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What would be the chances of iKon and BTS getting drawn together haha. I'm not requestion tho. ~patato girl

ikon and bts drawn together? naah because well that would be pretty akward since they aren’t friends lmao

but here is a a drawing of Hanbinou (Hanbin) and Chanchan (Chanwoo) bc I rlly wanted to draw them, I love them so much im gonna cry

but yeah i don’t think i will redraw them bc I love chara design soooo much, but it takes time so yeaaaaahh

Hickeys with Victon

A/N: Is it hot in here or is it just Victon?


Okay, so Seungwoo would be very smooth about things like this. You can be stood talking, maybe a bit of sexual tension between you and he’ll place his arms on your waist and hold you closer. You’ll keep speaking to each other and he’ll say something like “It feels nice to be so close to you” with a smirk on his face and you’ll answer “oh does it now?” Teasingly and he will just utter mhm before leaning down and leave a little kiss right under your jaw. He’ll look up again for a reaction and if he thinks you liked it, he will lean back down and keep tracing strong kisses down your neck until he reaches your chest and then work his way up again and finish with your lips.


I feel like hickeys might come from a backhug. You’ll stand in front of the mirror in the evening and get ready for bed when he comes behind you and sneaks his arms around you. He’ll then politely ask about your day and while you’re telling him about it he’ll start tracing your shoulder with his lips, leaving little pecks in there. You might ask what he is doing but he will just say nothing and ask you to continue speaking. That’s when he starts kissing harder and you know that it will leave marks. “What’s gotten into you tonight?” You say and he just chuckles against your neck.

Heo Chan

Chan is a very playful person and I feel like hickeys might happen in-between giggles and shenanigans. I can happen completely randomly, like when you come after a long day and he comes to welcome you where he ends up peppering your whole face with kisses, making you laugh. He’ll then move on to give you some big kisses on the lips, that might end up being a bit deeper than first intended and suddenly his face is moving from your and further down, finding weak spots that tickle but also make your pulse high.


So, I feel like Sejun might have certain intentions with things like hickeys. The post-intention is just marking you and being proud of it, but the in-the-moment-intention would be to make you weak. He’s the type to do these kinds of things during slow makeout sessions, where he lies on top of you. Before you know it, his lips let go of yours, making you realise that you’re out of breath. But that state doesn’t end there as he plans on making your pulse rise in other ways. did i just


Hanse is a sweet little bean, but this can switch when he is in the mood for it. I think he might be really fond of casually kissing (for long periods of time), but it might turn into other things sometimes. When leaving hickeys, he might actually want to have complete control over what he is doing, and having you lean against a wall can be one of the ways to solve this. He would love to trace his fingers along your neck, studying it, before he leaves little kisses at every single spot. Then he starts over, only, the kisses he leaves now aren’t as soft as before.  


Byungchan is a bit of a ‘go-getter’, but he is also very kind and polite. His smile on it’s on can make you weak, and when he grabs your face with one of his hands and puts the other behind your back, your heartbeat cannot help but racing. Kissing you softly, and slowly, you lose yourself in the moment and barely realise that he disconnects and then reconnects to your neck, leaving both visible marks and marks that are stuck in your mind for a long time.

leaving Subin out bc this is quite sexual and he’s a baby

This is ChanChan Bigorno, nonbinary, goes by he but might eventually go with they. He’s a pop culture nerd (he and Felix play DnD together haha), loves to joke around and meme. He takes things in stride, few things can get past his cheeriness - though calling him just ‘Chan’ is definitely the easiest way to upset him. He likes (and even encourages) nicknames like Chan2, DoubleChan or ChanSquared though. And he likes to put make-up on his mask his mask perpetually has a dreamworks face though. However, he can be a troublesome prankster who doesn’t always take into account other people’s feelings. Oh, and in my Hunger Games universe he ends up becoming the Afterlife guide, that’s kind of notable xDD

Day 139/365

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Are there any other Kpop groups you like besides Bts?

Yes ofc!!
Ikon is my fav group with BTS. I love them as much as I love BTS, they are my babies, their comeback is coming soon, I’m finally going to see my Hanbinou and my lil Chanchan, I’m fucking excited, BTS who?

And also I’m really into Seventeen, Winner, Black Pink, Day6, GFriend, Twice but less these days :^(, Exo, Wonder Girls, Mamamoo, Kard aaaaannnd yep!