chances are

I’ll… uh… deal with the other neighbors later.

but hoho, I know someone who should help.


[Jasper] what.

[Peri] Many of those Lapis Lazuli birds have been lost in the storm. look out for any that get in or around here. I ESPECIALLY need you to keep your awful cats inside. they shouldn’t even be outside in the first place. It’s VERY irresponsible though like I’d ever expect you to be anyw-

…what are those????

[Jasper] free dogs.

[Peri] I doubt that! where did you get those???

[Jasper] none of your business. the cats are hiding upstairs because they cant handle these beasts. pussies.

[Peri] this is no time for jokes!! make sure they stay inside! YOU make sure they stay inside. not because those dogs are stressing them out. SPEAKING OF WHICH GIVE THEM BACK BECAUSE I’M PRETTY SURE I SEE COLLARS ON TH-

[Jasper] shut up and get out. your business isn’t my business either. this was probably all your fault anyway. deal with it yourself.

[Peri] …UGH!

[Lapeep] !!! phphhhhpt!!!!

yeah. fuck Jasper. I don’t even really want her involved anyway.

Taking Chances

Don’t know much about your life.

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Don’t know much about your world, but

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Don’t want to be alone tonight,

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On this planet they call Earth.

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You don’t know about my past, and

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I don’t have a future figured out.

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And maybe this is going too fast.

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And maybe it’s not meant to last,

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But what do you say to taking chances,

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What do you say to jumping off the edge?

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Never knowing if there’s solid ground below

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Or hand to hold, or hell to pay,

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What do you say?

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What do you say?

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camohatkat  asked:

To start things off, how about a cute question? Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon? @Shiro and Keith

Shiro: I used to be the big spoon because I was taller. But Keith has steadily taken the spot… He seems really happy about it too. 

Keith: I- I just like to hold you, it’s like… a bonding moment.

Shiro: Oh, really? Because I have a feeling that it’s because of something else.

Keith: I have no idea what you’re talking about…

But what if the reason Kanda took so long to come back was because he waited for his hair to go back to its normal color? Because you know how all the “moyashi” thing started so nope Kanda is definitely not giving Allen the chance to throw it back at him

anonymous asked:

I know you've done this with snowbound but can you share some pictures of Harry that inspired his character in It's About Balance? I just like being able to visualize when I read your lovely writing. Thanks, angel. Xx

Ok, so that’s a twofold question, because he looks slightly different in the earlier parts than he does from the later parts! So, let’s all have some Harry to look at. I’m going to post this answer now, but I’m going to edit it in a minute with some photos inserted, so be ready. ;) 

I feel like I’ve been OBNOXIOUS AS ALL GET OUT saying he’s TMH/2013 Harry on this blog (like… really obnoxiously obvious) – I tried to be vague at first, and he’s still free to imagine him how you want, but… Teenage Dirtbag, air-punching, TMH/2013 Harry IS Balance Harry. He was BORN out of that performance on the DVD. I’m talking he sang, “her name is Noel” and I thought, “he can have anything and anyone in the world and he knows it and I would let him”. So…. 

CREDIT TO THE ORIGINAL EDITORS/CREATORS! All these are being pulled from my ‘teenage dirtbag harold’ tag. ;) 

Somebody smack him.

Or kiss him.

Take care of him, too. Look at him, he needs help.

On second thought, can he take care of me? Please?

And later on – the back part of It’s About Firsts, More About Babies, More About Anniversaries, More About Jealousy, basically anything where they were already in a relationship for awhile – he looks more like this….

What an angel.

Commitment suits him.

Hi to you, too, love.

This is *EXACTLY HIM* in It’s About Firsts at the end. He’s wearing that blue shirt when he says he loves her. 

LONG POST, SORRY, BUT I DON’T WANT TO PUT THIS UNDER A CUT CAUSE I WANNA SEE IT/HIM! There’s also one specific photo of him that was exactly him in It’s About Chances but… I can’t find it in the tag, oh well. x