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I just started this blog very recently, and while I don’t mind at all whispering my affections of fragrance into an empty audience, open discussions and finding others with the same interests would be ideal. First and foremost, I’m only an obsessive collector, so my virtual space to do even more collecting of something I can’t afford is why I started this. But! I’d love to share it all with anyone on in this blue site who cares, and please - share with me.

As I make this post I have a mere 20 followers! Once I get to 100 followers I’ll add all the URLS into a generator to pick one at random. I’m a flat broke college student, but I can spare a little for something I love so much (this is what I always tell myself when putting money towards perfume). The winner will receive a $30 Gift Certificate to, which has a great selection of niche, indie, vintage, mainstream, discontinued and organic fragrances. Samples and decants as far as the eye can see! This is one of my favorite sites to find decants, I have quite a few from them.

Prices of some decants start at $0.99, so while $30 might not be a lot when you’re talking about perfume, it can still get you a few samples.

You can choose whatever you’d like of course, or I can give you recommendations depending on perfumes or specific scents you already know you like!

Contest rules: You must be following this blog, although a reblog of this post will get your URL entered twice into the generator instead of once.

Please reblog and share, and sniff on, fume heads. Good luck :)


Lay - 150616 Vogue Fashion & Beauty’s weibo update: “昨晚Chanel派对明星保龄球赛谁最身手不凡?冠军的就是张艺兴@努力努力再努力x !爱尝新的他还亲手调制了一杯夏日特饮,而艺兴的奖品是和4款夏日特饮对应的Chanel邂逅香水100ml正装,他决定送给Vogue MINI读者噢!登录MINI留言说出你和最爱的香水的小故事,就有可能被他选中送香水!”

Translation: “Who was best atlast night’s Chanel celebrity competitive bowling party? The title of champion goes to @Lay! With a love of trying new things, even personally handmade summer drinks, Lay created 4 different kinds of summer drinks to match Chanel perfume 100ml bottles, which he decided will be gifted to readers of Vouge MINI! Log in to MINI to leave a message telling a story about your favourite perfume, then you will have a chance of being chosen to receive the perfume!”

Credit: Vogue服饰与美容 .