jetsanddreams  asked:

Hi I am redoing my room with the focus being my new vera Bradley comforter in the pattern Lola. Could you recommend some affordable room decor or shops? Thanks and love the blog you are doing a fabulous job!

hi! i have a bunch of vera bradley purses – but i didn’t know that they made comforters as well! so cute. thank you for the compliments, too! i do love writing this blog, especially when i can help out fun followers like you!! :)

what kinds of room decor are you looking for? because i have a TON of home decor suggestions :)

items for your walls

  • the colorful wooden signs at oldnewagain would look cute with the bright ‘lola’ pattern
  • similarly, thepinenuts features initials, state outlines, and quirky shapes, some with containers attached to hold stuff
  • greatbottlesoffire makes handmade wall hangings and wall torches – not sure if you want flames in your bedroom, but the vases are cool!
  • fluxglass’ mirrors come in tons of girly and hipster-y shapes
  • this astrology wall calendar is neutral enough that i think it would still go with your comforter


  • zipper8lighting consistently has uniquely-shaped lamps, some white, some very colorful
  • cute knit lampshade cozies at lavenderhillknits
  • match 'lola’ perfectly with some brightly-hued, hand-painted moroccan lanterns from litdecor
  • moutoncerise’s night lights evoke trendy childhood wonder


pillow shops

other finds

PHEW, that was a lot. i’m sorry if it’s a little overwhelming!! let me know if you need any more help or pointers or shop suggestions. this was super fun for me, so THANK YOU for asking for my help :D