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2. For the next 24 hours, any time anyone leaves your name/URL in my askbox, my character will be unable to resist the urge to kiss yours. What’s the catch? Each time they kiss them, it has to be done differently.

“No, Charlie! That is not how you frost a cupcake! You’ve got it all over your face…” Chandler trailed off as he looked at the frustrated man in front of him. The frosting had not only managed to get in his hair but was also smeared across his cheek and his lower lip. Chandler let out a kind-of-frustrated-but-mostly-fond huff as he surveyed his adorable companion, who currently looked more like a pouting child. He leaned up quickly and kissed him, slowly licking the frosting off of his lip in the process. “At least it tastes good,” he mumbled, cheeks flaming.