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1. What’s your favorite cartoon movie?

If Pixar counts then Toy Story, if it doesn’t.. gotta be Emperors new groove. Although I have always loved Anastaia as well. 

2. Is your life now how you had planned it to be five years ago?

Oddly yes… I guess I didn’t realize I was planning it that way. But a lot of things I started putting into place 5.. even 10 years ago are starting to happen. 

3. How old are you?

Thurtee. Its fanfuckintastic.

4. A place you’d like to go to?

A more fitting question would be: What place would you not like to go? I scratched all 50 states of my list this year, so I’m headed over seas this summer. the destinations are endless… I’m headed to the UK in the Spring, and Spain this summer… no next on my list is probably Italy. 

5. Someone you miss?

I miss my saas. (My sister Mel) we are both just so busy and even when we have dinner and stuff I feel like we spend so much time catching up on life, we don’t ever really get to talk anymore. 

6. Which celebrity would you like to be best friends with and why?

well Duh.. Joanne Froggatt. We would totes be BFF. But, I think it would be a blast to hang out with Justin Timberlake. I feel like Tina Fey would be a good time too… and she would probably be more likely to have me home within a reasonable hour.

7. What was your first OTP ever?

Oh God… I think Maria and Edmund on All my children. And then I got started on the SS Grissom and Sara on CSI and I was on that ship a LONG LONG time. 

8. What’s your favorite band/singer?

Unpossible question… But I do love Sara Barielles. She’d be a good BFF too. girl got a potty mouth. I love Coldplay, and mumford and sons, muse, naked and famous, and all the other hipster bands too. 

9. Do you like cooking?

Love it… trying to be better at it. I can cook single dishes very well.. but trying to get everything ready at the same times seems overwhelming. I’m fucking brilliant at creme brûlée.. just saying. 

10. What makes you very, very irritated?

People who can’t fucking walk. And not like lame people… but when you are at like the mall or a theme park.. and people just STAND THERE in everyones way. LIKE MOVE! 

11. Do you have a nickname?

I get “Son” “Sons” and “Sonny” a lot. They called me “play big” in high school when I played volleyball. And me and my sister always have a string of nicknames for each other. Right now she has been calling me sissy potts.. no idea where it came from. 

My questions for you - 

1.- Who do you live with 

I live with my best friend.. a non Banna shipper, and pro M/M. I haven’t been sharing the new episodes with her. She has no cliue! 

2.- Favorite thing in your house

External image

this guy for sure. I also have an old toy shelf that my dad built me that I use for a bookcase. 

3.- What’s your computer desktop right now?

Can’t see it… too many screen grabs. 

4.- The history behind your URL?

I had seen the “TeamServants” and “TeamDownstairs” and liked it a lot.. but I didn’t just want to do “TeamAnna” So… “TeamHouseMaid” is what ya got. I do like it though. Was gonna switch to FuckYeahJoanneFroggatt, but I think I’m keeping this one. 

5.-Has your life been changed by a book, movie or song? Wich one and why

Oh hell yes. Book… fuck man, so many books… Shadow of the wind is my favorite, and I love Thirteenth tale as well… But they are books, that have just sort of stayed with me. They have influenced me I guess in ways like how I pursue the things I want, and what I value.. but I couldn’t say they “changed” my life.  but what has made the most difference in my life has probably been “The Last Battle” Which is the last book of the Narnia series. The scene at the end where Aslan just sort of deconstructs Narnia and they “go further up and farther in” just completely changed the way, I look at life, God, and heaven.. I read it every year. 

Music too… I can’t say that there is a single song that has “changed” me. But there has certainly been many many songs over the years that has made me stop and think… Music just moves you in ways nothing else can.. and I’m doing a shitty job of explaining it, but I wonder if it is really explainable? I was at a mumford and sons concert this last summer and was in like the third row and when they did “Awake my soul” like you just feel something. And this entire group of strangers all experience the same thing all at once. There isn’t anything else like it. 

Movies.. The orphanage and Pans Labrynth. Another Earth had a pretty massive affect on me as well. 

6.- Not very well known fact about yourself

I had to be put in a straight-jacket when I was 3, because I had cracked my head open and the ER peeps wouldn’t let my parents into the room with me. I was also published as a future author of America. 

7.- Favorite word

well today it is Coriandor.. for Joanne reasons. But I also really sauce, pumpernickel, and fancy. 

8.- Say something nice to me. i need it. i think i’m still drunk and the moral hangover to this one will be epic i know it.

I like you. And I wish I had been at Kenneths party. 

9.- Have you ever met IRL someone you met online? Tell us a bit about it :)

YES! I was major involved in this a “walk to remember forum”. Mandy Moore would like actually get on there and talk to us and there was this one girl.. who was always so nice to me. She wasn’t really a girl. Def like 15 years older than me, and had kids and stuff… but she ended up taking this road trip with her mom and stopped at Staples (where I used to work for like way too long_ and brought me this giant starbucks gift basket. TO THIS DAY. I don’t know whether it was just incredibly nice or if I should have been completely creeped out by it. 

10.- Something you need to do before you die.

I want to complete a novel for sure. 

11.- Share your favorite gif

External image

I was tagged twice, so hear are the other qs from burton-trio-obsessor

1. Do you like sport?

I like playing sports, but I dislike watching them. 

2. What song reminds you most of your OTP?

Bon Iver – Skinny Love

3. Where in the world would you most like to live?

Everywhere.. I want to build a tiny house, and live everywhere. 

4. If you could have any career that you wanted, what would you be?

I’m pretty happy with mine, but I’d like to write someday. 

5. Chocolate or sweets?

Chocolate.. always always always chocolate

6. What was your first fandom?

fandom? See.. I started shipping people, before fandoms really existed. Probably GSR though.. Grissom and Sara from CSI again. 

8. What was your favourite childhood book?

Bridge to Terabithia

9. What is your favourite reality TV show?

Man Vs Wild. I’m weird. 

10. What is your NOTP?


11. Do you have any pets?

See Harry Poodle up above. 

And My Questions. 

1. Favorite food?

2. Last book you read? 

3. Most embarrassing moment that you are willing to share?

4. Oldest? Middle? Youngest? 

5. How do you feel about Twilight? 

6. Did you go to college?Uni? Which one? 

7. What did you have for lunch today? 

8. Fitness Regimen? 

9. How long have you been on tumblr? 

10. lucky number?

11. Do you have twitter? I’ll follow you =) 

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