chances are


 Illustrations I did to accompany @gabrielsthighz‘s fic: Second Chances.

Hoping you’re spending your holidays with the ones you love, @mechformers, @gabrielsthighz and I would like to wish you all the best and a happy new year with this gift to the OW community! :)

I was so happy to contribute to this beautiful headcanon, in which the dads adopted a boy who lost everything and everyone due to the war. There’s more about this AU from the amazing @coelasquid and if you haven’t already you should definitely check it here!

Love and hugs <3

Kylo: “And did Master Skywalker tell you the whole story? How he tried to murder me in my sleep? It was self-defense!”

Rey, a fleshed-out character who isn’t Super-Emotional Because She’s a Woman: “And then you blew up the temple? Killed the other students? Were they your friends? Did they have families? Was killing Han Solo self-defense?”


Was it her idea in the first place to take you to auditions?
She just always saw me as very impressionistic as a kid and thought that this could be something I’d be into, and so was sort of stirring me that way, but I didn’t… after that experience, I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. And then it really began in high school, when I got to the US. Years later, freshman year, sophomore year in high school, I started doing plays.