chandler bing tumblr

I feel like if Tumblr was a tv show it’d be Friends because you’ve got the science side, Ross who’s kinda silly and corrects and helps people. Plus dinosaurs man.

The aesthetic bloggers are like Rachael who want things to look good (fashionable), have high followers and they usually don’t follow back, then get confused (the ones I’ve talked to) if you didn’t automatically gain a bajillion followers.

The funny, stupid ones that make a lot of puns are Chandler, obviously.

Monica get’s to be the blogs who give advice and post personal stuff and tries desperately to gain followers because she has to win, but she is really nice even if she’s very much about things going her way.

Joey is lovely and friendly, he’s the blogs that probably aren’t having the best time but is always there. Bubbly and kind and friendly, they probably reblog a lot.

Phoebe is the social justice bloggers who seem really nice and want equality but will shout at you if you don’t believe the same thing as them, they’re not bad people though

The rest of us… are Gunther. Hoping to gain attention from the main 6 who are popular and cool while we just sort of derp around.