chandelier earrings

Kerala by Shawna Alexander.

Kerala caters to women that love to adorn themselves with color, detail and sparkly fun frills. I specialize in unique, attention-grabbing, colorful, and ornate creations with a feminine antique flair. I design my lively chandelier earrings with many kinds of beads from handmade rustic Indian glass to refined and sparkling faceted crystals and glass pearls. Most of my chandelier earrings are longer than 3″ and richly decorated with filigrees, vintage findings, hand-painted flowers, Victorian stampings and Swarovski rhinestones. All of my chandelier earrings are pierced with hypo-allergenic, American made titanium, niobium or steel. My long exotic earrings are highly detailed with every jewel set by hand, all the flowers hand-painted and every embellishment pieced together one at a time. The filigrees are antiqued through a 3 step process making them appear to be from the true time period in which they were inspired from. Kerala chandelier earrings are truly unique and detailed statement pieces.