chance founder

“you talk about eminem being sexist/homophobic/transphobic but what about all the other blacks that do it in rap huh? checkmate blacks.” they get checked too. nobody is okaying any type of misogyny when they critique eminem specifically. eminem chose to go in to a space formed by oppressed groups as a privileged white man no different to vanilla ice that’s why he raps about it all the time in a dismissive way. when you’re in space created mainly by black and latinx ppl you’re already in a scope because every one knows you’ll be given chances even the founders of rap couldn’t receive because of their race/ethnicity/gender/sexuality/etc. and you come into the space and cause more pain? eminem as a white dude who’s rapped about the things he’s rapped about will never be necessary in this universe ever. he was never required for rap to thrive and continue and will be a marker in time and reminder of simpler times when we aint know better. a relic. and everyone latching on to him and his lyrics as talent are holding on to the same hypermasculine ideals he is. yall scared that faves like him will falter and lose the power of image they give you when you see your abuse being represented in his lyrics.