chanel waving

March Playlist 🌱

Slide - Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, Migos
Chanel - Frank Ocean
Saved - Khalid
There’s A Honey - Pale Waves
Liability - Lorde
Swim Good - Frank Ocean
Location - Khalid
Novacane - Frank Ocean
Love - Lana Del Rey
heartsigh - Purity Ring
Green Light - Lorde
Wicked Games - The Weeknd
repetition - Purity Ring
Through the Wire - Kanye West
bodyache - Purity Ring

enjoy anyone who sees this :)

ChloeNath Week : Day 3 (Art) Paintballs.

A/N: Sorry for the overdue fic ^^; 

“What happened to this place?”

Nathaneal turned his head to see Chloe standing at the doorway, looking around at his empty studio. She wore long white pants and a white halter top.

“Did you get robbed?”

He smiled. “No, they are all in the other room,” he said pointing across the hallway. “I suggest you should put your hadnbag in there and get ready,”

The blonde hair girl raised an eyebrow. “Why? What’s going on?”

“No questions. Isn’t it Gucchi?”

She stomped her foot , “It’s Chanel!”

The boy waved his hand noncholantly. She huffed and did as she was told, her high heels clacking on the hard floor.  He continued to lay white sheets on the ground, sealing them tightly around the corners with masking tape.


He heard the clicking of the shoes return , “Are you going to tell me whats going on?”

He turned around to face her with hands on his hips “We are going to do a makeover,” he nodded towards the bare white walls. 


He ran to a nearby room and brought out two buckets of filled up with small balloons. Each balloon was filled up with liquid. 

“No way!” she said, backing off.

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