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{PART 8} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Jungkook takes his time consoling you, offering you the chance to fall down the rabbit hole into his world. Meanwhile, the presence outside your apartment makes itself known; at long last.

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what ur favorite toon species says about u

cat: wants to fit in with everyone else, usually nice but can be a jerk, wants to look pretty, vibrant valley’s pick of the year™

dog: pretty cool, can seem arrogant at times, doesn’t like to lose an argument, will probably be your best friend for a while

duck: cute, a sweetheart, probably looks at memes, always seems to have a high level cog suit, easy to irritate but will bottle in anger

mouse: thinks about strategy, will direct a cog battle if things are going wrong, blushing behind screen if you compliment them

pig: underrated best friends, likes toons the best, sensitive, believes in giving everyone a chance before they judge them

rabbit: ready to fight, will tell their friends that they love them, likes flower aesthetics, sassy but overall a great person to be around

bear: pure and good, usually the one trying to stop a fight, probably likes tall toons, can seem intimidating but will smooch you

horse: sweet, underestimated, wants to step outside the norm, a thinker, likes baked goods and other sweet treats

monkey: funniest personality, makes great jokes, does everything to make their friends smile, likes to think about the good in life

cow/goat/chicken: will never get over something, believes in second chances, actually wonderful people, loves minor characters

any elect species: a dreamer, speaks their wants very clearly, tends to be hopeful, hates any mention of “Vulpes vulpes”

Hey guys, it’s story time again! Nothing new here but it was still interesting to hear.

So I met with a friend today who’s a psychologist and has recently taken a 6 months course on body language. I had told her that I liked One Direction but never mentioned the whole Harry&Louis thing, so I decided to put her new knowledge in good use and show her some stuff. I didn’t explain anything and asked her to watch the infamous caress video, she literally went ‘OMG DID YOU SEE THAT’ the moment it happened. I proceeded to explain the whole story to her and she asked me to show her more videos so I did, I showed her all the important moments and since she doesn’t even speak English she figured everything out just with the body language.

She said it was a “body language goldmine” and “the sort of obvious example you would use to teach someone about it”, said they were extremely obvious and told me their micro-expressions showed her so much fond she “couldn’t even handle it”. She told me a body language expert would be enough to convince the doubters and I was like lol you poor soul, that’s not going to work. She couldn’t believe there were actually people out there who didn’t see the love there, she was really interested in the antis and the whole idea of people in such deep denial they felt the need to act out like that. She even mentioned the Stages of Grief.

She also told me someone had clearly coached Louis into changing his behaviour, she said the difference between fetus!Louis and the actual one was “painful to watch”. She said those things happened all the time and that it was a painful process for the person, because they had to teach them how to control every aspect of their conscious activity (how to move and talk, the gestures, the posture, how you touched your hair or your face, the way you laugh and other horrible stuff).

So there it is, stuff that we’ve said 248579 times before but confirmed once again by an expert, and in front of my eyes too!


Chance the bunny was enjoying playing with one of his toys at the Georgia House Rabbit Society.

thewritersramblings prompted me with pacific rim au for bellarke a lifetime ago, and it’s finally happening. even I don’t believe it

(trigger for mention of drug use/abuse and overdose)

She dreams of Aurora Blake, even if she doesn’t mean to.

Drift compatibility is funny that way, in that the more you repress your memories, the biggest the chances of chasing the rabbit. The Blakes are not compatible for that reason – perfect partners on paper but incapable of working in tandem in practice. Too many memories, the feelings bitter, the words left unsaid. So Bellamy doesn’t repress his memories with her, the same way Clarke doesn’t dwell on her father’s death. It is easier that way, even if painful. The memories – images, sounds, smells – glide over them in the drift, and Clarke always make sure not to focus on them too much, not on hers, not on his. Bellamy does the same, their relationship built on respect and secrecy, something she is grateful for.

She dreams of Aurora Blake, but it is not her dream.

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