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Title: Stay

Based off of “Over and Over Again” by Nathan Skyes and “Lights Down Low” by MAX. Especially based off the two music videos. Maybe a bit off of “100 years” by five for fighting

We hauled the mattress up to his new room in his new house.
“PIVOT!” I joked from bellow
“SHUT UP!” He yelled back laughing
“PIVOT!” I yelled again
I only heard his laugh and soon we were up in his room. We flopped the queen sized mattress onto his bed and flopped onto the bed.
“We still have more things to grab” I said and groaned, I turned to get up but Chandler grabbed my hand
“Stay” he groaned tired from having to move things in.
“C'mon, after we can do other things. Maybe try out your new mattress” I told him
“There’s two ways we can do that and both ways would be fantastic” he said and pulled himself up

Chandler and I laid on his bed.
“Get up” I kissed his cheek and sat up
“No” he groaned
“C'mon, I have to go. I’m out of clothes babe” I told him and got up
“Stay” he said
“Unless you want me to wear your clothes again I need to grab my own”
“Stay, stay here” he sat up “no more running back and forth. Move in here” he inched closer towards me
“I can’t do that” I said
“Why not? You practically live here. I don’t think it would be that big of a change, it would be more convenient anyways” he said and wrapped his arms around my waist I could feel his warmth, heartbeat and vibrations while he spoke “please?”
“Fine, fine. That means you have to get up though” I chuckled and turned around to get dressed.

I woke up with the light from the window seeping through the curtains. I turned over to Chandler who was fast asleep.
“Wakey” I kissed his cheek and shook him lightly.
“No” he groaned as always
“It’s Christmas now come on” I told him and kissed his cheek again, a smirk grew on his face and he sprung up.
“Stay” he told me and ran down stairs. I slumped down and went to check my phone, there notifications popped up from my family and friends wishing me merry Christmas. I texted back most of them before Chandler walked in.
“Merry Christmas” he and handed me a wrapped small box with a tiny box on top.
“Chandler” I said
“Y/N” he said with a smirk
I opened the small box and revealed what I thought it was, a ring. I looked at him who was now on one knee.
“Will you marry me?” He asked

Chandler kicked the door open and the door open.
“I can’t believe you carried me up those stairs” I laughed and kissed him before jumping down
“I wanted to, be all manly” he chuckled and kissed me again
We flopped on top of our bed. He started to unzip my beautiful white gown. And I threw off his tux jacket.
The next morning I opened my eyes to see him holding me tight. I tried to sneak out of bed until
“Stay” he groaned
“Okay” I told him and slumped back in bed
“I love you” he whispered into my ear
“I love you too” I whispered back and fell back asleep

I stared at my swollen stomach and watched as the baby moved.
“Are my girls ready for a movie?” Chandler asked walking in
“I am, baby is just going to have to deal” I joked and sat up
He placed the popcorn onto one of our end tables and laid on his stomach
“Hi baby, is it okay if mommy and daddy watch a really scary movie? If mommy gets scared it’ll be okay. I’ll calm her down. Anyways she always laughs after jump scares” he told my stomach
She kicked, she always did when she heard his voice. You already can tell she was going to be a daddy girl.
“Cmon get it started” I told him and grabbed the popcorn “or I’ll do it”
“No, stay I got it”
Crying screamed from the baby monitor. Chandler and I both looked at each other.
“Stay, I got her” he told me
“It’s probably feeding time” I said and pulled myself up
“Stay” he strictly said and walked off
He came back in with a bundle of cuteness. He rocked the child back and forth to soothe her.
“Here, its feeding time” I said and took her out of his arms and sat on the bed to feed her. Chandler stood there staring
“What?” I asked as she finished.
“Nothing, just that motherhood looks great on you” he said and sat next to me
We both stared at the small bundle of joy we had created.

The footsteps of 2 children running was heard as Chandler and I were getting ready for bed I was brushing my hair staring into the mirror as the door swung open revealing the 5 year old girl chasing the small 3 year old boy.
“Cmon kiddos it’s time to brush your teeth” Chandler said and grabbed both of the giggling children
“No!” The boy screamed and laughed
“If you don’t brush your teeth no story in mommy and daddy’s room” I told them “actually if you don’t no story at all”
“Fine” the girl pouted and walked to brush her teeth. The boy was a bit more reluctant but followed his sister in dismay.
“Do you think they have a problem sharing a room?” I asked
“I think they secretly enjoy it” Chandler told me and wrapped his arms around my waist and placed his head onto mine.
“What do you think of them sharing with another?” I asked
A smile grew on his face and he started kissing my face.
“Another?” He asked happily “when did you?”
“Today, should we tell the kids?” I asked
“Nah, maybe a bit later” he said and kissed me again. The kids ran in and sat on the bed patiently waiting for a story.

“PIVOT!!” The 2 kids yelled jokingly at Chandler and I as we got the 4th and last mattress up the stairs.
“What have you done?” Chandler joked
“What? It’s funny” I laughed and pulled the mattress into the room. It was bigger than the old one but only by a little bit. Chandler and I flopped onto the mattress and soon the kids followed all flopping on top of us. Even the youngest, a little girl. Chandler and I groaned and hugged all of them. We were all laughing and giggling. I grabbed two of them and started tickling them and chandler grabbed the 3rd and attacked them as well. We had louder giggles filling the room. Life couldn’t get any better.
“Okay, kids we need to get the rest up.” Chandler said
“I’ll come too” I said
“Stay, we got this” he smiled and kissed my cheek before walking down with the 2 oldest

I woke up to kids screaming at each other and Chandler barking commands. I chuckled and continued to pretend to be asleep.
“I WANNA HOLD IT!” A small voice screamed
“NO ME!” Another yelled
“Just one of you hold it!” A voice yelled
The door swung open revealing 3 kids, my wonderful husband and a small tray of burnt bacon, slightly charred pancakes and spilled orange juice. Then as decoration a nice flower in a small vase on the tray as well.
“Happy Mother’s Day!” The kids cheered and ran towards me.
“Aww, this is all from you?” I asked
The youngest nodded in excitement.
“It’s wonderful” I smirked and took a bite of the burnt bacon…it wasn’t too bad. “Ohh crunchy. Just the way i like it” I lied
“Kids your Mother’s Day presents” Chandler told them and took the tray away. They all gave me cards and hugs and kisses. We then all sat on the bed watching tv until the day required to get started.

“Where can she be!?” Chandler yelled looking out at our window.
“Chandler calm down maybe take a few breathes” I told him
“Y/N ITS MIDNIGHT! Her curfew is at ten!” He yelled
“I KNOW! BUT YOUR YELLING IS NOT MAKING THIS ANY BETTER! I’m panicking too!” I yelled back
“What’s going on?” The youngest walked in rubbing his eyes
“Nothing baby, mommy and daddy are just arguing but it’s fine. We’re just worried about sissy” I told her
She nodded and chandler took her back to bed. I looked out the window to see her walk out of a car
“Chandler” I said
“I got it, she’s coming straight up here” he said and stomped downstairs
I sat on chandler and I’s bed waiting for them. I looked out the window to see him screaming at our daughter then grabbing her and practically dragging her upstairs.
“Mom, dads being unfair” She walked in grumpily saying
“It’s midnight…I have to side with your father” I told her
“I didn’t see the time! Come on!” She yelled and ran out
I sighed and was about to get up when chandler took my hand and led me to bed
“Stay, she’ll be calm by morning” he said and we both went to bed.

All the kids are gone now, the sound of children feet have ended and the sound of silence have entered our lives. Chandler and I weren’t young and able to do things we used to. The fiery love we once had had gone out and what stayed was a bigger deeper love.
Grandkids entered our lives and we loved them all. We showered the kids with gifts and they visited every so often. I loved seeing their smiles. The kids all found their own ways in life and no longer needed us.
Our favorite spot to be together was on our old porch, rocking back and forth on our bench swing. We would watch the grandkids there like we used to watch the kids.
Before we traveled right after we both retired but soon after health problems became risks and we spent our time in our little house.
One night we laid on our old bed. Held in each other’s arms as before. I loved the bed, there my legs weren’t as week and his back wasn’t as bad. We were both sleeping when I felt his hand go limp from my body.
“Chandler?” I said and turned my body gently to face him. His warmth had gone. I turned on the light to see his face pale. “Chandler!”
I shook him gently to maybe wake him up. I took him in my arms and held him.
“Stay” I whispered into his shoulder “maybe just for a little longer”
Nothing. I knew he was gone. I held onto to him longer…I didn’t want to leave him there alone. And soon I was gone along with him, took one last breath I hoped to meet him in any sort of afterlife.

I’ll try to write imagines every week till Christmas, hopefully it works to help me write more :)

@wasforncthing said: I don’t know if anyone here has heard or not, but it was trending on Facebook like a couple weeks ago that Chandler very well may leave TWD entirely so he can focus on school.

I think a lot of this is just set up for him going into Sanctury. I remember when the original issue came out there was a lot of ‘IS CARL GONNA’ DIE?’ going around.

however, if it is true? I can’t blame him. I support him 100%. maybe if he dies, Rick might remember he has a son. but, probably not. you know… I thought Chandler was really sad during Comic Con. he seems very left out, distant, etc. some people say this might be because he read the comics, and was excited as shit about this whole arc. its a lot of people’s favorite arc ever. and… he ended up with an after-school romance & this… awkward writing. i’ll be interested to see if he seems cheerier on Talking Dead, I guess, because I felt so bad for him. & y’know maybe it’s nothing to do with the show at all! but then, he is a teenager, and this show has been a lot of his life for years. 

either way… a lot of fans treat him badly, & insult him. the writer’s are probably ruining something he loves, like, we just roleplay online, imagine if you put a lot of your life into this, and he has an actual life & future to focus on so if he wanted to leave, at any point, i say get outta’ there, Chandler.


All I need is to remember
how it was to feel alive.
Song: 🎧 Winter Birds - Aurora.

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I’m not losing you, or Carl, or anyone else.
Song: 🎧 Still Your Girl - Fleurie.
I’m just real hung up on Richonne right now ❤️.

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