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s/o makes a flower crown for prince sidon, i wonder how he reacts to it? :o really love your blog!

(This was just too cute I couldn’t pass up the chance to make a little ficlet~ Let’s see if this format is better~ Enjoy!~)

A Crown for the King

Words: 1538

On days like this Sidon felt that he had been blessed by the Goddess to have someone as precious as you in his life.

Earlier that morning, he had awoken as normal with you laying down beside him nuzzling against his chest while he had his arm draped over you, holding you as close to him as possible. He loved waking up to the sight of you, especially when he knew that he would not be able to see you properly for quite a while as he attended to his duties to the Kingdom.

Today would be a particularly busy day, he had to attend a meeting with his father and the elders, endure his princely training with Muzu, organize and sign political paper work from other Kingdoms, and read all the letters sent by Zora citizens addressing some of the problems in the Domain all before lunch.

However, it was on busy days like this that he wished more than anything he could just stay in bed holding you and admiring how beautiful you looked while you slept; he could stare at you for hours and never grow tired. Unfortunately, as much as he wanted to stay, Sidon had duties to attend to and no matter how exhausting they were physically and mentally as future king it was a small price to pay for the security of the kingdom’s future.

Sidon just wished that they wouldn’t take him away from you for so long.
With a soft sigh Sidon begrudgingly removed himself from you and – careful not to wake you up – got out of bed so that he could get ready. His movements were as slow as he could without being late for breakfast; he would have a special meal sent up to you something he often did on full days like this an apology for his absence, although he would much rather just stay with you and not leave at all.

When he had finished donning his royal attire he turned again to the bed and quietly approached it smiling fondly as he bent over the bed to plant a tender kiss to your forehead. For a moment, he just stood there hovering over you simply watching how you shuffled around under the covers nuzzling into the pillow. You were just so beautiful. The Zora sighed softly and then kissed your forehead one more time before finally dragging himself away from the bedside so he could begin his day.

After breakfast, he hurried off to the meeting which went as well as he had expected it to go: long and boring. It felt like centuries had gone by before the elders were finally satisfied – or as satisfied as they were going to be – with Sidon and his father. They took their leave and Sidon let out a tired sigh as he finally allowed his body to relax again, rolling his shoulders to loosen them up again.

“My son,” Sidon stiffened again turning to his father sat upon his throne looking as regal as ever, the younger Zora often wondered how he managed to look so dignified even when it was just the two of them. Well, the two of them and Muzu.

“Yes father? Is this about my schedule? I was just about to head out with Muzu to continue my training as was planned and once I finished up with my studies I would be devoting my attention to the letters sent to us from-!“ Sidon was cut off when he saw his father raise a hand politely silencing him without saying a word.

For a moment, the Zora thought that he had said something wrong and ran over his schedule in his head making sure that he hadn’t forgotten something but he shook his head. He had not forgotten anything so why was his father now staring at him so intently? When his father let out a laugh, Sidon only became more confused about what was going on.

“They were right,” King Dorephan chuckled before leaning over to his son, “Sidon, my dear boy, I want you to go out and relax for the rest of the day.”

The Prince’s eyes widened in surprise. At first, he thought that he had misheard his father but when the large man kept that fond smile plastered on his face Sidon knew that he had heard him correctly. “But Father what about the rest of my duties?”

King Dorephan simply holds his hand up silencing his son, “You have been doing very well managing your duties my son, but I think that you have been working a little too hard. Do not worry about Muzu, we already discussed it yesterday and he has agreed that this break is well-deserved.” Sidon looked over to his father’s right-hand man smiling when he gave a begrudged nod. “Your lover is already waiting for you outside.”

With a quick bow of gratitude to his father and Muzu the Zora Prince hurried out of the room trying to not look as eager as he felt, though he was sure that he was not doing a very good job. The palace guards cast worried looks at him as he darted past them to get to the center of the town where he expected to see you standing there waiting for him. He gazes around seeing the usual small crowd of Zoras chatting and laughing as they talk amongst each other, the young children running around giggling with enthusiasm as they give chase to their friends in a playful game of tag, and standing at the center of it all is the statue of his dear sister.

However, you are nowhere to be found.

He is puzzled as he steps out into the center of town taking notice how everyone glances over at him and then smile; they know why he is there. Sidon approaches to women and has barely opened his mouth before they both point in the same direction, “Your love is waiting for you at the bank of Mikau lake.” The eldest says with a fond smile. Prince Sidon smiles sheepishly and happily thanks the two women before taking off running again, with his destination clear in his mind.

When the Prince finally approached Mikau lake his face lights up spotting you, sitting on top of one of the rocks protruding from the crystal-clear waters, your back is turned to him but he does not need to see your face to know that you are his sweet treasure. Just as he is about to run up to you he notices that on the bank a little way away from your current seat is a red and white checkered blanket laid out on the grass weighed down by a vast array of his favorite fish as well as some dishes for you.

Sidon walks toward the little picnic in mild surprise, everything is set out so neatly that this was most certainly planned, at first, he thought that this was his father’s idea but now he was not so sure. The prince turned his attention away from the picnic and instead walked up to you on feeling the shallow water’s cool touch against the soles of his feet as neared your perch until he could finally wrap his arms around your waist pulling you back a little. He smiled when you let out a soft gasp followed by his name when you turned to look at him.

“Hello love, it seems that you have been busy handling your own duties,” He says and the bashful smile that creeps up on your lips is all the answer he needs. Sidon feels himself laugh softly and lean in to peck your cheek sweetly, even on top of this stone you are still a shorter than him. “I will admit that I am pleasantly surprised that you would go through all of this but you did not need to do so much for me my pearl.”

He watches you smile and then fiddle with something in your hands that he had noticed before. “I know.” You say simply before repositioning yourself so that you are now facing him letting him see the bright smile on your face as your arms reach up and then motion for him to lean down a little. He does so without question but smiles inquisitively when he feels you place something on top of his head that rests comfortably on top of his head in a wide half-circle of something soft resting on his crest. Sidon stands up straight again and reaches a hand up to touch the item that has been placed on him.

It is soft and feels faintly like velvet, no these are flowers! You have given him a crown of flowers that are connected in an intricate chain of the lovely wild flowers that grew around the Zora Domain. “I just figured that even the king-to-be deserved a little break,” you giggled when Sidon just stared at you in awe, “It suits you.”

He couldn’t stop himself as he lifted you up from the stone and then spun around laughing excitedly as he did so. Yes, on days like this, he was truly blessed to have someone as amazing as you.

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Out of curiosity, do you have any W2H fic recommendations?

Hell yeah I do 

My favorite by far is “Darling, It’s Raining Fire”, which is a post-apocalyptic AU and the writing is just fantastic. The opening with Jonathan realizing the world had ended really hit me and was such fantastic storytelling. 

I’m such a sucker for coffee shop AUs and “Blatherskite” is a really cute one shot about barista jon and runaway sock. 

Hellbound and Down” sticks out in my mind for it’s really chilling descriptions of hell. Sadly it’s incomplete and hasn’t updated in almost a year but it’s still a good read if that doesn’t bother you too much. 

Chance Encounter” is another really cute AU in which they’re both hot mess adults. I haven’t read it in awhile but I remember really enjoying it. 

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Uh, could you do a picture of Papyrus hanging out with Feral ghouls? Or Alphys with a deathclaw? Either one, or neither if you don't want to. :>


I decided on Alphys and the Deathclaw because I had quite a few Papyrus requests, but honestly there’s a good chance I draw that too because IT’S SO DISGUSTING AND CUTE AND EVERYTHING I LOVE

I didn’t really feel like getting more indepth on the refining than this because I’m lazy and thats a lot of scales. Originally I was going to have a nuke going off behind them but it looked weird.

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Still sad, so have more glad!

aka Chara and Toriel are nerds and Asriel is a sleepyhead

Low key just want to kiss a girl on top of a Ferris wheel
—  thoughts when the Fair is in town and something I’m patiently waiting to do leighannelovestolaugh

I mean, it’s not Dia, but I’m still very happy (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Dear Anne,

You’re always on my mind.
And I know that’s weird
Because it’s been almost 10 years.
But I think about you all
the time.
You’re the one that got
away because
I fucked up.
More than once.

But you can’t tell me we
didn’t have the most
epic of love stories.
We were so young and
dumb and

I remember
I took my clothes off
for you the very first
night we had alone
I thought it would be funny
to put on my entire wardrobe
and take it all off for you.
Needless to say,
it was NOT sexy.
But you laughed at me
anyways and said I was cute.

I almost missed my
chance with you too.
I got so nervous that we
decided just to go to bed
instead of going through
with our original plan of
kissing and fucking
(We were only ever
supposed to be friends
with benefits).

So I turned the lights off
in my bedroom and
crawled into my bed
in the dark next to you.
And it was YOU who
rolled over and reached
out to tuck my hair
behind my ear.

And then just like that,
we were kissing
and biting
and pulling
and scratching.
Eventually my fingers
found their way to your breasts
but that was when you
stopped me.
“Not tonight,”
you told me.

So I held you in my
arms instead and fell asleep
with my chin tucked
into the crook of your neck.

Our love unfolded from
then on like a book.
Unfortunately for us
Our book would be a sad
one involving
stolen kisses in
secret corners
and sore legs
from always running.

Too bad my mom
found them all and
read every word
we’d ever etched
onto the pieces
of notebook paper
we gave each other.

That was what
ultimately tore us
You couldn’t stand
that I couldn’t
tell my mom.

But she threw me
against the dryer
and dragged me down
by my hair.
“You will not be gay
in this house.”
That’s what I was told.
“But mom, I’m not gay.”

She’s still convinced
to this fucking day that
you manipulated me into
being with you.
And to be honest,
I don’t bother to correct

I’m ashamed I couldn’t
have been more honest.
But I needed a home
more than I needed you
at the time.

And for that I’m

I’m sorry we didn’t
work out.
But you will always
own a piece of me
whether you know it
or not.

I’ve never loved anyone
more than I loved you Anne.
And I’m not really sure I
ever will.

i dont trust anyone with an anime girl character as their icon thats not a cute and funny joke chances are way too high theyre either a nazi or think the age of consent should be 14 and im not sticking around to find out which it inevitably is


content: Castiel just wants to spend a nice dinner with his friends, but they decide to flirt with their handsome waiter instead.

word count: 1251

Castiel can’t help but roll his eyes.

All he wanted was a nice dinner with his old friends from college. Just some time to catch up and bicker and enjoy their time together. They meet up at least once a month and Castiel cherishes these dates although some of his friends aren’t especially nice and he wonders for years now why he even stayed in contact with them in the first place.

Meg at least nearly stabbed him with a fork the first time they met. And instead of avoiding her like the plague she became one of his closest companions after no time at all.

Maybe Castiel is just some kind of masochist.

That would at least explain why he even bothers to make himself suffer every single time. Like right now, for example.

The evening started like any other – with a lot of hugging and talking at the same time –, but as soon as the waiter appeared at their table and smiled at them, everything else was forgotten and the women spent the last two hours competing for the man’s attention. They began to flirt shamelessly with him while kicking each other shins (and Castiel’s by accident as well on multiple occasions) with all the force they could muster.

The worst thing, Castiel can’t even blame them.

When the man introduced himself with the words, “Good evening, I’m Dean and I’m your waiter tonight”, Castiel was a little bit lost too. He met his fair shade of attractive men in the past, but Dean is seriously the cherry on top. He’s easily the most handsome man Castiel ever encountered and above all that he seems nice and witty and utterly patient. And when he quoted Vonnegut as he served their dessert, Castiel was sure he met his dream guy.

Unfortunately Dean had been so busy with all the female attention that he didn’t really interact with Castiel at all.

Quite a shame, but maybe even for the best. Because guys like Dean are mostly straight or taken or both.

And Castiel doesn’t need more disappointment in his life.

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The best thing about Pavi is that Ravi isn't the "nice guy" who feels the girl owes him something. He was a jerk, yeah, but I felt that made him more than just comic relief. Not to mention, Peyton obviously has feelings for him as well, and just because he screwed up, there's always a chance for them to reconcile. PLEASE WRITERS. They are too cute together.

THIIIIIIIS! Ravi and Peyton are meant to be! True Love and all that 💕