memory prism scene, Conrad suddenly being her knight in shining armour seems to come out of nowhere. 

puzzlepeacenotart  asked:

Do you have any tips for writing villains turning good? I'm having trouble thinking of valid ways for a bad person to have a change of heart that don't feel abrupt or unnatural.

Hello puzzlepeacenotart,

A villain switching sides can be a very satisfying character arc when done well. In movies and books the ways in which this is presented can vary, but the two ones that seem to be the most effective are:

A) The slow change, after a series of events

This is the classic “redemption plot” (a while back I talked about the different standard plots when asked about there being “no new plot-lines” to write. This was one of them I spoke about). Think stories like: Scrooge, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (apparently xmas is a good old time to change), and one of my all time favourites: Mean Girls.

In these stories the Villains: Scrooge, The Grinch, Regina George, all start out “evil” their motives are selfish, and they want to hurt others. It’s not but for a slow series of events: A visit from three ghosts, the realisation that xmas is in people’s hearts, or the loss of ones “Hot Body”, “Hot Boyfriend”, and “Army of Skanks” that one can the see true change in their hearts.

I get the feeling this is more the way you want to go with your villain character. I understand you don’t want it to be abrupt, which means you will have to give the villain “small loses” throughout the story. Think of what your villain values the most and take that away from them. Think of what your villain would dislike as an outcome to a scene, and have their lowest desire come to be. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. For this to work well, you should do a thorough character profile. Knowing them inside and out would be the best way to know how to change them.

B) The villain was always a secret “goody” we just never got to see and evidence of that.

This plot twist always makes me smile for a while when done well. Think Snape, or Darth Vader.

In Harry Potter, there is so much evidence against Snape being good. I mean, the guy killed Dumbledore FFS. Though, we know the acts to be evil, the reason behind them wasn’t always evil. Their true stories are often revealed through subplots and with revelation lines: “Luke, I am your father.” or “After all this time?” “Always.”

I think these are satisfying because they make everything change, including the past as we know it, when revealed.

Happy Writing :)


Three Wishes for Cinderella, and some thoughts on fairy-tale tropes

Since it’s quiet right now, I wanted to use the opportunity to bring to the attention of my shipping pals an absolutely lovely fairy-tale film called Three Wishes for Cinderella. It’s a Czech film from 1973 and I watched it for the first time today - it was utterly charming and delightful, and I think it might well be my favourite of all the Cinderella adaptions (sorry Ever After!). Best of all, the characters really are characters here - the Prince has a personality for a change, and Cinderella is a total badass. She’s an expert hunter who can teach the boys a thing or two, and she’s openly defiant towards her stepmother and stepsister - she’s active and stubborn where the Disney Cinderella (live action and animated) is passive and patient, and it’s extremely refreshing. 

And, naturally, because I have Reylo tunnel vision, I saw Reylo everywhere.

So you have the first meeting in the forest:

And then there’s a look of stunned awe and fascination, as the girl impresses the Prince with her skill:

There’s more to it than that (including lots of chasing each other through snowy forests and the girl presenting the Prince with a riddle over her identity), but it was an interesting reminder of exactly how trope-y The Force Awakens is in terms of its adoption of the visual language of fairy-tales. It’s not like this is a big surprise, given the words of Saint J.J. Abrams in the audio commentary:

You’re probably going to have a castle, and a prince and a princess, if you’re looking at a fairy tale. We wanted to give these sort of, fundamental, not cosmetic, but, sort of, prerequisite elements. These locations in which we can set our new story and our new characters.

What’s perhaps more interesting, however, is how The Force Awakens subverts the stock elements of fairy-tales - whereas the chase is depicted as charming flirtation in TWFC, in TFA it’s presented as an extremely perilous and frightening ordeal. The setting (a snowy forest) and characters (a handsome prince with raven hair and a beautiful young peasant girl) are entirely familiar - what is different is how they are combined with other tropes and traditions and put in an entirely distinct context. So the prince isn’t just a prince - he’s also a father killer and, until recently, a ‘monster in a mask’. And Rey isn’t just a beautiful peasant girl - she’s a prodigy in the Force who perceives the prince as an enemy to be defeated rather than a marriage prospect.

What I love about this is how open it makes things for the future story. Because of how rooted TFA is in fairy-tale concepts and imagery, it’s entirely plausible that they become further emphasised in subsequent films - with the edge of threat in the interactions between Rey and Kylo easing as understanding develops. Equally, it’s possible that the subversion is continued, with the filmmakers continuing to reference fairy-tale tropes in inventive and interesting ways that keep us all guessing and unsure of exactly how the story will resolve itself. While fairy-tales are powerful, they have the limitation of being extremely predictable since they almost always adhere to strict types that follow a rigid formula - so while it makes perfect sense that Star Wars is drawing from such an ancient and beloved mode of storytelling, it also makes sense that it is not being entirely beholden to its conventions.

In any event, I wouldn’t complain if this trope makes an appearance by the end of Episode IX. My personal feeling is that every romantic fairy-tale should end something like this:

(I feel like I need a legal disclaimer here to stress that I am not promising that Episode IX will end with a Reylo lift+spin. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’d really like it to.)

anonymous asked:

Hello Nipuni, i don't know if you answered that already, but have you ever romanced someone else beside Solas? Your heart ached for someone besides him? The cute & smirky Cullen, the grumpy & polite Blackwall or/and the mass of muscle iron bull?

Hello! I must admit that I’ve replayed the game I think three times and in all of them I make the exact same choices only the mods change haha. I’ve seen all the romances tho! I watched both my partner and a friend play the entire game next to me and they romanced Josie and Sera respectively, then I watched the other romances online. 

My favourite one that isn’t Solas is Sera, it may be my elf bias talking but I really love Sera as a character, I just wish the game didn’t force me to be such an ass to her most of the time because I think she makes a lot of sense, shes smart and cute and well meaning and you learn so much more about her when you romance her, but it felt like the game just wanted me to be angry because she wasn’t eloquent enough or something. 

but I found all the romances very cute!! like a respite from war, still none of them hit me even remotely as hard as Solas romance did. Maybe because it was the first, but it was all questions and riddles, moral dilemas, a lot of lessons and problems, I just found it so so interesting!! 

There is this mythical quality to it, I was already in deep before the reveal but then the story suddenly changes the SCALE so dramatically, you fell in love with a god and he loves you back and everything is terrible and I felt like I was so much more, I was thrilled!! I didn’t see that coming and it was the best turn of events ever!! it made me want to solve all the puzzles find all the clues read all the things!! It also has a ton of my favourite tropes in it, you can draw a lot of parallels and it has endless art potential I’m just so invested it’s been years and I’m just as in love with them as I was before if not more!! I…didn’t mean to write this much I have a lot of feelings _(:’>」∠)_

1-Minute Anime Previews

This time around, the reviews are only based on a 2nd-episode impression (save for 1 show), but hopefully it’ll give you a good enough gleam of what you might want to pick up. Perhaps I’ll do a follow up later during season’s end.

Net-Juu no Susume - Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Genre: MMO, slice of life, romance(???)
Summary:  A 30-year old white-collar office lady (Morioka Morika) decides to quit her job and live the self-gratifying life of an “elite” NEET. Finding that her old user account on an MMO has been deleted due to inactivity, she picks up a new one called Fruits de Mer, but this time as a male avatar (Hayashi). Off to a rough start on her new adventure with much difficulty, she runs into the cute and helpful player, Lily, who both supports and introduces Morika to “her” guild. As the players immerse themselves into the game, they take the opportunity to express themselves further as someone else. 
Story: B
Characters: B
Overall: B
Commentary: First off, I have to say, of all the chuunibyou-inducing usernames she crossed out, Morioka decides to go with Hayashi of all things, which is essentially a pun on her name…XD…(t/n: Mori and Hayashi both mean forest). Honestly, off to a fun start with decently likeable characters, a relaxing direction, and some very relatable content. A good portion of my enjoyment definitely stems from the very well-suited Noto Mamiko playing a rather niche but likeable lead for the MMO-genre. So far things seem promising. Worth hanging on to.

Kino no Tabi ~ The Beautiful World ~

Genre: fantasy, philosophy, adventure
Summary:  Episodic tales of a lone traveller and her talking motorcycle, visiting as many new strange and interesting places as she can while staying only just 3-days at a time before setting off once more. What circumstances will await Kino at the next town?
Overall: B+/A-
Commentary: Absolutely solid production qualities. Modern, crisp, and perhaps a bit more compact than its predecessor TV series thus far. Nagi Yanagi is also quite a nice follow-up choice to the retired Shimokawa Mikuni for opening theme. Though the era has changed, a nostalgic essence lingers. I’m actually re-watching the old series right now to get a refresher, but apparently there will be very few overlapping episodes in this new adaptation. My only complaint really would be the lead voice acting. Aoi is…well, growing on me, but I find that she sometimes goes several octaves too high or accidentally drops the acting altogether. Saitou Souma for Hermes though is a major disappointment (the worst role I’ve ever heard him in to date). But perhaps with time, they’ll both grove into the role a little better. In any case, I doubt most viewers will really notice much. Other than that, it’s going good so far. Very beautiful, sometimes disturbing, serene stories that gets you thinking.

Juuni Taisen

Genre: action, fantasy
Summary:  A battle royal between twelve very experienced combatants named after animals of the Zodiac. Last one standing gets any wish imaginable granted to them.
Story: C+
Characters: C+
Overall: B-
Commentary: Really more of a glamorous action show thus far (can’t say I’m really into NisiOisin’s works; though I do love Nakamura Hikaru’s designs). The story is linear, and while the animation is very engaging, the quality does dip a little bit here and there. In-between the vibrant combat scenes though, someone is always doing some seriously long inner-monologue. It almost seems like the pattern for a death flag at this point. Oh well; an action-flick is precisely why I picked it up, and it certainly delivers. And, who knows…maybe next episode, it might throw a surprise my way.

Blend S

Genre: slife of life, comedy
Summary:  Sweet and polite Maika has some killer sharp-glint to her eyes and often runs into trouble expressing herself on account of them. But in order to find independence and pay for her own expenses to study abroad, she acquires a job at a “dere” maid-cafe (Cafe Stile), where the waitresses are given certain attributes…and in Maika’s case, that attribute is “extreme sadist”!
Story: C+
Characters: B-
Overall: C+
Commentary: Not too sure if I find it all that amusing as the gags do get repetitive, but it does have some good moments. Watching this though, sometimes reminds me of the late Fujiwara Cocoa on a couple of points, and it’s a bit heart-breaking. Thus far, Blend S has yet to go the extra mile, but nonetheless, I think this shows caters to a certain taste and is relatively enjoyable enough. Just not sure if I’d keep it in the long run, personally.

Konohana Kitan

Genre: slice of kemonomimi-life
Summary: Kokohana-tei is a hot spring hotel located in an inn town between our world and the otherworldly, where many patrons stop by to enjoy its atmosphere. The story centers around the lives of several adorable fox-spirits who work there.
Story: C+
Characters: B-
Overall: C+
Commentary: I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this one yet. It has some cute moments but also some serious slow dips…but…but…the aesthetics. I’m weak to fox girls. Perhaps it might be a nice relaxer for a tea break. Interestingly though, and this is quite out there, but Yuzu and Satsuki have a similar kind of character relationship you’d find in a young shounen manga (between the rival and the protagonist). It caught me a little off guard. 

Kekkai Sensen S2

Genre: action, comedy, sci-fi-fantasy
Overall: B+ 
Commentary: First of all I have to say I’ve never been so absolutely delighted for a change in staff. Like, thank god. First season was a decision-making mess. The pacing for S2 thus far is great. Still sleek and fast paced, but far less arduous and much more true to the essence of the series. There are no more weird, far-off pan shots where it’s hard tell what is being drawn, fewer shaky scene-changes and pretentious soliloquy, and best of all…gone with that tacky, borderline-nonsensical narrative featuring two very inconsequential characters (…whom if you completely removed, would actually just be manga content). My major gripe over Black & White was…not only was their narrative insubstantial, it actually replaced and condensed the screen time of many major characters and important story points, all the while failing to fit themselves into Nightow’s world. Not to mention S1 staff flopped a ton of my favourite jokes. — So finally…this is now the kind of whimsical and otherworldly Kekkai Sensen I fell in love with. I’m not saying the manga was perfect, nor is sticking more rigidly to source material automatically a better choice, but for a series of this kind of flavour, dramatic narrative is perhaps not all that necessary. But if there were to be, I’d like it kept in Nightow’s style. Welcome back in action, KKSS.

Anime Gataris

Genre: parody, meta-comedy
Summary:  Rapid-fire chit chats between characters who are really into anime.
Commentary: Definitely a show that’s a little too fast-paced for me to keep up with on the first watch-through. It’s as if someone was making a YouTube segment on every anime trope there is and condensed it into a half-hour episode. Personally, not something I would recommend; but is definitely something I might keep watching out of guilt-pleasure. It’s a little fun to try and guess which series they might be referencing.

Elegant Youkai Apartment Life

Genre: slice of life, supernatural-fantasy
Summary: When 16-year old Inaba Yuushi lost his parents 3 years ago, he was taken in by his Uncle’s family. However, with family life feeling a little strained, he no longer wishes to be a burden on his relatives and is determined to move out and into his new school’s dormitory. Unfortunately for him—a fire burned it down. At a loss for what to do, Yuushi is eventually led by a mysterious force into renting a room in a unique apartment for dirt cheap. Little did he know…the apartment is home to both human and supernatural creatures alike. Thus, Yuushi’s life becomes entangled in this new and strange world.
Story: C+/-B
Characters: B
Overall: -B
Commentary: Not quite what I expected it to be when I picked it up. It was neither ghost-busting, nor Natsume-esque. Rather, it’s far less mysterious and far more casual than it appears to be. However, I’m already 16 episodes in, and am still thoroughly enjoying Youkai Apartment as my tea-time show (in all its slashy-glory). Overall, the show seldom goes beyond being merely pleasant, with the biggest highlight being Kuri’s episode, but there is a slow and budding potential being built, and I oddly don’t mind just keeping it on the side for the long run. It’s heart-warming and often gets me thinking about life.

On an amended note; Bahamut S2 really roller-coaster dipped at the end there, so that’s my commentary on that; but soap-opera of a plot mess aside, it was still pretty entertaining.


My favourite Gintama Characters - 4/∞

“New Deva of Kabuki District” Shimura Tae - “You’re not the only one… who ages with time. No matter how beautiful a person may be, they will still age and eventually die. But even so, even if appearances change, don’t you believe that we have things in us that don’t change? Even as our bodies crumble, even as the months and years take their toll… Don’t you believe that we all have something that time can’t spoil? Even if you cover us with winrkles, we won’t lose to you. That’s because we know what beauty truly is.”

Today is very important day, so I wanted to draw something to celebrate Undertale’s 2nd anniversary. I could say many things about how I love this game, it’s story, characters, music and fans; how it has helped me to stay determined no matter what during the one of the worst periods in my life, how amazing people and their drawings/videos/writings/voice actings have motivated me to draw no matter what, even if I don’t believe in myself; how it helped me in  trying to believe in myself, and how it actually has saved my life. And how amazing it is to see that two years after release, there are soooo many people who still care! I know that drawing may not look happy, but I really wanted to draw our beloved royal scientist. W.D. Gaster is one of my favourite characters, even if we still don’t have many official informations about him, but hey! He is the man who has created The Core, and because he shattered through time and space it doesn’t change the fact that he plays very important role in the story!

I’m rather an observer in our community (’cause I’m always too shy to write to someone hahahah oh God), but I want to thank you all! Thank you, @undertale, for this wonderful game. Thank you, Undertale fans around the world for being here for two years, creating amazing stuff and staying determined!


there are 50 [ fifty ] six word stories. i’ve picked my favourite ones of all the time. as for me, they are perfect for character ideas or secret ideas, as they have some actual history behind them that i always love playing out in many different ways. these are mostly angsty ones, because i’m slut for angst. idk, i hope they will help you somehow and inspire you! plase like and/or reblog if you’ve found this uself, thank you <3

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I’ve been developing a theory for a while now about Xena and Gabrielle that’s about how they influenced each other in personality and changed each other emotionally. I sometimes refer to Xena and Gabrielle as ‘Yin and Yang’, as to me, they are the perfect human representation of duality. Basically, what I mean by that is that they are each other’s balance. Their personalities permeate into each other throughout the course of the show and this is my theory that they become as one by the end of it.

I first want to explain what I interpret ‘Yin and Yang’ to mean. ‘Yin and Yang’ are two polar oppositions. For example; The Dark principle and the Light principle. The principles are contradictory, but they compliment each other in that one principle can provide what the other principle does not have. I use the analogy of a puzzle piece to explain this. A puzzle piece can only connect into another piece if that piece is the perfect opposite to it, otherwise it can’t fit and therefore won’t connect. The pieces in a puzzle are designed in such a way so they can fit into each other to create a bigger picture. It’s just the same as a soul mate, but I prefer to use the term ‘puzzle piece’, as it makes far more sense to me. ‘Yin and Yang’ are never separate as one needs the other to exist. Much like how you can’t have space without solid or solid without space. It cannot be either solid or space as neither principle can exist without the other there. It needs its polarity to exist in the first place. Even if these principles appear to be separate, they are not, as neither is what it is without it’s significant other or it cannot function properly without it. Understand what I mean by that? “Shadow and light are two sides of the same coin, one cannot exist without the other.” as Zelda so beautifully put it in The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess game. That’s one of my all-time favourite character quotes. Moving on….

Let’s get on to how Xena and Gabrielle are the perfect human representation of ‘Yin and Yang’ and how they influence and change each other emotionally because they are soul mates. Think about how opposite the pair are and how that might be beneficial to them in a relationship. Xena, is very mind-oriented. She thinks three steps ahead of the game. Constantly thinking, planning and measuring. This gives her extreme advantage in battle. She always knows what to do before she does it. To begin with she has a lot of trouble with intimacy and is very stiff and stoic. So, she isn’t much of a talker, other than the few well thought out intimidating lines to her foes. But because of this, she’s very good at listening to others and listening to her surroundings which proves to be very useful to Gabrielle who is very heart-oriented. Gabrielle feels, and she feels very deeply. This causes her to act before she thinks, and that gets her into a lot of trouble in the early episodes of the show, which Xena just happens to have the ability and the quick strategic thinking to sort out. To begin with Gabrielle is naïve, reckless and idealistic. But because of this, she is a fantastic storyteller and is very compassionate, therefore can offer emotional support and healing to those that need a bit of a pick me up at times, such as Xena. ‘The Promise’ scene from ‘Callisto’ springs to mind immediately. Great example to use.

Do you see how their differences in strengths and weaknesses help to aid each other? One can give what the other lacks. They feed off each other. They fill the empty spaces in their lives as individuals by being together. They need each other to be all that they are and to evolve as people. Together they are a complete whole. This is precisely what “Yin and Yang” stands for. It’s balance. The scales are equal when they’re together but unequal when apart. They balance each other out.

So, as I’ve stated above, this leads me to a theory that because Xena and Gabrielle can influence each other and change each other emotionally like this, eventually they swap over roles. The principles correlate with each other so much that they end up passing into each other and by the end of the show, Xena and Gabrielle become each other.

I don’t like the character Akemi at all for many reasons that I don’t want to get into here. However, I did really like this poetic verse she expressed to Xena that I’ve made into gifs above. To me, it perfectly describes exactly what happened to Xena and Gabrielle throughout the course of the entire show. Which leads me to the interpretation that when Xena disappeared at the end of ‘AFIN’, what happened was she transferred over the last of her spiritual essence into Gabrielle. Gabrielle had a lot of her spirit already within her which is what allowed her to touch Xena physically, when material objects like her chakram just went right through her. That didn’t happen with Gabrielle because they shared a spiritual connection that was so intense, that they are one spirit in two bodies. One body of which no longer existed but the spirit still lived on in Gabrielle. This meant that Gabrielle was now just as much of a capable warrior as Xena was and would be just fine on her own in carrying on the legacy of the Warrior Princess. Because she never really was on her own at all. Ever. Xena was always with her. She was just inside her, and therefore, had the ability to appear beside her in ethereal form from the other side even though she no longer had a physical body. This is just how Gabrielle remembered her in her heart. With such a graphic imagination as hers and hundreds of stories describing her, she could create the exact form of the woman she fell in love with standing right beside her whenever she wanted and could still physically touch her and hold her.

When you think about the entire show in this perspective… the ending doesn’t seem so wrong after all. In fact, it even seems sort of… right? It’s only upsetting if you believe that the physical is all there is. But if this show taught me anything worthwhile… It’s that the bond of soul mates transcends physical reality. Xena and Gabrielle’s love was greater than all conscious existence and it was an end in itself. That’s a good perspective to take on when it comes to ‘AFIN’, but I’ll leave that up to you. I just think it’s nice to have different perspectives on something when you don’t particularly like it. Maybe you can come to like it through a change in the way you think about it. It certainly works for me. Perhaps, it can for you. Perspective is the only thing we really have, and I wholeheartedly believe you can change something just by changing your perspective on it. Try it.

I just finished reading A Feast for Crows…

And I’m just going to pen down my thought like I’ve done for all the previous books. I’m a loyal show fan and for the first three books, I leaned more towards the show but this is where I switch my loyalty to the books. Season 1 was a very perfect adaptation of AGOT, I had mixed feeling between ACOK & S02 and S03&04 were hands down better than ASOS but they still only enhanced the books staying faithful to the story. S05 is when the books and the show take two very different turns and honestly, I preferred the books for the AFFC story lines. 

I heard so many bad things about this book and the only reason I can really see is… A feast for crows and A Dance with Dragons unfold during the same timeline, after ASOS but thy are separated by geographical locations and AFFC is missing fan favourites like Jon, Dany & Tyrion. And I guess the book fans couldn’t handle the delay. Other than that, the quality of writing, world building, dialogue, scene and action are top notch and George’s best so far in the series. This is the kind of book that even people who look down upon & despise Sci-fi & fantasy would appreciate. Honestly, this is quality literature…well written & perfectly paced. If this level of literary quality is the reason behind George’s delay, then I want him to take his time finishing the series, I would gladly wait. AFFC covers the story arcs for Cersei, Jamie, Brienne, Arya, Sansa, Sam, Iron Islands & Dorne subplot and here are my thoughts in the order of how much I enjoyed each plot. 


In the books, the central conflict is between Prince Doran and his daughter Arianne Martell, the heir to Dorne and her idea of starting war to avenge her family is to crown Marcella Queen because by Dornish law, elder daughter has more claim than younger son. It’s the only Kingdom with gender equality and they want the Lannisters to be torn by a political conflict with both Tomenn and Marcella crowned. They literally wanted to wage war on patriarchy, not kill a little girl! 

Arianne is convinced that her father is a pacifist/scared of Lannisters & wants to give her birthright to her younger brother and is too much of a coward to avenge Elia & Oberyn’s deaths but in the end Doran reveals that he’s playing the long game. Dorne has a small army and so he arranged for Arianne to marry Viserys and now that he’s dead, he’s sending her brother to Dany, to bring bring ‘Fire & Blood’ to Lannisters. The Sandsnakes have a very small appearance but even then they turned out to be such well written and three dimensional characters with all the Sandsnakes being so different & unique. These characters are so effeminate and embody more traits associated with female strength than male, it’s uncanny that the show twisted the mysterious, powerful and feminist Dorne narrative completely to turn it into a shallow pointless mess. 

Ellaria didn’t even have a scene in this book, I’ll never understand why the Princess & heir of Dorne was replaced by her and the show creators wrote her the way they did. Her motivations and actions seemed really dumb, crazy & ooc to me even when I was just a show viewer. I think instead of giving her a haircut and changing her entire character, they could have just casted Arienne and gone with the book plot…. Her introduction was even very HBO like hot & steamy, unlike all the times the show had to spice the books up. I’ll never understand why they settled for Wallmart when they had Chanel right in front of them?

Seriously if there’s ever an asoiaf movie based in Dorne with Targaryens & dragons(maybe the conquest? or first marriage alliance?), I will absolutely lose my shit, these are my two favourite houses! 

Cersei - Highgarden conflict 

Until ASOS, Cersei was a pretty likable character and when I once mentioned that I don’t like Catelyn because of how cold & judgemental she is and I might even like Cersei more than her, I was warned that it’ll all change in AFFC. But holy mother of god! Cersei POV chapters are just so interesting, dark & so damn funny…No other POV character has made me laugh this much. There’s so much dark humour in how she views the world. And the internal conflict of the character? She loves her son but wants him to be an obedient puppet at all times. She asks a lot of good feminist questions but there’s so much misogyny in her, even when it comes to her twisted reasons for sexually experimenting with a woman. It’s impossible to not sympathise with her after her recollections of her controlling father, her abusive/rapey husband and the prophesy that plagues her but she is also wants to be Tywin 2.0 & is such a chaos loving tyrant who doesn’t want to hear any opposing views. Also it was nice to see her as Queen Reagent instead of the show version of power loss as Queen mother and mother-in-law/daughter-in-law drama. So it starts with her waking up to find out that Tywin is dead…grief, paranoia, newfound power as Reagent, rift with Jamie…that’s what gets the story going…

High Sparrow : Also Show!Cersei’s homophobic and dumb plan to raise the High Sparrow to power & arm extremists to crucify a Loras for being gay, was that monstrous irredeemable thing which made me lose all sympathy for her suffering. Thankfully in AFFC, it’s only adultery allegation on Margaery which backfires pretty quickly. Over the last few books they have developed the state of the common people after the raping, raiding, war, plunder & even harm to septs and their people, so the influx of sparrows and religious extremists in King’s Landing during trying times made a lot of sense. It also makes sense that the Queen Reagent can’t just choose a High Septon, that there’s an election process in place which allowed the High Sparrow to rise to power.  

Also he manipulated her to militarise very cleverly: Denying to bless Tomenn, telling her of how unsafe the realm is for common people & how they need knights to defend roads/streets and when Cersei gets to “Why don’t you guys do it yourself?” does he bring up the fact that it was outlawed and even forgives the crown’s debt of a million gold dragons (which Cersei anyway had no intention to pay) in return. Also Cersei’s insecurity of Margaery, paranoia about Highgarden’s involvement in Joffery & Tywin’s death and nightmares of Maggy’s prophesy lay believable groundwork for her crazy plan. 

Highgarden Conflict : It’s handled pretty well why both Margaery & Cersei are left defenceless. Cersei sends her uncle & Jamie away on pretty bad terms and surrounds herself with incompetent advisers & King’s guards in order to be an all powerful Tyrant. Problem? There’s no one to bail her out when she’s imprisoned by High Sparrow at the end of the book. Margaery’s dad is sent to lay siege at Storm’s end, Olenna leaves after wedding and only Loras remains. But when Cersei decides to lay seige on Dragonstone while Stannis is chilling at the Wall with all their naval strength and Euron Greyjoy’s ships attack the coastal areas of the Reach in the mean time. Cersei’s refusal to help , using Dragonstone as an excuse, was good conflict with Tyrells.  Loras volunteers to take Dragonstone and free the naval forces to help the Reach. The poor guy ends up badly injured at Dragonstone.

Originally posted by artcuse

Margaery’s framing for adultery was done pretty well too. She’s the best character, in terms of knowing how to navigate patriarchy from within with gentle effeminate intelligence. It’s well established that she’s an outdoor person who can’t stay in the castle for long & loves horse riding. It’s also made clear that highborn girls are known to lose their maidenheads (hymens) to horse riding. So Cersei’s coercion & torture of “witnesses” to tell her what she wants to hear, that basically Margery is banging every man she talks to was kind of funny because it’s mostly projection & Cersei actually has to sleep with the knight in exchange for the fake confession to High Sparrow that he’s slept with Margery. Like after a good whipping the guy just tells them the truth, which is also hilarious because most of Cersei’s “proof” was torture and coercion induced lies. And the funniest thing is, she visits the sept just to convince High Sparrow to not let anyone other than the incompetent members of King’s Guard to defend the Queen if she asks for trial by combat as per the law and that’s what gets her captured and hinders her own ability to use zombie mountain as her own champion. Overall, her story in this book is an excellent read and extremely entertaining! 

Also Cersei’s childhood crush on Rhaegar and her fanart of her riding a dragon behind Rhaegar was the funniest Cersei flashback. 

Samwell - Jon Conflict 

This one confused me the most because it starts with Jon in the first chapter. You don’t know Jon’s thoughts or motivations, its Samell POV which starts with Gilly running away from Jon’s office in tears and for some weird reason, Jon wants Sam to leave for Ciadel with Gilly, Maester Aemon and Mance Rayder’s baby, leaving Gilly’s behind because Maester Aemon & Mance’s baby are at risk due to Melisandre’s talk of King’s blood sacrifice. Sam doesn’t know about the baby swap but he gets awfully triggered at the thought of becoming a maester because as a child when he mentioned he wants to his dad chained him up in a dungeon for days to fulfil his desire to earn a chain (Maester’s chain). 

Jon’s cold and commanding behaviour during Sam’s PTSD episode, Sam’s discovery of the baby swap after Gilly keeps crying on the ship for half the book & Maester Aemon’s extremely heartbreaking death during the journey, which Sam also blames on Jon since Sam warned travel would lead to death at that age…It all reeks of writer’s tricks for building a misunderstood villain narrative, all it lacked was kicking a puppy, seriously! Why Jon didn’t have a POV chapter but made this kind of cameo, I have no idea of the plot create a rift between Sam & Jon? I love Book!Jon for being smarter, more cunning & a bit less goody two shoes than Show!Jon but I wonder if the purpose is to make him darker?

Though his trip to the Citadel is not as useless & shitty as it was on the show, there are two awesome discoveries Sam makes : 

They assumed the Promised Prince’s gender : During their trip Maester Aemon hears story of the rebirth of dragons, it’s really sad to read how badly he wants to go to Dany & hates that his body is betraying him, as he’s dying. Since this is the gist of it,“ When the red star bleeds and the darkness gathers, Azor Ahai shall be born again amidst smoke and salt to wake dragons out of stone,” Maester Aemon says something very insightful to Sam before dying.  

“No one ever looked for a girl,” he said. “It was a prince that was promised, not a princess. Rhaegar, I thought … the smoke was from the fire that devoured Summerhall on the day of his birth, the salt from the tears shed for those who died. He shared my belief when he was young, but later he became persuaded that it was his own son who fulfilled the prophecy, for a comet had been seen above King’s Landing on the night Aegon was conceived, and Rhaegar was certain the bleeding star had to be a comet. What fools we were, who thought ourselves so wise! The error crept in from the translation. Dragons are neither male nor female, Barth saw the truth of that, but now one and now the other, as changeable as flame. The language misled us all for a thousand years. Daenerys is the one, born amidst salt and smoke. The dragons prove it.” Just talking of her seemed to make him stronger. “I must go to her. I must. Would that I was even ten years younger.”

The real dragon slayers of Westeros : At Citadel, a rogue Maester of sorts lets Sam in on a very Illuminati level secret

“Who do you think killed all the dragons the last time around? Gallant dragonslayers armed with swords?” He spat. “The world the Citadel is building has no place in it for sorcery or prophecy or glass candles, much less for dragons. Ask yourself why Aemon Targaryen was allowed to waste his life upon the Wall, when by rights he should have been raised to archmaester. His blood was why. He could not be trusted. No more than I can.”

Arya - Reaching Bravos 

I really loved her little internship at the House of Undying, Bravos is mysterious, intriguing and really amazing to explore through Arya’s eyes. Her internship their so far is not at all abusive or terrible as it seemed on the show. No one has raised a hand at her. Her psychological change is as fascinating to experience as it is in every book but weirdly her murdering the Night’s Watch deserter who Jon sent with Sam to sing songs about the watch & recruit people but he ditches them when they change ships at Braavos to make a career as a singer was very cold and disturbing. Her killing Meryn Trant, a paedophile who wronged her family, made some sense no matter how cold and disturbing that death scene was but Book!Arya’s murder of the Night’s Watch deserter kind of made her blindness punishment in the end seem justified. A bit harsh but it felt more like an intervention…


I never thought I’ll be invested in Jamie as a character, much like I never anticipated how much I would love Cersei’s POV but here I am… It starts at an intriguing mix of Jamie’s guilt at his contribution to his father’s death by freeing Tyrion, his struggle with his lost hand even though he makes a habit of bitch slapping people with his gold hand later and his lack of self worth for his Lord Commander of the King’s Guard appointment as he reads the book recording the accomplishments of King’s Guards before him and his own lack of accomplishments in comparison.  He starts drifting away from Cersei  politically/romantically thanks to his newfound moral compass, desire to be more honourable and Tyrion’s last words, “You poor stupid blind crippled fool. Must I spell every little thing out for you? Very well. Cersei is a lying whore, she’s been fucking Lancel and Osmund Kettleblack and probably Moon Boy for all I know,” which keep coming back to him. Also as far as romance is concerned, throughout the book he keeps pining over Brienne, if there’s an angsty love story in this book…it’s this one!  

“He was grateful when the bath was deep enough to conceal his arousal. As he lowered himself into the steaming water, he recalled another bath, the one he’d shared with Brienne.”

Red Ronnet raised his lantern. “I wished to see where the bear danced with the maiden not-so-fair.” His beard shone in the light as if it were afire. Jaime could smell wine on his breath. “Is it true the wench fought naked?”
“Naked? No.” He wondered how that wrinkle had been added to the story. “The Mummers put her in a pink silk gown and shoved a tourney sword into her hand. The Goat wanted her death to be amuthing. Elsewise …”
“… the sight of Brienne naked might have made the bear flee in terror.” Connington laughed.
Jaime did not. “You speak as if you know the lady.”
“I was betrothed to her.”  
That took him by surprise. Brienne had never mentioned a betrothal. “Her father made a match for her …” 

“How is it that you did not wed?” Jaime asked him.
“Why, I went to Tarth and saw her. I had six years on her, yet the wench could look me in the eye. She was a sow in silk, though most sows have bigger teats. When she tried to talk she almost choked on her own tongue. I gave her a rose and told her it was all that she would ever have from me.” Connington glanced into the pit. “The bear was less hairy than that freak, I’ll—”Jaime’s golden hand cracked him across the mouth so hard the other knight went stumbling down the steps. His lantern fell and smashed, and the oil spread out, burning. “You are speaking of a highborn lady, ser. Call her by her name. Call her Brienne.”Connington edged away from the spreading flames on his hands and knees. “Brienne. If it please my lord.” He spat a glob of blood at Jaime’s foot. “Brienne the Beauty.”

In the second half, he leaves to lay siege on Riverrun, after taking too many pit stops on the way, which seemed more like a quest for honour.  It’s kind of poetic that he was laying siege on Riverrun when Robb tricked him, drew him out to whispering woods and took him captive and this time he returned to do the same, only this time he finds a captive Edmure Tully, the Lord of Riverrun in the very same spot and Jamie manages to talk him into going in & surrendering his castle by using Edmure’s weakness for the safety of his people (and maybe by threatening to murder a baby lol. He’s not a saint already, lol). I liked that Edmure let his uncle, the Blackfish escape before he opened the gates to Lannisters. 

But it ends at a pretty strong place, where Cersei sends him a letter pleading to return and be her champion & rescue her from the sparrows, and Jamie just straight up says NO and burns the letter


Brienne’s side quest to find Sansa might be a bit slow but it’s really insightful in terms of understanding her journey, my favourite childhood memory being her master-at-arms’s golden advise to little Brienne, “Men will always underestimate you, he said, and their pride will make them want to vanquish you quickly, lest it be said that a woman tried them sorely. Let them spend their strength in furious attacks, whilst you conserve your own. Wait and watch, girl, wait and watch.”

In an interesting turn of events, her quest to find the Stark sisters comes to an end when she’s captured by the brotherhood without banners which is being led by zombie Catelyn Stark aka Lady Stoneheart, who was brought back to life after being dead for three days by Beric sacrificing himself to give her the kiss of life and well Catelyn came back even colder and more judgemental… So considering that the Bolton man says “Jamie Lannister sends his regard,” at the red wedding and the fact the Brienne is hunting for Sansa & Arya carrying a Lannister sword with a Lion pommel and a royal document signed by Tomenn, they jump to the worst conclusion…

“M’lady,” said the big man. “Here she is.”
“Aye,” added the one-eyed man. “The Kingslayer’s whore.”
She flinched. “Why would you call me that?”
“If I had a silver stag for every time you said his name, I’d be as rich as your friends the Lannisters.”
“That was only … you do not understand …”
“Don’t we, though?” The big man laughed. “I think we might. There’s a stink of lion about you, lady.”

Then they give her the most heartbrekingly angsty choice!     

“All she asks from you is Jaime Lannister.”
Jaime. The name was a knife, twisting in her belly. “Lady Catelyn, I … you do not understand, Jaime … he saved me from being raped when the Bloody Mummers took us, and later he came back for me, he leapt into the bear pit empty-handed … I swear to you, he is not the man he was. He sent me after Sansa to keep her safe, he could not have had a part in the Red Wedding.”
Lady Catelyn’s fingers dug deep into her throat, and the words came rattling out, choked and broken, a stream as cold as ice. The northman said, “She says that you must choose. Take the sword and slay the Kingslayer, or be hanged for a betrayer. The sword or the noose, she says. Choose, she says. Choose.”
Brienne remembered her dream, waiting in her father’s hall for the boy she was to marry. In the dream she had bitten off her tongue. My mouth was full of blood. She took a ragged breath and said, “I will not make that choice.”
There was a long silence. Then Lady Stoneheart spoke again. This time Brienne understood her words. There were only two. “Hang them,” she croaked.

Like this ship will be the death of me! seriously! This angst is so beautiful, I wish they resurrected Catelyn for this scene alone.

Sansa at Vale 

Until Sansa was in the King’s Landing storyline, I would often get bored and stop reading during her POV chapters. Her interactions with Cersei would evoke interest in me, otherwise only thing her character made me feel was sympathy, whenever she feel hurt. Sansa’s inner monologues while building a Winterfell replica snow castle at Eyrie was the first time I felt a connection to her character’s standalone scene. The last Sansa chapter of ASOS really was my favourite Sansa chapter

But in this book, she has three chapters of her in Eyrie after Lysa’s death and it’s just so damn weird, weird to the point of being quite interesting and a bit funny in a fucked up way? Littlefinger quite literally wants her to call him daddy, gives her a big room and his dead wife’s dresses & jewellery in a very sugar daddy way, asks for kisses and pulls her in his lap in the creepiest ways, wants to teach her “the game of thrones” and they have the most dysfunctional family like dynamic with Robin as their annoying child whom they usually keep drugged even though the drug has a risk of killing him. It ends with Littlefinger pulling Sansa into his lap and telling her that that he has arranged her marriage with a someone who will be the heir to Eyrie when Robin dies. But seriously, it’s some Lolita level of weirdness! 

Iron Islands

Personally, I don’t like Iron Islands or Greyjoys… my least favourite house and kingdom. It starts with an annoyingly religious guy wanting to have a King’s Moot after Euron’s return & Balon’s death which Euron wins and becomes “King” of the those depressing rocks, it was still hard for me to care about it in the books. There is another brother named Victorian who has a badass ship attack prate moment…

But Euron’s super rapey and disturbing attack on the coastal regions of Reach following that attack killed the buzz pretty quickly but at least his contribution to the conflict between the Crown & Highgarden made them a bit more relevant than they are on the show. I heard that Euron is really cool in the books but so far other than a few trinkets, sidekick wizards from Essos who did literally nothing cool & boastful yet disappointing tiny pirate tales, he’s still as unbearably annoying & irrelevant as he is on the show. Also he loves to sell people into slavery and wants to marry Dany *eye roll* but he sends his brother Victorian to fetch Dany for him. Sadly Victorian, who beat his ex to death, thinks he’ll keep Dany for himself. Also Yara’s the only likeable thing about this story line but weirdly even she felt kinda meh for some weird reason. I tried really hard to care about these guys but other than Victorian’s badass pirate attack moment & Euron’s attack on Yara’s ship in 7x02, the only emotion this storyline evokes in me is… Why? Why do you even exist? This was the only storyline in the book I found boring! 

But seriously, after reading this book, I’m obsessed with Dorne and I have a newfound love for Cersei’s character. I can’t believe I got to A Dance with Dragons this soon…Oh I’m so damn excited for it! It’s as big as ASOS which had to be adapted into 2 seasons, mostly about my favourites, so much story that the show chopped off, the improvement in George’s already brilliant writing to look forward to and Jonerys treasure to find… I’m psyched!  Sorry was the long rant, I just had too many thoughts about this book that I just had to get out of my system. I’m off to bury my nose in ADWD now to find more stuff to rant nerd out about here…

Thinking about Branwen Eyes

So at first I thought that Raven must always have red eyes

And Yang’s just change red when she’s angry because that’s when she’s most like her mother.

But then I remembered that Qrow’s eyes went red during his fight with Winter and during the Battle of Beacon.

But they aren’t red most of the time, they’re brown.

But they don’t change back as quickly as Yang’s. As soon as Yang’s takes a breath her eyes are purple but during the Battle for Beacon Qrow was basically joking around and his eyes were still red. 

This makes me wonder if Raven’s eyes were always red all the time or if that has something to do with her lifestyle choice.


They can go more red, glow red like this:

Which reminds me of her:

And these:

Qrow is one of my favourite characters and some part of me wants him, Ren and Nora to be involved in something that reveals their backstories connected to the bandits. 

I need to know.

I realise all I’m talking about is Jaime but I don’t think anyone except people who’s all time fave is also Jaime can understand my emotions right now

I used to hate him, so fiercely. Then I read A Storm of Swords, watched Season 3, and everything changed; I fell in love with his utter complexity, the good heart hidden by his horrific decisions he has been forced to make. I read the rest of the books and was blessed with this beautiful character arc, with a character who realised in ASOS who he truly was, who abandoned the Cersei plot LONG ago.

And so he became my favourite, one of my all time fictional favourites.

And I have had to sit through four seasons that have shat all over his book arc, I have had to defend defend defend, I have had to sit and every episode for four years hope and pray my book!Jaime returns.

And tonight, with beautifully swelling music, I watched that Jaime return - a Jaime who honours his pledges, a Jaime who wants to fight on the right side this time, a Jaime who is determined to be the honourable knight he aspired to be before he was part of Aerys’ Kingsguard, a Jaime who’s book!arc is all about how he is separate to Cersei, how he doesn’t have to be loyal to Lannister he has to be loyal to his beliefs (as shown when he covered up the Lannister gold hand).

I watched book!Jaime, Season 3 Jaime, return to the screen after FOUR. INTOLERABLE. SEASONS. AS. A. JAIME. FAN.

So yeah. I may be talking about him constantly but I legitimately cried when he finally left because I have waited so long and started to give up that the show would ever do Jaime justice again and FINALLY. JAIME. IS. FREE.