chang i


darling you don’t have to hold it
you don’t have to be afraid
you can go ahead, unload it
because you know it’ll be okay
fire away


Look, let’s not talk about Cedric right now… let’s talk about something else. I thought, I thought you’d u-u-understand! I need to talk about it! Surely you n-need to talk about it too! I mean, you saw it happen, d-didn’t you?


he silently judges people

A little scene from @stanchez-sloppy-seconds  fic, you should go read it ;D

Sorry guys for not posting much and just reblogging things ^^“ I tried to post inktober but school didnt let me complete the things i was working on, currently im drowning in homework and proyects so there wont be any art soon. I hope you all can forgive me!! :D have some bendos that i doodled for inktober practice to cheer you up :^D

platonic soulmates are important, all encompassing friendships are important, and it’s okay to feel intense amounts of love for your friends without 1) harboring romantic feelings for them, 2) wanting to get in their pants.

i’m really (really, really, really) not hating on people’s ships when it comes to the raven cycle (you do you), i just feel like expressing how much i personally love that each platonic friendship in the books is treated with just much value/care/respect as each romantic relationship. they’re different, but they matter equally. to me, that’s a huge part of the beauty of the books.