Aboriginal activist calls Chanel’s new $1325 boomerang “so wrong it is almost absurd”

  • A cool $1325 can bag you Chanel’s new spring-summer 2017 pre-collection wood & resin black boomerang. Absurd? Perhaps. Unthinkable? Hardly. Offensive? To some.
  • The high-priced luxury good (which Chanel has been selling in various iterations since 2004) first made the rounds on Monday, after makeup artist Jeffree Star Instagrammed his affection for the new product.
  • Over 160K people ‘liked’ the post with over 5,000 comments, many saying the brand appropriated indigenous Australian culture.“
  • As someone who lives in Australia and has been taught about discrimination toward Aboriginals, this is ethically wrong,” wrote @actually.james. Read more (5/16/17)

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She wants them to see the real her.
She wants the lilac sky and little books,
She wants to go far away from here.
She wants to escape.
Her mind is pearls and her face is the ocean.
He makes her blue.
She wishes everything were different.
She wishes she can forget everything.
Lord knows she tried.
Saying goodbye to him will always be the hardest goodbye.
But hey, it felt so true.
It felt like love.
—  c.p.s, chanel-over-boys