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Howlin’ For You

Part 2

(Avengers x Reader & Pietro x Reader)

A/n: This is my first ever request. Hope you like it anon. ;) I got carried away again and there’s a bit of fluff with Pietro because, well it’s Pietro and it’s mandatory. ;) Hope it’s not too rubbish!

Happy Halloween :) xxx  Requests are open. :)

(Part 1)

Sunlight beamed through the ceiling height windows, waking you up. You whined and turned over, the quilt wrapping itself around you. Maybe you should have taken Pietro up on his offer, you felt like death. Your back ached and your neck felt like it had been trapped in a vice all night. At least you were closer to coffee here and it was Saturday, which meant no training.  

“Morning y/n.” Bruce wandered in, he was usually the first one up, “coffee?” he smiled, thankfully not commenting on the state you were in.  

“Please.” You answered quietly and yawned. You liked Bruce he was the last person to judge you, yet you still felt self conscious. It didn’t help he kept staring at you.  

“Do I have a bogey or something?”  

He spluttered into his coffee, “You have a little something…” he gestured all around your face, “you didn’t know? You might want to look in a mirror.”  

You picked up a pan gasping at your reflection. Some git had written all over your face in felt tip pen. Colourful skulls, pumpkins, stars, rainbows and sheep decorated your cheeks while ‘I love Pietro Maximoff’ was scrawled across your forehead. How did you not wake up while this was happening?!  

A slight breeze and clanging alerted you to Pietro groggily searching the fridge. You yelped and ran out of the kitchen in a panic.  

“Was that y/n?“  


You scowled at your reflection as you scrubbed your face. It had to have been Bucky, he was the only person you had told about your crush. He was really going all out with these pranks. If he dared show his face you weren’t sure if you could control yourself.    

Finally doodle free you ventured back out into the common room and right into a custard pie that was dangling from the door frame. Fucks sake. Grumbling you wiped your face with a towel. You grabbed your laptop and unknowingly sat on a whoopie cushion. The loud farting noise echoed around the empty room. At the same time Thor walked in. He just looked at you and walked straight back out again. Great.  

This carried on until dinner time when finally you’d had enough. Wherever you went something jumped out at you or was thrown at you. Eggs, flour, feathers, fake bugs, even rice bloody crispies of all things. You retreated to your room, worn down and angry.  

You used the time to dye your hair and finish off your Quicksilver dress. Your naturally curly brown hair was now blonde except for the roots. You were so proud of the dress, grey and blue with silver stripes and long sleeves with the gloves sewn in. They had been the hardest part to do. A pair of silver heels, red lipstick and you were done.  

Heading out early you explored the tower. Only lit by candlelight the whole place was decorated like a Victorian haunted house. It was amazing. Pumpkins floated everywhere and broomsticks danced in the corners. Giant chandeliers and stormy skies thundered above you in the corridors. Trapdoors opened up out of nowhere with ghosts and monsters jumping out at you, all with creepy music playing in the background. It was great.  

Arriving at the main room, you opened the doors to the sea of people all dressed in costume and dancing to ’Monster Mash’. Taking a seat at the bar you ordered a glass of wine. It came in a cobweb covered skull glass. Tony had really outdone himself.  

The music stopped as Tony made his entrance, ‘Highway to hell’ playing as he danced down the stairs.  He was followed by Pepper, Natasha and a few others. You made your way through the crowd towards them, dodging vampires and Harley Quinns.  

“Wow Tony this is gorgeous!”  

“I was aiming for terrifying, but thank you sweet cheeks.“  He gave you a quick hug and disappeared into the crowd, obviously in his element.  

“Good job on the outfit, the real one can’t keep his eyes off you.” Natasha gave Pietro a quick glance and he looked away quickly.  You tried not to drool as he leaned against the bar dressed in Steve’s suit. He filled it out very well, Steve might have some competition. The mask not so much, he looked uncomfortable until a pretty girl came up to him, snaking her arm around his. You laughed to yourself, ever the charmer, Pietro.  

Steve handed you a purple cocktail complete with smoke and a floating eyeball. He was dressed as black widow and he really pulled it off. The black cat suit more like a darker version of his own, clinging in all the right places.    

“Thanks. So who did you get to prank?”  

Steve looks shifty, “you remember the biscuit tin?”    

“That was you?!”    

“Hey y/n, arms fixed.” Bucky grinned wiggling his metal fingers at you. He’d come as Scarlet Witch in a black shirt, trousers and red leather jacket, he did look handsome. You glared at him, his smile wavering a little.  

“Hilarious Barnes, I thought I’d ripped your arm off!”    

“Sorry y/n. Want to dance?”  

There were sniggers behind you as he took your hand, leading you out onto the dance floor. He better not think he can get away with everything so easily.  

“You really went all out Bucky.” You shouted over the music as he spun you around then took hold of your hands so you were jiving. He still looked confused.  

“I keep telling you. It was just that one time.”  

“Then who did all those other pranks?” You frowned and glanced over at Pietro, still chatting to the girl. It could have been him, it could have been any of them.  

“Come on doll face, enjoy yourself, I love seeing you smile.”  He spun you around again and you tripped over your feet nearly falling over, laughing as Bucky caught you.  

“That’s the one.”  

His cheeky grin was infectious and you let yourself go, enjoying dancing with him. He tried to teach you how to waltz, apparently it was easy. You however had two left feet.    

After a while Steve joined in and you tried to teach them both the ‘time warp’. They were hilarious, missing steps, turning the wrong way and their hip swaying was criminal. You looked around for the others hoping they would join in, only spotting Pietro who was now with Wanda. They looked like they were arguing. Wanda gestured in your direction then walked off. Pietro shouted something after her then grabbed his drink, downing it in one. It was unusual for those two to argue. You brushed it off and carried on dancing.  

Once ‘time warp’ had finished Steve and Bucky were laughing their heads off, Steve slightly more embarrassed. Bucky put his arms around both your shoulders and started to lead you over to the bar where the rest of the avengers had gathered.  

“You’re quite the dancer y/n.” Bucky winked as he passed more cocktails to you and Steve and you all laughed.  

“We were just saying, the whoopie cushion was the best prank. Thor was disgusted with you lady y/n.” Sam slurred, trying to make farting noises, a little bit too drunk. 

“Don’t forget the custard pie, you walked right into that one.” Clint chipped in.  

“The guinea pigs were my favourite.” Wanda smiled, you had to admit you liked that one, it lead to a very weird evening with Pietro. He was sat at the back of the group chatting up another pretty girl. You were a little jealous, did everyone at this party look like a model?  

“That was pretty cute, though I’m going to be finding little brown poos for months… hang on, you all pranked me?! That can’t be right…”    

“Happy halloween!” Tony waltzed past and the big screen clicked on, playing a slideshow of you getting pranked over and over again in giant hd pictures and videos. Everyone looked at each other and burst into laughter.    

“Tony Stark I’m going to kill you!” You grabbed a broom and chased him around the dance floor, he giggled like a little boy as you ran after him never quite managing to whack him with the broom.  

“It was a joke y/n!” He pleaded.  

You finally caught him, hitting him with the broom then tickling him once he was on the floor, you couldn’t help laughing. Who knew Tony Stark was so ticklish? 

“I surrender!”    

You let him up, offering him your hand.  

“Please tell me there are no more pranks Tony?”    

“No idea.” He shrugged and walked back into the crowd.  

You started to follow him but were whisked away into a side room and practically thrown down onto the floor. You had to cling to the wall to steady yourself, feeling the effects of those cocktails.  

“Hello Miss Quicksilver.”  

“Captain.” You winked and mock saluted him then hid your eyes, bracing yourself for whatever he had planned for you.  

“Get it over with Pietro, what’s your prank?“    

Pietro chuckled, pulling your hands away from your face and keeping hold of them at your sides.  His thumbs stroked the back of your hands and you looked up to see the same look in his eyes from the night before.  

“I think you’ve suffered enough printesa.”  

“They always pick on me.” You pretended to be upset, sticking your bottom lip out.  

“They like you, you are very funny y/n…”  Pietro trailed off and let go of your hands, fiddling with the mask again, grumbling to himself. You sigh and reach up, pulling it over his head.    

“Is that better?” You giggle at his messy hair and lean up onto your tiptoes, running your hands through the tangled mess trying to tidy it up.    

“You want to be Mrs Quicksilver? keep that up.“ He said in a husky voice and grinned, you froze realizing how close you were and backed away blushing.  

“Every time, y/n, why do you always pull away?”  

His face fell, voice full of frustration and anger. He held your arms gently, desperate for an answer. You couldn’t look him in the eyes, you wanted to tell him exactly how you felt. How much you adored him, how your nerves and doubts always got in the way.  

“Is it Bucky? I never see you running away from him.”  He growled. Was he jealous? If he didn’t look so hurt and angry you would have laughed.  

“Because I don’t have feelings for Bucky.” You whispered, amazed you managed to get the words out at all.  

Pietro took a moment to register what you were saying and you watched his reaction carefully. You had more or less admitted you liked him and it scared you to death. He seemed more nervous than you now and a little bit smug.  In an instant, he grabbed you hugging you tightly and spinning you around. Once you’d stopped giggling, you noticed Mjolnir had been left unguarded on one of the tables.

“Hey Pietro,” you whispered, “Shall we have a go?”  he raised his eyebrows in confusion for a moment before he followed your line of sight.  

“No y/n.”  

“Come on we don’t have long before Thor gets back!”    

You giggled and winked at Pietro, placing your hands either side of the handle. You pulled, and pulled and pulled. Nothing. Pietro laughed again watching you struggle.  

“You lady y/n are not worthy!” Pietro exclaimed doing his best impersonation of Thor, his arms at his sides and chest puffed up.  

You attempted to glare at him between giggles.  

“Your turn smart arse.”  

Pietro shook his head, “If it doesn’t like you what chance do I have?” he moved behind you and you held in a breath as he put his arms around your waist. Resting his head on your shoulder he whispered in your ear, “I’ve done some very bad things y/n.”  

You shivered, feeling his lips brush your ear. You twisted your head to face him, lifting your chin up slightly. You closed the distance between you lightly grazing his lips with your own, surprising him when you kissed him slowly and deeply, savoring the taste of him. He moaned softly returning the kiss. You moved around him pressing your body against his and wrapping your hands around his neck. You’d wanted this for so long you had to make the most of it.  

“I didn’t expect that.”  

You took his hands and pulled him in front of you, shoving him forwards until he was standing in front of Mjolnir.    

“It won’t hurt to try.”  

Shrugging he reluctantly grabbed the handle. Taking a deep breath he pulled as hard as he could. Not entirely prepared for what happened next. You jumped as he was flung backwards into the wall. He slid down to the floor, eyes wide, looking from you to the hammer in disbelief. You were too shocked to speak, your mouth hanging open.  

“I did not foresee this.”    

Thor’s voice boomed from the doorway startling you both. Pietro grinned and started throwing the hammer around. Your heart dropped as it dawned on you. This was all his prank.  

“You really thought I was worthy?”  

“A fake Mjolnir, nice one Pietro. Are you in on this too Thor?” fuming you looked over at Thor disappointed. He only returned your look with a confused smile.  

“That is no fake lady y/n.”  

Pietro was stunned for a moment, his eyes went wide and he nearly fainted, letting out a girly squeak and dropping the hammer, watching as it bounced across the floor. Thor smirked at him.  

“It appears you are worthy Pietro Maximoff.”  

Standing up, Pietro picked up Mjolnir again posing and gesturing.    

“I suppose I am…”  

He accidentally sent a lightning bolt across the room setting fire to the curtains, just missing Thor as he tried to approach him. Using his power to put out the fire, Pietro looked back to you both sheepishly. Thor was becoming increasingly impatient. 

“May I? The hammer?” Thor asked holding his hand out for the hammer. Pietro thought about it for a moment, that mischievous look in his eyes. Uh oh.  

“Have to catch me mighty man!” He shouted and ran past Thor in a blur, heading back to the party. Presumably to brag. Thor shook his head and groaned.  

“Imbecile!” Thor yelled, raising his hands and storming off in Pietro’s general direction.  

Walking after them you watched as Pietro tormented Thor, taking the time to show off Mjolnir to the shocked avengers and zooming away again. He almost got caught when he stopped to give Wanda a hug.  

Pietro zoomed back to give you a sloppy kiss on the lips, “You make me worthy, dragoste.”  

You pressed your fingers to your lips, giggling as the other Avengers joined the chase.  

It was a very Avengers Halloween.

Sometimes it’s too hard with words or dark or silence.
Tonight I want a prayer of high-rouged cheekbones
and light: a litany of back-lit figures,
lithe and slim, draped in fabrics soft and wrinkleless and pale
as onion slivers. Figures that won’t stumble or cough…

But the prayer will not ache.
When we enter, its chandeliers and skies
will blush with pleasure. Inside
we will be weightless, and our goodness will not matter
in a prayer so light, so empty it will float.

—  Mary Szybist