chang is a companion. i will fight you


In Guild Wars 2 there is a Sylvari NPC character, named Canach that is part of your party who initially was an antagonist in an earlier part of the game. You fight him and he gets imprisoned. Circumstances change where he is forced to
join your party and now he is out for redemption.
He’s still snarky and funny but his character has evolved.
I would love it if there was a future companion like that in DA4. We sort of had that with Zevran in Origins but it would be nice if they did that again in a future game.

Mod Note: Hey Confessor I am a Guild Wars 2 player too. I definitely agree about Canach. He is my favorite companion in the group currently.  -SMC


<< We don’t fight that often. We fought more in the beginning, of course. And then … >>

the taller Gardevoir’s facial expression changed to that of a somewhat embarrassed one and he lowered his ears.

<< No one else really wanted to be my … companion, if you will. I suppose I don’t blame them; maybe the idea of pairing up with a former bounty hunter made others uncomfortable, after all, not all of these ‘freelance workers’ come from savory backgrounds. Unless something else was the cause? I don’t know.

Due to the wide variety of these jobs, and the fact that much of them involve hunting something down, it’s quite dangerous to do them alone. Asgeir saw potential in me as a partner or something, so, there you go. >>

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Honorary Companion Scorecard!

These peeps were disqualified on the grounds that they either weren’t really a companion, were sort of a companion, were only a companion in special circumstances, or were only your companion for a hot minute. BUT they deserve so much love because they are very awesome. Their scores will not change the Best Companion™ winner, AKA SCOURGEYYYYY, but here are their scores, including “do I love them”? WARNING: CLASS AND EXPANSION SPOILERS AHEAD!!

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you’ve heard of a portal/undertale crossover where the undertale characters take the portal characters’ places

but what about

the other way around

chell falls into aperture and is taken in by caroline

a music-loving turret blocks your way in the ruins

chell encounters two robots that treat each other like siblings, atlas and p-body

chell and the curiosity core encounter rick who is very vigilant. i can’t believe he likes anime. and doug?

chell goes into hotland and finds rattman, who made a robot that is either fact, the companion cube, or the announcer. or some combination of the three. dear god.

she goes into the core. which is probably the reactor core amirite. a defective turret pours his heart out to you in a humble little shop. 

you have to fight cave fucking johnson to leave the underground

also flowey is wheatley

not sure who chara would be, or like anyone else i haven’t mentioned. mad dummy is anger core

curiosity’s role might change. because why wouldn’t curiosity and space gossip together and sell junk to people