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in 365 days harry and louis are gonna walk that red carpet together…..and they’re both gonna serve Looks in complementary suits and louis will guide harry down the carpet with his hand on the small of his back and harry will be beaming and keep pressing kisses to his cheek and temple and dunkirk is gonna be nominated for All the Awards so they keep showing harry in the audience with louis next to him with his hand on his thigh looking So Fond. then harry wins for best supporting actor and he’s that guy that takes forever to get to the stage bc louis is hugging him SO TIGHT and pressing kisses to his face and whispering how proud he is into his ear. and when harry finally gets on stage he’s SO SWEET and emotional and he stammers through thanking his mum first bc he’s harry and of course he does, then nolan for giving him such a huge chance and his co-stars fionn and aneurin for making it such a fun experience and all the crew and every other person involved bc he’d never let ppl go unacknowledged. and then he takes a deep breath and adds "lastly but most importantly to the beautiful man who i have the honour of calling my husband….louis we’ve been in this together since day one and i would not be on this stage without your eternal love and support….you are my soulmate and my partner in every part of my life….thank you for everything you do and everything you are. i love you so much.”

Theresa May calls for snap UK general election saying Brexit process needs a strong government

Prime Minister Theresa May has called for a general election in the United Kingdom in a bid to cement her party’s grip on power.

Ms May made the announcement from the steps of Number 10 Downing Street, following months of favourable polls for the Tories.

The Prime Minister said she would go to Parliament and ask for the national vote on June 8, adding: “We need a general election and we need one now”.

She said: “I have just chaired a meeting of the Cabinet, where we agreed that the Government should call a general election, to be held on June 8.”

She explained that she had only come to the conclusion an election was needed “recently”, after months of Downing Street denying she would call one.

But the Prime Minister said a strong government was needed before pushing ahead with Brexit talks with the European Union.

Without a snap general election Ms May said “political game-playing” in Westminster coincide with negotiations reaching their “most difficult stage” in the run-up to the previously scheduled 2020 election.

“Division in Westminster will risk our ability to make a success of Brexit, and it will cause damaging uncertainty and instability to the country,” she said.

“So we need a general election and we need one now. Because we have at this moment a one-off chance to get this done, while the European Union agrees its negotiating position and before the detailed talks begin.”

She also threw the gauntlet down to Jeremy Corbyn and other party leaders to back the call for an election - as she needs a two thirds majority in the Commons to move ahead.

Ms May went on: “Our opponents believe because the Government’s majority is so small that our resolve will weaken and that they can force us to change. They are wrong.

"They under-estimate our determination to get the job done and I am not prepared to let them endanger the security of millions of working people across the country, because what they are doing jeopardises the work we must do to prepare for Brexit at home and it weakens the Government’s negotiating position in Europe.”

A ComRes survey for The Independent put her party 21 points ahead of Labour at the weekend, its greatest lead while in government since 1983, shortly before Margaret Thatcher’s second victory at the ballot box.

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s call, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “I welcome the Prime Minister’s decision to give the British people the chance to vote for a government that will put the interests of the majority first.

"Labour will be offering the country an effective alternative to a government that has failed to rebuild the economy, delivered falling living standards and damaging cuts to our schools and NHS.”

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said: “This election is your chance to change the direction of our country.

"If you want to avoid a disastrous Hard Brexit. If you want to keep Britain in the Single Market. If you want a Britain that is open, tolerant and united, this is your chance.”

Green co-leader Caroline Lucas said: “Britain is at a crossroads and today’s announcement means that people are rightly given a say over the direction this country is going to take. Only the Green Party offers a bold, positive vision for a different kind of Britain.”

The Signs as the world is ending
  • Aries: trying to use science to figure out a way to stop it, and actually has a pretty good chance cos they're smart
  • Taurus: makes their favourite meal and eats it as the world burns around them
  • Gemini: accepts their fate and walks around in a tie dye shirt telling people to chill
  • Cancer: is freaking out and tries to call every person they ever talked to
  • Leo: trying to trade all their expensive fancy stuff for a one way ticket to the moon
  • Virgo: just looks at a couple memes and watches a harry potter movie
  • Libra: complains that the world is ending and gives a lecture to everyone about how it's not fair
  • Scorpio: tells their crush they love them and then runs home and rocks back and forth in a corner
  • Sagittarius: does something cool like rooftop jumping and chills with friends
  • Capricorn: sits in a bathtub outside under the stars and fills it with icecream
  • Aquarius: gets their alien friends to pick them up and lives happily on a strange but pleasant planet
  • Pisces: cries and finds a sympathetic boy to lean on

Honestly, the most upsetting thing about Snape is that you get glimpses of this little kid that nobody took care of, like you never see him being cared for, not by any adults anyway, and he’s just this kid at first, this angry lonely kid, and then it’s like he was too old for that, he has to take responsibility for his life that he fucked up before he even got started, bc, bc it all goes back to this little kid that nobody–no guardian–ever put any effort into, and that’s just so

Choosing to be American

Taken from naturalization ceremonies in Denver, Milwaukee and Miami, these photos reflect a process that transcends partisan lines and elected officials. 

Oslaydis Viquillon, center, originally from Cuba, wipes tears from her eyes as she and her fellow new citizens sing “America the Beautiful” after their naturalization ceremony in Miami, FL. 170 people from 27 different countries became United States citizens during the ceremony. (Scott McIntyre)

Newly naturalized citizens celebrate with their families and take pictures after their naturalization ceremony in Miami, FL. (Scott McIntyre)

American flags on display at a naturalization ceremony in Miami, FL. (Scott McIntyre)

Wifredo Ferrer, U.S. Attorney for Southern District of Florida, speaks during a naturalization ceremony in Miami, FL. (Scott McIntyre)

Hector Villarreal, 69, originally from Mexico, participates in a naturalization ceremony at the Wisconsin State Fair Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “I’m finally getting my citizenship. I should have gotten it when I served in the service, [but] I never bothered with it…my kids talked me into it to be honest with you.” (Lauren Justice)

“It’s a big change. It’s very different from where I’m from,“ said Paola Castro (right), 40, from Argentina. "We don’t have free expression [in Argentina] or liberty like we have here.” Castro has lived in the United States for 14 years and became a citizen in a naturalization ceremony in Miami, FL. (Scott McIntyre)

A participant holds an American flag at a naturalization ceremony in Denver, CO. (James Chance)

Maria Thorington, 27, from Canada, sits with her daughter Mallory at a naturalization ceremony in Denver, CO. "My husband served [this] country, I want to be a part of it.” (James Chance)

A new citizen poses with her certificate of naturalization at a ceremony at the Denver Field Office in Denver, CO. (James Chance)

Juliana Taylorkanara (center), 42, originally from Sierra Leone, participates in a naturalization ceremony at the Wisconsin State Fair Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “It’s a wonderful day, becoming a US citizen. It’s a blessing. Every version of America is beautiful, I can say. Everything. The loving, the caring, the constant help, everything. It means a lot to me.” (Lauren Justice)

Individually, the photos and their captions reveal unique motivations for being naturalized, but in their totality, convey a unity foundational to another oath that, when written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy, was intended to be applicable to any citizen of any country: “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Click here to view the entire photo essay “Choosing to Become an American” 

Gorillaz sentence starters

“I need a gun to keep myself from harm.”

“They ain’t got a chance.”

“Cos all I do is dance.”

“I’m a peace-loving decoy…”

“I don’t get sleep,no..”

“Love forever,love is free.”

“Let’s turn forever,you and me.”

“Never did no harm.”

“That’s what you do,baby.”

“Make up for the time you wasted.”

“Don’t slow down.”

“Just lay low now.”

“You see the member’s all played out.”

“It make my heart beat no sound.”

“She made me kill myself..”

“I don’t think I’ll be here too long”

“Got no camera to see.”

“Don’t think I’m all in this world.”

“Don’t trust people you meet…”

“I’m useless but not for long.”

“I ain’t happy,I’m feeling glad.”

“The future is coming on.”

“Now time for me is nothin’ cos I’m countin’ no age.”

“Cos you don’t see with your eye you perceive with your mind.”

“This is a breakfast club!”

“Then everybody tell you shut up!”

“Then say she’ll never get up.”

“I did what I was told.”

“Cuz everybody told me shut up!”

“I got not luck with winning.”

“All of which makes me anxious…”

“I know you like that.”

“Want to try that.”

“I’m highly animated even though I’m decomposing.”

“The world is spinning too fast.”

“I’m buying lead nike shoes to keep myself tethered.”

“Keeping my groove on.”

“It’s the music that we choose.”

“I can’t stand the loneliness.”

“You won’t get money from doing what you love.”

“Cos you’re my medicine when you’re close to me.”

“Around the world we go..”



Even when my pen pressure dies half way through and i have to do all the blending with no pen pressure WEEE

Sam in this developing space Au by Carlie (and growing thanks to the whole phandom chat hAHAHAHA OOPS) was decided to be an alien who is also a part of the scout troops that the whole trio is inand I OF COURSE VOLUNTEERED TO DESIGN HER (NOTE THO, BECCA DREW THE DESIGN FOR HER SCOUT OUTFIT).


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Sting Like A Bee

Pairing/s: Bumbleby, Arkos & Nuts and Dolts

Words: 2100+

(A/N: Triple whammy! I guess a week without internet does a lot in terms of writing ^^’ Will probably make this a chapter fic if you guys want, so let me know!)


Most people would be excited at the prospect of a new job. Especially fresh out of school, getting a decently paying full time job isn’t the easiest thing to do. But when it turns out someone you had a past with is associated with it, things automatically get a little more difficult.

So after finding out her former lover was a regular at Remnant Fight Club, which had just offered her a job, Blake was understandably apprehensive. But, a job paid the bills and put food on the table. Plus, with her over-looming loans from medical school which would quickly sink into debt, Blake didn’t exactly have a choice.

Thanks for whatever is in the heavens, Adam wasn’t there on her first night. At least that was one good thing about the fight schedules was she knew when to be prepared for a possible encounter. Blake felt a little more at ease knowing this; it would at least give her a chance to meet her co-workers when she was somewhat comfortable. Walking through the doors, she was met with the smell of sweat, an arena surrounded by seating and a receptionist that looked way too young to be working there. 

Sighing deeply, she nervously walked up to the counter, nervously fidgeting with the ring on her right thumb. She concentrated on keeping her feline ears still under her bow, not wanting to reveal the fact she was a Faunus just yet. It came all too soon, Blake thought, soon approaching a girl with short, red tipped hair sitting behind the desk, tongue stuck out as she concentrated on a video game. Blake couldn’t help but chuckle a little at the sight, something which seemed to catch the attention of the young girl. Embarrassed she had been caught, the redhead slid the game away before turning her attention to Blake

“Hiya! How can I help?”

Blake smiled lightly, noticing a spark in those silver eyes that she couldn’t help but admire.

“Well, I’ve just gotten a job here, and it’s my first night,” the raven haired girl began to explain.

“Oh! You must be the new medic!” the girl exclaimed, heading out from behind the desk and walking around to Blake.

“I’m Ruby! Nice to meet you,” she greeted, holding out her hand to the taller girl. Blake smiled, taking the extended hand and shaking it.

“It’s a pleasure Ruby; I’m Blake.”
Ruby offered a beaming smile, tucking her hands into the pockets of a red hoodie and swaying on her heels.

“C'mon. I’ll introduce you to the others.”

With that, she then began walking towards the other side of the arena, causing Blake to follow.

“Pardon me for asking,” Blake started a little hesitantly. “But aren’t you a little young to be working here? I always thought there was an age requirement to work in a place like this.”

“Technically,” Ruby admitted. “But I’m still in school so I only work part time and I’m always gone before it gets to the really bad fights. Plus, my sister fights here and she tends to draw a crowd, so that helps.”

The raven haired girl nodded a little, understanding the situation a little more. Before Blake could ask anything else, Ruby pushed open a door.

“Hey guys!” the young girl proclaimed. “You’ve got another pair of hands to help you out!”

“We know Ruby, the two of us found out before anyone else,” a voice claimed, walking through a doorway. It belonged to a tall boy, seemingly of Asian descent, a pink streak standing out against the rest of onyx hair. His eyes scanned over Blake, lips twitching up in a smile that was barely there.

“Ren. It’s a pleasure.”

She returned the small smile, nodding a little. “Blake. I’m guessing you’re here to show me the ropes?”

He nodded a little before a lanky boy with blonde, messy hair and blue eyes stood beside him. As he put two and two together, he held out his hand to Blake with a warm smile.

“I’m Jaune, it’s nice to finally meet you.”

She shook his hand and introduced herself once again, seeming to catch his contagious smile. After the handshake parted, Ruby perked up before any awkwardness set in.

“How you guys feeling about tonight? We’ve got a couple regulars on~” Ruby joked with a light laugh.

“Ruby, it’s always entertaining when your sister is fighting,” Ren mused. “She may be one of the top fighters, but she’s never left a fight unscathed.”
Blake’s ears perked up again at the mention of Ruby’s sister. Why did everyone keep talking about her?

“Ren’s right. It’s gotten to the point that he and I place bets on what injury she’ll come in with,” Jaune explained to Blake. “Speaking of which, who is she against tonight?”

“Some guy from across town. His style seems more orientated on kicking so Yang’s gonna have a little more trouble,” Ruby mused.

“Jeez, hopefully she doesn’t dislocate anything again,” Jaune mumbled.

Ren turned to the newest member of the medics. “You haven’t met the fighters yet, have you Blake?" 

She shook her head, nervously twiddling with her thumb ring once again.
"Though if what you guys say is true, I’ll at least meet Ruby’s sister tonight.”

“Don’t worry too much,” Ruby perked up. “They may look pretty threatening when they’re fighting, but most of them are really nice! Except for Adam, but he’s a butt; no one likes him anyway.”

Blake couldn’t help but stiffen a little at the mention of Adam, but smiled slightly to hide it. She wasn’t going to let him get in the way of her new job.
The first fight of the night passed rather quickly, with Blake quickly being shown the order of how things went. The fighters were checked over to see if they could be treated there or needed a hospital, before the three of them set to work.  At the end of the first fight, a ginger with a lopsided pink bow sat in the ward, a smile on her face despite her bruised cheek and busted lip. As Jaune and Ren waited by the ring for the next fight, Blake was left to take care of the small injuries. Blake gave the girl some ice to hold on her cheek, as she gently dabbed on the girl’s lip, cleaning the split of any excess blood. 

“You seem oddly happy to have lost a fight,” the amber eyed girl mused.

“I don’t find it odd!” the girl appropriately named Penny beamed. “It was an honour to finally meet the Goddess!”

Speaking of the devil, she appeared. It was no wonder she was called the Goddess. Long red hair, emerald eyes and a smile that could stop your heart, Pyrrha Nikos could easily knock you to the ground and make it look easy, but still give the warmest hugs known to man. Or so Jaune had told her.

“Hello again!” she chimed, walking into the ward and heading over to stand beside Penny. “You fought really well tonight. But you took a bit of a tumble in that last round and I wanted to make sure you were alright.”

“I am a-OK Miss Nikos!” Penny proclaimed, shooting her an enthusiastic thumbs up as Blake moved away to clear the equipment.

“That’s good to hear. Oops, how rude of me; you must be Blake,” she claimed, causing Blake to turn around to see a smiling Pyrrha. Blake returned it with a light smile of her own, holding out her hand which Pyrrha shook immediately.

“That would be me. It’s nice to meet you Pyrrha; Jaune’s told me a lot about you.”
The taller red head rolled her eyes, a faint blush on her cheeks.

“I suspect he would have,” she mused. “Anyway, is there any chance you could strap my wrist up?”

“Of course,” Blake replied before turning to Penny. “You’re free to go. Just make sure to keep the ice on your bruise so it stops the swelling.”

Penny gave an enthusiastic nod, hopping off the ‘hospital’ bed.
“Thank you miss Blake!” the young ginger thanked, waving goodbye to the medic and the Goddess. The Faunus smiled at the young fighter, patting the empty spot on the bed which Pyrrha soon filled, holding out her sore wrist.
Returning the redhead’s small smile, Blake set to work. Carefully, she removed the strapping tape on Pyrrha’s wrist, noting it wasn’t as tight as it should have been.

“Your strapping was a little loose,” she informed the taller girl, looking up to briefly meet an emerald gaze.

“Yeah, I had to run a quick errand for a friend before I came here so I was in a bit of a rush,” she explained with a light chuckle.

“Well, if you’re ever in a rush, you can always come here and we can strap them up for you,” Blake offered, removing the last of the strapping tape. Gently, her hands checked for any sign of a break or fracture. Now knowing that her wrist wasn’t injured, Blake took hold of the medical tape and began strapping Pyrrha’s wrist.

“Hey there Goddess!” a sunny voice chimed, nearly causing Blake to turn around. “You were awesome out there tonight!”

“Oh hello again! When are you scheduled in?”

“Not tonight I’m afraid. It’s time for me to play the big sister and take Ruby home. I figured she might be in here with you guys.”

Blake put two and two together just as she finished strapping Pyrrha’s wrist. Securing it, Blake then finally dared to turn around. Standing in the doorway, with one strong arm braced against the frame and the other clutching a set of keys, stood a girl who looked almost nothing like Ruby. Even so, she must have boys and girls fawn over her beauty on a daily basis. A pair of aviators sat upon a wild golden mane, lilac eyes staring into her own. Her breath seemed to hitch a little, suddenly feeling a little vulnerable under her gaze. Her stomach felt odd, as if thousands of winged creatures had suddenly taken flight. However, the moment was broken by Pyrrha clearing her throat.

“Yang, I don’t think you’ve met our new medic,” she started, hopping off the bed, and gesturing for the blonde to come in.

“Yang, this is our new medic Blake. Blake, this is our resident 'firecracker’ Yang.”

'Yang’ flashed a grin worthy of a movie star, holding out her hand. Blake, almost tentatively, took the blonde’s hand, shaking it. Her hand was warm and calloused, much larger than her own. Wait, why am I even thinking this? the amber eyed girl thought to herself. She mentally shook the thought away, their hands parting before it got too awkward and shooting the blonde a shy smile.#

Holy shit, she’s gorgeous! was the only thing that ran through Yang’s mind. I wonder if she’s single. Wait on, I hope she’s gay at least! C'mon Yang, don’t tell me your gaydar is chasing after a straight girl, no matter how gorgeous she is. Alrighty Firecracker; say something smooth!

“Well, I’m certainly glad someone as pretty as you will be able to help me feel better~” she chuckled, sending the raven haired beauty a joking wink. Blake’s eyebrows raised in surprise, but was disturbed before she could think of a witty comeback.


Not a moment later, Ruby had flung herself onto Yang’s back, legs wrapping around her waist. Yang only stumbled a little, before she shot her a wide smile as Ruby climbed down.

“Heya Rubes! Ready for the off?” Ruby nodded enthusiastically, turning and smiling at Blake.

“See ya tomorrow Blake!” she cried, waving gleefully at the taller girl. Blake was oddly touched, even by something so simple as a goodbye. Lips twitching up in a smile that was gone as soon as it came, Blake nodded at Ruby.
And with that, Ruby and Yang walked out of the ward, but not without the blonde shooting the bow wearing girl another smile.

Even after Yang left, the weird feeling in Blake’s stomach stayed. Pyrrha smiled almost knowingly, bidding the slightly flustered medic a promise to see her next fight, before a voice was heard outside the arena.


“Looked like what? I told you she was pretty, didn’t I?”


Putting two and two together, Blake had to stop herself from letting her jaw drop.

“You’re blushing,” Pyrrha chuckled before heading out of the ward.

Sure enough, Blake’s cheeks were as pink as the streak in Ren’s hair. And that feeling in her stomach didn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Meet Jessica Yasmin Barhum.

She lives in the village of Ein Rafa near Jerusalem and makes delicious food. What’s even more important is that she’s also one of the most interesting and kind people I have ever had the honor of meeting. As a photographer covering a lot of daily news and politics, almost everything can feel very cynical, but I truly believe that if there’s ever a chance for peace and co-existence in our troubled land it lies within those personal meetings, like the one I had with Jessica Yasmin and her wonderful family.

So what are you waiting for?

To arrange a visit to Jessica Yasmin’s home and enjoy her homemade food, plus a visit to Ein Rafa village and mosque please contact her via email: