chanel counter

This is a fuck customer and fuck manager all in one. I work at the store with the big red star and have been there for about 5 months now. My department just recently got a new manager and he kind of doesn’t really know what he’s doing. It’s store policy that all cosmetics/shoes/jewlery/handbags get returned in their departments. I had a customer try to return Chanel make up to me by throwing it on the counter at me after I finished her other return. I was trying to explain this policy to a her as I was walking her over to the cosmetics desk when we ran into the new manager. She demanded to know why she had to walk an extra 100 feet to return the make up. He threw me under a burning bus going over a cliff and told her I could have returned it at my register. We walked back to my register and I did the return, trying to be nice while she’s sitting there cursing at me and yelling about how this is why we’re going out of business and losing money. After she left, I brought it back to the Chanel counter where they proceeded to ask why I returned it, etc. I explained and they said they’d talk to their manager about it and get it fixed.