CHANBAEK and their way of comforting each other.

Upper GIF: Baekhyun walked across stage to go to Chanyeol who was about to cry and lifted his mood by poking his ear. This resulted for an about-to-cry Chanyeol to smile.

Lower GIF: Chanyeol, along with other members; went to Baekhyun to comfort him by touching his nape (which we all know is his weak spot).


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Fingers claw at a clothed chest, tearing the fabric in half and thrashing it somewhere aimlessly in the room. Red swollen lips proclaim rotund lips, their kiss steamy and messy as pants are dragged off of silky milk legs. Baekhyun drags his calloused hands over Chanyeol’s chest as they fall against soft bed sheets and an old worn out mattress.

Chanyeol holds his weight on his elbows as he places them on both sides of Baekhyun’s head, their lips never parting for even second.

Moans of need are released through Baekhyun’s mouth as bites are stapled into his slender neck. They go up and down his lifeline like a man climbing a ladder– carefully yet oh so ravenous to reach the top.

“Chanyeol… ah…” Baekhyun is a wreck and the other man is all over him, claiming his body as his own.

Chanyeol takes in Baekhyun’s buds and swirls around them with his tongue one by one, until he’s got him writhing for more.

“Cha-Chanyeol… p-please..” he is begging as he thrusts his pelvic up, rubbing throbbing erections together and releasing groans from both lips.

It happens quickly, but Chanyeol places himself around his entrance and sinks into him with a hard slam, pulling Baekhyun to arch his back as his jaws fall and eyes lid.

The taller man starts to move and Baekhyun along with him, his walls enclosing around his member and wanting more.

“God– damn it.” Chanyeol grunts as he pulls in and out of him, picking up his pace and thrusting so hard that Baekhyun can’t control the moans he’s eliciting.

They come together and fall from their high, Chanyeol trying to keep himself steady on his palms so he doesn’t crush the smaller man.

“Your so fucking beautiful.” He says breathily and swoops down to place one last kiss upon his forehead, leaning over to the side and plopping down exhaustingly.

And although Chanyeol wraps him in his arms and holds him close to his chest, their two heart beats connected just as their bodies had been, Baekhyun can’t be comforted knowing that to Chanyeol, this was less than love and more for pleasure. If only he felt the same way.

—  Chanyeol is a drug that sends Baekhyun into a high, but drags him down low in the end. // n.a