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hi guys!! recently i hit 1.500 followers and i thought id do something to thank y’all (sorry for the ugly graphic lmao i spent literally 2 mins on it) 💗💗 im sorry i havent been active lately, but ive been busy with life lmao. i miss y’all a lot and i promise from now on i’ll try to be on here more, also because i wanna catch up with you guys ! ! 

i honestly cant believe ive been on this site for ?? what, 6 months now? and ive met a lot of amazing ppl im thankful for 💖 we’ve been through a lot together, ive freaked out abt yoi with you guys, ive ranted on here, ive talked for days about my crush… so really, THANK YOU ALL, I LOVE YOU!!! seeing you on my dashboard makes me happy ! !

(no alphabetical order bc im lazy sorry,, also sorry i forgot anyone)

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