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I’m sure there are things we can do better. Gotta watch the film, but it was a great team win. We have a group of guys that come in here each and every day, bring the hard hat and lunch pail and work our tails off. A lot of people don’t understand the kind of work that we put in. We’re here in this building a lot. We take pride in our preparation. It’s been showing these past three weeks. We have to continue to try to do that. - Julian Edelman

Can cute boys stop being

1. Famous
2. Fictional
3. Gay
4. Double my age
5. 135774147883 miles away from me
6. Taken

“you’re not really part of the fandom if you haven’t been there from the beginning” 

well sorry but Elmo was keeping me pretty damn occupied

Stop for a second and look at this unbelievably sexy gif of Dean Winchester.

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