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Sorry I’ve been a bit of an asshole and totally ignored this. I was not feeling good about myself lately and didn’t feel very comfortable taking selfies. Thankfully I managed to pull myself out of it…so tadaaaa 😋

Also, look at the text I got from the gym and the amazing Google translate. Are the computers gossiping behind my back because I haven’t been in a while? 😂
My lack of gym activity was also caused by my selfhate blib. I just felt so embarrassed about myself that I only wanted to lock myself in my house. But no more! I’m going to buy myself some gym clothes that I feel comfortable in and will kick myself to the gym!

Thankfully life is not all bad :)
- I’m visiting my friends and family next week. I’m 300% sure that it will do me good to be surrounded by people that love me, missed me and are happy to see me. I also have my job interview next week. Makes me nervous but also hopeful.

- I got a permanent contract at my job. I’ll probably leave Poland end of August but it’s nice to have something to fall back on in case things don’t work out.

- I got a gift card from work and treated myself to a new bottle of Chanel perfume. I smell delicious now 😍 according to the description on the website, this a perfume for brave and Free women. I like it!

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I just started this blog very recently, and while I don’t mind at all whispering my affections of fragrance into an empty audience, open discussions and finding others with the same interests would be ideal. First and foremost, I’m only an obsessive collector, so my virtual space to do even more collecting of something I can’t afford is why I started this. But! I’d love to share it all with anyone on in this blue site who cares, and please - share with me.

As I make this post I have a mere 20 followers! Once I get to 100 followers I’ll add all the URLS into a generator to pick one at random. I’m a flat broke college student, but I can spare a little for something I love so much (this is what I always tell myself when putting money towards perfume). The winner will receive a $30 Gift Certificate to, which has a great selection of niche, indie, vintage, mainstream, discontinued and organic fragrances. Samples and decants as far as the eye can see! This is one of my favorite sites to find decants, I have quite a few from them.

Prices of some decants start at $0.99, so while $30 might not be a lot when you’re talking about perfume, it can still get you a few samples.

You can choose whatever you’d like of course, or I can give you recommendations depending on perfumes or specific scents you already know you like!

Contest rules: You must be following this blog, although a reblog of this post will get your URL entered twice into the generator instead of once.

Please reblog and share, and sniff on, fume heads. Good luck :)