She won’t break you like those other girls will. That’s exactly why you’re terrified of her. She could make you happy. And you know being happy is the most terrifying thing in the universe. Once you’re happy it can be taken from you.
—  The girl who terrifies you
May we meet again
in ten years
in another life,
when things are right,
when our hearts aren’t broken,
when our thoughts aren’t a mess,
when the ghosts
of us aren’t haunting us,
when we won’t have to
turn our backs on each other
and lead another road,
when it’s our right time
to fix the broken
to love again.
By then it won’t
be the wrong time
or a forbidden love,
it will be another chance
to make things right
when we couldn’t before.
—  R.K
Se você rejeitá-lo agora, ele fará a missão da vida dele ser encontrar a garota mais perfeita do mundo só para tentar te esquecer. Ele acabará casando com essa outra mulher e passará o resto da vida dele com ela. E ele dirá a si mesmo, que ela é perfeita e ele deve estar muito feliz, mas ela não será você sabe?
—  Simplesmente Acontece.