BABYz get new wigs cuz its gonna be snatched very very soon
*Internally screaming*
How many of you have been to their concerts?~

Nct Dream being serious in a nutshell
  • Mark: *In the middle of texting them their schedules being all seriousy*
  • Chenle: guys wait, stop for a second
  • Everyone: *stops and actually pays attention to Chenle thinking he has something important to say*
  • Chenle: we need codenames
  • Chenle: Sergeant Dolphinhead has entered the building
  • Chenle: thats me btw
  • Chenle: guys come up with your names!
  • Haechan: Sergeant Chanchan
  • Chenle: thats a lame codename, but to each their own I guess
  • Haechan: at least I made one
  • Chenle: whatever Sergeant Chanchan
  • Jeno: Chenle you can make me a spy name or what ever that is
  • Jisung: oH OH, Commander Singsung
  • Chenle: Sergeant Flivver, you're now Sergeant Flivver
  • Sergeant Dolphinhead: Commander Singsung, Sergeant Dolphinhead, Chanchan, and Flivver have entered the building

Never. Ever. Gets. Old.
Kim Himchan is the genius we’ll never be.
Yongguk is always so done with them hahaha😂😂❤

Mingyu: Bakery AU

Genre: FLUFF

Requested by: @askingzombies

A scenario where you are a baker and NonIdol!Mingyu is a regular at your bakery.

  • you had made it
  • after years of trying
  • and practicing
  • and saving up money
  • you had finally opened up your own bakery
  • a bakery and cafe fusion
  • it wasn’t a very big place
  • a small shop on the corner
  • you ran it by yourself
  • the only other person that worked there was a small boy by the name of Chan who sometimes worked the cash register for you part time
  • otherwise, you managed the register yourself
  • every morning you got up early to head to the bakery
  • you baked a new batch of goods every morning
  • you didn’t open until 11am
  • you baked when there weren’t many customers or all day if Chan was there
  • it was finals week and Chan had told you that he wouldn’t be coming in that week because he needed to focus on his studies
  • of course you understood
  • so it was just you for the week
  • you spent a lot more time at the register than you usually did
  • when there were no customers, you set up your bell and retreated to the back to bake

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