• Miss Flemming: Alright, Heathers. Your job is to follow the teachers around and observe them. You are not to speak unless spoken to and under no circumstances are you to tender an opinion in front of one of the students. You just stand there, silently. Something I like to call "ghosting".
  • Heather McNamara: Point of order: I don't think that's what "ghosting" is. Ghosting is when you leave a party without saying goodbye.
  • Heather Duke: Okay, you guys are all idiots. Ghosting is when you've been texting with a guy for a really long time and things are going really well and you think he's really into you, and of a sudden one day he just stops texting back because he finally saw what you look like. And so you just text him like "Hey Sexy, where'd you go?" and he just doesn't answer because he ghosted.
  • Heather Chandler: Wait, isn't ghosting when you do a number two and you look down at the paper and there's nothing there? And so you stand up and look in the toilet but there's nothing there either because the turd somehow got shot down the hole before you even flush. I mean, that's ghosting.
  • Miss Flemming: ALRIGHT! There are lots of uses for the term "ghosting", the usage I'm describing is where you stand silently and say NOTHING.
  • Heather Chandler: ....That's not ghosting.
  • Chanel #5: "Aspetta, sei lesbica?"
  • Chanel #3: "No, all'inizio pensavo di si, ma poi quando l'ho baciata ho capito che non mi importava se fosse un uomo o una donna. Sono innamorata dell'amore"
Westerberg Class President Elections
  • *Heather McNamara is tallying the class president votes*
  • Heather M: Alright, remind me again. It's red for Heather Chandler and blue for Veronica?
  • Heather C: Obv. Do you think you can handle that? I only gave you the job of tallying votes because I thought you Rain Man types were super good at counting. Or are you one of those idiot savants that's heavy on the idiot, light on the savant?
  • Heather M: I am neither, thank you very much! Years before the psychoanalytic society of America decided there was money to be made by creating what they called "the autism spectrum", I would have been considered a day dreamer or quirky, like a young Zooey Deschanel. I am not an idiot OR a moron, I am simply a victim of my times.
  • Heather D: Are you aware your pants are on backwards?
  • Heather M: