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Chapter 3: You vs. Them Part II

Robyn POV:

I walked into the restaurant where I was meeting Michael. I gave the hostess my name and she escorted me to my seat, where he was already sitting.

“Hi Robyn, glad you could make it” He said standing up and greeting me with a hug. I almost fainted at the scent of his cologne. He smelled so good.  I slid into the booth and a waitress came over to take our drink orders.

“Umm I’ll take a glass of Moscato” I said looking at the wine list.

“And I’ll just have a glass of water” Michael said and I looked at him.

“You are over twenty one, right?” I said and he laughed.

“Absolutely, I just don’t drink often.” He said and I nodded.

Shortly the waitress came back with our drinks and asked if we would like an appetizer, and we said to give us a minute. I wasn’t ready to start eating yet. I just wanted to talk and find out about him.

“So why did you choose this place?” he said.

“Because I really love Italian food and theirs certainly is the most authentic and the best.”

“So Michael tell me about yourself. Why did you move here?” I asked taking a sip of my wine.

“Well I’m an IT Consultant and it causes me to travel a lot.”

“What exactly do they do?” I said, wanting to know more.

“Well I have different companies that are my clients, and they call me to advise them on how to use information and communication technology to meet their needs and goals. Sometimes I can consult with them via Internet or phone, but in cases like this I have to travel to where they are to do my job. ”

“Oh wow you must really love traveling, and how long are you going to be here?”

“I love traveling. I’ve been to many countries and cities. The world is truly a beautiful place and the company I’m working with now is a new one, so I may be here for a couple of months or however long they need me. I don’t really know yet.” He said and I nodded.

“Enough about me Robyn, what do you do?”

“I own a boutique and I design on the side. I’m thinking about working with this apparel company because they seem very interested in my designs. ”

“Congratulations on that and you must really like fashion, huh?”

“I love it. I’m actually opening my second boutique in about a month.”

“I hope I get an invite to the Grand Opening” he said smiling. He really has gorgeous teeth.

“Definitely” I said smiling back.

“You know I just have to tell you that you look stunning tonight.” He said.

“You’re quite the charmer huh and thank you. You look very nice too.” I said truthfully. He was killing that black Armani suit.

“Not really, I’m just a man being honest and thank you.”

We continued talking and I learned so much about him and vice versa. He is so nice and funny. I’m really having a great time and I’m happy I decided to come.

“So Robyn…” he said grabbing my hand and rubbing his thumb across the top of it. I felt a shiver go up my spine and my body became warm.

“Yes?” I said while he was still holding my hand.

“Do you have anyone special in your life at the moment?” he asked and I thought. Wow this is the first time my mind went to Christopher tonight.

“Well…umm hold that question. I have to go to the bathroom.” I got up and grabbed my Chanel clutch purse and headed to the restroom.  I walked in and stared at myself in the mirror. My face was pinkish from blushing.

“Ok Robyn, get it together. Why is it so hard to tell this man yes I’m seeing someone.” I said out loud and a woman walked out of the stall and looked at me like I was crazy.

“Hi” I said giving her a weak smile and she did the same. She washed her hands and started speed walking out the bathroom.

I got a wet paper towel and patted around my face and neck area with it. I applied more lipstick and ran my hands down my dress. I went to the door and took a deep breath. I walked out looking down into my purse to make sure I put all my things back in it.

“Robyn!! Hey there lady” I looked up and damn near passed out right in this restaurant. Omg no no no, this can’t be happening. I wanted to run full speed out of this place, but I couldn’t do that.

I continued walking and my eyes connected with Chris’. He was clenching his jaw and giving me a death stare. Man if looks could kill. I stared back at him, apologizing with my eyes but I could tell he wasn’t having it.

“Hey what are y’all doing here?” I said as Michael was sliding out the booth so I could sit next to Kelly.

“Well Christopher made the reservations but when we got here the lady said they were busy and she offered us to sit here and your sweet date said it was ok. I hope you don’t mind.” Kelly explained.

“No it’s fine with me.” It remained silent for a while until the waitress came to take our orders. We told her what we wanted and she walked away.

“So how did you guys meet?” Kelly asked out of nowhere.

“We met on an elevator. As the doors were closing he yelled for me to hold it for him and I did.” I replied.

“Awww that’s so cute. How long have you two known each other?” Kelly countered and Chris looked at me, waiting for an answer.

“Not long at all. This is actually our first date.” Michael said and I saw Chris tense up at the word “date”.

“We’re sorry we ruined y’all first date” Chris said with a bit of sarcasm in his voice. I think I’m the only one who caught it.

“It’s ok y’all didn’t ruin anything. This beautiful woman right here was already giving me one of the best nights of my life just by being here, so nothing can ruin this.”

“You sure?” Chris said slightly chuckling under his breath.

“Yea man I’m sure.” Michael said and Kelly leaned over to me and I leaned closer to her.

“Wow he seems like an amazing man. Don’t let him go, he’s a keeper.” she said trying to whisper but I know the men heard her because they looked over at us, and Chris rolled his eyes but I giggled at her comment.

“So Christopher how long have you been a Pastor?” Michael asked as he wrapped his arm around me. Chris squeezed his glass so hard; I just knew it would shatter.

“About 10 years man”

“You must have started really young then”

“Yea I did” I could tell he had an attitude and I can understand why.

“I should come visit your church sometime with Robyn.”

“If you want to” he said and grabbed Kelly’s hand.

Thank God the waitress shortly came with our food. We began eating and made small talk. The waitress came and took our plates. Kelly and I ordered tiramisu and Chris and Michael ordered cannolis for dessert.

“Oh babe you have to try this” Kelly said feeding Chris.

“It’s good but baby you got something on your face; let me get it.” Chris said kissing and lowkey licking the corner of Kelly’s lips. That pissed me off but I’m not about to play this game with him. We finished our dessert and Chris paid for his and Kelly’s meal and Michael paid for ours.

Michael grabbed my hand and we walked out the restaurant with Christopher and Kelly.

“It was really nice meeting you guys.”  Michael said hugging Kelly and giving Chris dap.

“Yea you too” Chris said but I know he didn’t mean that at all.

“Bye Robyn we’ll be seeing you.” Kelly said hugging me and Chris just stood there. We waved them goodbye and they left.

“Despite our extra guest, I had fun tonight Michael.” I said as he was walking me to my car.

“I’m glad you did and I did as well, but umm does that mean I can see you again?” he said rubbing the back of his neck and I thought for minute.

“Yes, of course”

“Great, I’ll call you.”

“Ok cool.” I said.

“Goodnight Robyn, be safe” he said kissing my cheek.

“Night and you too” I replied getting in my car and driving home. Omg I have to call Mel as soon I step foot in the house. She won’t believe this mess.

Chris POV:

I have been silent since we left the restaurant. My mind was playing ping pong with my thoughts. I must say tonight was pure torture. Once again I envisioned Robyn and that guy at the table with his arm wrapped around her and him holding her hand when we were outside. Just thinking about it made me angry. Jesus really had control of my hands tonight, because I really wanted to reach over and punch the shit out of him. Why she let him do that? What was with all the giggling and blushing she was doing? What the hell was that? I swear she better not have invited him in or kissed him.

“I really enjoyed our date babe. Robyn and her date were both sweet” Kelly wouldn’t give this Robyn talk a rest.

I don’t want to hear about this shit. My mind is already recapping tonight’s events. Why must Kelly keep reiterating things?

“Mmhuh it was nice, but I really wished we could have been alone babe” I dryly stated. She threw her hands in the air and proceeded to our shared walk in closet. I removed my blazer and untied my bow tie.

“Babe you made me feel young again tonight” She yelled across the room. She really enjoyed her night, lucky her.

My phone began to make soft vibrations on the nightstand and I slowly checked my messages.

“Babe Mijo is stranded and he needs assistance. I won’t be long”

“Chris he can’t call anyone else?” She presented herself in full lingerie and something that hasn’t transpired in what felt like an eternity happened.

My soldier stood at attention for this beautiful goddess. Kelly’s body is a fine piece of art and the light shined bright on my Godiva Chocolate beauty.

“Baby I promise I will be right back no later than 45 minutes. Take a warm bath and prepare your body for the Christopher’s circus tonight. I’m going to wear you out”. She blushed and pecked my lips.

“Hurry back lover, I don’t want to grow cold” I smack her ass and headed to the garage.

Woof Woof!!” Buddy was barking loudly for attention. I’ve neglected him lately.

"You want to roll with me little fellow”. He barked in agreement and we walked side by side. I decided to take the drop top Porsche for Buddy’s sake and the temperature outside was wonderful.

I checked my surroundings and buckled up for safety, a normal ritual for me, before leaving.

"This is 95.5 the beat and the topic tonight on the quiet storm is relationships. Call in and give us the craziest situation you’ve been in. The lines are now open.” The radio jockey announced.

“Hey DJ Smooth this is…” The caller cleared her throat. "This is Toya and I’m in an awkward state right now.”

"Talk to Dj Smooth Toya.”

“I love this man with all of my heart but he belongs to another”

“Oh scandalous Toya tell us more” Dj Smooth iggs the caller on.

“He is amazing and I know he loves me, but tonight we were both on dates and we spotted each other. My heart dropped. I’ve never be in such an uncompromising position like that in my life.” I listened closely to the caller and a goofy smirk crept across my face.

“Toya baby girl talk about awkward, that sounds like it’s from a romantic comedy” We’re romantic alright but I don’t see humor in “Toya's” and I situation. Robyn is something else.

"Thanks for calling Toya. Enjoy the rest of your night sweetie”

Buddy dropped his head and gave me a distasteful look, like he read my mind and knew the caller as well.

“Oh don’t fucking look at me like that Buddy damn”. He barked lowly and lied back down. My phone rang and I answered it with my steering wheel.

“Bro it took your slow ass long enough; Mel came to my rescue, but thanks though I’ll be fine”

“Alright bro be safe.  I was almost there”

“I’m leaving the scene now Chris"

“Ok bro, don’t have too much fun tonight” Mijo and Mel have been really heating things up lately and I haven’t seen him give anyone this much attention.

“Tell Chris what he did tonight was petty, and he should be ashamed. He doesn’t want my friend to move on” Mel was muttering nonsense in the background.

What is she talking about? I was on my best behavior so she needs to pipe down because clearly she doesn’t know anything about me or Robyn. Her best friend is the one that needs to be ashamed of herself. I hung up without saying my farewells. I didn’t have time for her mouth.

“Buddy are you down for a road trip? Let’s ride out”

I made a quick U-turn and hit the freeway. Thirty minutes later I arrived to my destination.

“Buddy you stay here and be quiet” I said and looked at him. He was knocked out sleep so I guess he won’t be a problem. I got out the car and walked to the door. I need answers.

Kelly POV:

I can’t believe he just left me like that. This was supposed to be our night together. I sent the kids to stay with their grandmother, bought lingerie, bought strawberries with whipped cream, and much more so tonight could be special, and he just ups and leaves.

I stepped into my warm bubble bath and my mind slipped to something I try not to think about. I’m not stupid and I honestly know Christopher has been or was cheating on me. I’m not sure with who but I saw inappropriate pictures and text messages that didn’t have a face or name awhile back. I was too afraid to call the number, because a part of me was in denial and also I didn’t want to know who the woman was. God forbid it was someone I knew.

I snuck and checked his phone the other day, but I didn’t find anything. Either he stopped talking to her or he has gotten wise and started deleting the evidence. Whatever it is I’m not going to let some home wrecker come in and ruin what we worked so hard to build.

Robyn POV:

I just got off the phone with the radio and laughed to myself. It really wasn’t a funny situation at the time, but once you say it out loud to someone else it is a little hilarious. I poured myself a cup of hot tea with lemon and sat on the couch indian style, and turned on the T.V. I scrolled through the guide and came across a movie called Another Woman’s Husband on Lifetime. This shall be good. I clicked on it and began to watch.

“Oh come on girl. I know you’re new in town but open your eyes it’s clear that he’s married to your friend. There are too many similarities for it to be a coincidence.” I said to the T.V. This movie is really good and shit is about to hit the fan. I heard a knock at my door and groaned. I put the movie on pause so I wouldn’t miss anything.

“Who is it?” I said walking to the door, but no one answered.

“I said who is it?” still no one answered. I looked out my peephole and became irritated. I opened my door and walked away.

“What are you doing here?”

“Is that really the way you’re going to greet me?”

“Shouldn’t you be sucking your wife’s face off like you were at dinner?”

“I only did that once but I’m-“

“Once was enough for me.”

“Don’t act like I’m the only who did something wrong. What about you and ol boy giggling, whispering, and snuggling at the table.”

“Oh please we were not snuggling”

“The hell y’all wasn’t” he said slightly raising his voice and I rolled my eyes.

“Anyways like I said why are you here”

“I came here to get some answers”

“Answers huh? Are you sure you didn’t come here to make sure I didn’t have any guest.”

“Nah because I knew nobody would be here.”

“Oh really? Well I’m sorry dad I wasn’t aware that I had to ask for permission to have someone over if I wanted to. I’ll make sure to call if I want to invite someone over.” I sarcastically stated.

“Stop being so damn extra and just talk to me” he said sitting down on the couch but I remained standing.

“Ok you said you wanted answers, so start asking questions.” I said folding my arms.

“Why?” he said holding his head down and putting his hands in a prayer like form.

“Why, what Christopher?”

“Why did you go out with him?”

“Simply because I wanted to; it wasn’t to be malicious or hurt you in any way. I just wanted to go.”

“Are you going to see him again and do you like him?”

“I plan on it and yes I do” I said. I honestly do like Michael and he seems like a great guy.

“Are you sleeping with him?” he said with his head still down and clenching his jaw like he did at dinner, but this time more aggressively.

“I bet that was the question you wanted to ask first huh?”

“Just answer the damn question”

“First of all I don’t know who you think you’re talking to like that but let’s get one thing straight, because you seem to have forgotten. I am a grown ass woman and I can do what I please with whoever I please. I just met that man and the only person I’ve been with these past 10 months is you and you-“


“Listen nothing!!! The fact that you would even ask me that shows how much you think of me.” I said and he looked at me.

“Don’t even go there Robyn you know exactly what I think of you and how I feel about you.”

“I can’t tell by the way you’re acting”

“How the hell am I acting Robyn? You out here on dates with other dudes and you expect me to be ok with that shit. Nah Fenty you got it twisted.”

“What the hell? Nah you’re the one who got it twisted. You’re sitting here questioning me like I’m a child and like you’re not the one who’s tied down. I don’t need you to be ok with anything, because I’m going to do me regardless, whether you like it or not.”

“Is that right?”

“Did I stutter? Yea that’s right.”

“Don’t play yourself baby girl”

“No, you don’t play yourself and you know what?” I said and he stayed silent.

“You are the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever met in my life”

“Yea and you are the biggest b-” he said and I chuckled.

“You better not say it. You don’t even deserve to have the title or word Pastor in your name. You’re nothing but a fraud ass nigga.” He got up and walked towards me.

I felt tears form in my eyes but I didn’t let them fall. Fuck that I’m tired of crying. I turned my head to not look in his direction but he grabbed my face and stared at me.

“Don’t ever in your life disrespect my role as a Pastor. You understand? You and I both know you’ve never been a saint; so don’t start trying to act like one.”

“Get the hell out my face and leave now!!!” My voice boomed and echoed throughout my house.

“Gladly” he said walking out and slamming my door so hard, causing me to jump.

I walked upstairs to my room and laid down. The tears I was holding back began to fall. I don’t know where this leaves Chris and I but as of right now I don’t want to see or talk to him. If this is the end for us it’s ok because I rather be free and happy alone anyway, than hidden with someone else.