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Noctis was exhausted. He shoved his way bodily into one of the rooms the guys had rented, and audibly groaned at the sight of a very shirtless Gladio, sprawled out on one of the beds with a book open in front of him.

He glanced up. “Hey.”

Noctis dug the heels of his palms into his eyes before flopping down at the edge of the bed. He didn’t care at that point––his legs felt like they were about to give out and all he wanted to do was sit down. “Care to explain why you’ve got no shirt on?”

Gladio glanced over at the closed door of the bathroom, where Noctis could hear the shower running. He then looked back at Noctis expectantly, an eyebrow raised. “We rented two rooms for a reason.”

“I didn’t know which one was yours!” Noctis whined defensively. “Not like I’m gonna want to stick around for your sex-capades.”

“You sure?” Gladio smirked. “We are nothing if not adventurous.”

Noctis made a face. “Thanks but no thanks. I’ll pass.”

At that exact moment, the door to the bathroom opened and steam slowly filtered into the room. You emerged in a towel that barely covered anything, tussling your hair with a separate one that blocked Noctis from your view.

“Babe, we have to be careful of our volume this time. As soon as we asked the front desk about a separate room, I got an earful from Ignis about being more considerate when we––”

You moved the towel and went bright red as you saw Noctis perched at the edge of the mattress, wide-eyed and also blushing profusely.

“Hey…” he said cautiously, looking like a cat with its fur on end.

“…Hey,” you answered slowly, moving your second towel to cover more of yourself. “Just…hangin’ out?”

“He wants to join,” Gladio piped up, turning a page of his book. Noctis snapped his head in Gladio’s direction.

“I do not.”

“Then why are you still here?”

Noctis gulped, unable to find an answer. His feet felt like they were cemented to the ground as he slowly turned to look at you, his eyes trailing over your body.

You couldn’t help but smile, biting your lip slightly as you let the towel start to slip, exposing inch by inch of glistening skin. “Oh, Ignis is gonna be mad.”
Grey's Anatomy's Jessica Capshaw on Arizona/Eliza's First Big Challenge, Plus: a 'Great Chance' of a Callie Return | TVLine
By Charlie Mason

As weird as it sounds, Grey’s Anatomy docs Arizona and Eliza may soon miss the bygone days when they had to keep their romance on the D.L. Now that their colleagues have begun to find out about the new couple, “they have to see what happens when they actually have a relationship — the sex and the commitment versus no commitment,” Jessica Capshaw, who plays Robbins, told TVLine earlier this month at PaleyFest. The question becomes, “What are they now?”

What’s more, there’s the little matter of… uh, very few Grey Sloan attendings can stand Arizona’s new girlfriend. But “she’s not a villain,” Capshaw is quick to note. “She’s just representing a threat to Dr. Webber, who everyone loves. So it’ll probably become a little more apparent who Eliza is in the scheme of things and what she’s about.”

Though Sara Ramirez’s recent beef with ABC would seem to suggest that we’ll never get to see how Arizona’s ex Callie reacts to her successor, Capshaw hasn’t given up hope. “I feel like nothing is impossible,” she says. “There’s a great chance that she would come back for something.”

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this is a very underdeveloped thought but consider the lynch bros hosting a mbmbam style podcast

oh goodness. oh gracious. I mean their personalities are so dramatically different from the McElroy brothers’ so it would be a completely different show and I swear I’m trying to imagine just what kind of show it would be but all I can think about is whether, assuming Ronan and Declan would agree to sit down and do this at all, are they even able to get through a single question without fighting?

Because if we’re being honest, Matthew is the only Lynch brother capable of True Goofs in anything close to the McElroy style. I could see Ronan maybe pulling a little of their brand of wordplay (I swear I can hear him saying “one time i saw a rancho molt its skin and my eyes went to hell” but maybe i’m thinking more of “trc characters as things the mcelroys have said” idk idk) but most of the humor he brings to the podcast comes in the form of scathing sarcastic bitterness and the rest is just him and Declan verbally sparring and referencing past sibling-inflicted trauma. Declan might like to actually stick to the plan and rip apart these weird questions and the idiots who ask them but Ronan inevitably twists something into a jab at him and then Matthew starts goofing on that and it all spirals, horribly, into a bizarre off-topic mess–

yeah I would say the appeal of their show would familial schadenfreude. People literally listen to it just to listen to Ronan and Declan fight, and I guess they get the added bonus of Matthew being a goofy sunshine child in the background.

That said, there needs to be a beautiful moment in at least one episode where all three of them are completely helpless with laughter over something, because boy howdy do these boys deserve it.

(Also, running with @gaybluesargent‘s tags on this, we really need to address whether the clown box is like. a dream object. or more accurately some sort of terrible night horror creation)

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