Chandelier Made of Test Tubes Encourages Creative Experimentation

Warsaw-based maker Magda Jurek is the founder of design studio Pani Jurek. Jurek specializes in creating products that can be altered and personalized. She credits her design approach to growing up with limited space, where compact and multi-functional products were preferred. While she has many fresh and innovative designs, one of our favorites is the Maria S.C. chandelier, which was inspired by the Polish chemist and Nobel Prize winner Maria Sklodowska-Curie. The tubes are detachable and the lamp allows you to play with a variety of configurations and arrangements. Visit Etsy to get your own creatively versatile lighting solution.

“I remember one night at the end of Act One when a safety cable broke and the chandelier was coming in a lot faster than usual. It was my job as Raoul to grab the leading lady and sweep her away, which I did slowly to fill the time. This one performance, I looked up and saw this thing hurtling toward us. I dove across the stage and practically knocked her over. The chandelier hit the deck, gouged out a piece, swung up, came back again and swung out over the orchestra. The conductor hit the ground, but the audience was thrilled“

(Kevin Gray quoted on Dodie Pettit’s official website)