chance gen 1


Stranger: So what are you doing here to night?

You: I was bored, needed to escape my head a bit. My prints are still drying.

Stranger: Prints?

You: I am a photographer.

Stranger: Ah, that’s neat what’s its like?

You: A lot of work and not a lot of recognition. Everyone wants their photos for less then they are worth. Like excuse me, I put effort to make this look good. It’s not something you can do otherwise you wouldn’t have called me for this.

Stranger: People are the worst sometimes.

You: Yeah I know, what about you why are you here?

 Stranger: I umm I needed to escape my fiancée and wedding preparations.

You: sounds like you shouldn’t be getting married.

Stranger: I wouldn’t if it were up to me, but you know family. It’s fucking insane. 

You: I could do with a good story. I’ll tell you about my family if you tell me about yours.