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Making out w/ Stray Kids

(Hyung line) (Maknae line)


A/N: First post for my ult group, I can’t tell if I’m emotional or just excited. And also guys who’s your SK bias cause I wanna know like WHERE MY HYUNJIN BITCHES WOOIIII. (Loyal Hyunjin stan right here). Btw this might be smutty so if you are uncomfortable move alone honey.


  • Now our bang leader barely has time to be with you
  • so don’t be surprised if he’s a little handsy at times.
  • Would always start make out sessions during boring movies or shows
  • Pecks your lips at first until you become annoyed and just grab his face and smother his lips
  • Would smirk at that cause he trapped you now.
  • LOVES sessions where your trapped under his body. cause Chan loves to crush his loved ones
  • Likes to run his hands underneath your/his shirt because of the way you moan at how cold his fingers are
  • If he hasn’t got his hands on your skin, he’s wrapping your legs around his waist so you can feel the affect on him  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • He sometimes gets lost in the session that he doesn’t even notice your tongue entering his mouth.
  • But once he does he’s gonna end up being the one in control.
  • If he’s really needy then he’ll roll his hips into yours until he’s practically panting.
  • If your not wearing a bra then bonus for Chan.
  • Tbh this will end in three ways.
  • You will either stay like that until you both cum in your pants 
  • Or this will move to the bedroom (hopefull)
  • Or he’s gonna be a tease and pull away flashing you that fucking dimple of his his. bOI

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  • Oh my man Kim Woojin
  • Can we all agree that Woojin is the cuddliest bear out there and any girl that gets him is the luckiest person alive
  • Okay but back to the point.
  • I feel like makeout sessions would be rare in your relationship just cause Woojin prefers cuddles
  •  But when they do WoAh
  • It would probably start because Woojin keeps staring at your lips
  • so you ask him why
  • and he just replies with “I want to eat them” 
  • Causing you to just die
  • DIE
  • While you sit there all flustered Woojin laughs and pulls you in for a kiss
  • that leads to more kisses
  • and then whoop your on his lap with your fingers in his scalp and his hands secured on your waist
  • I feel like you’ll start rolling your hips into his catching him by surprise and letting out a groan into your mouth while digging his fingers into the fabcric of your top
  • his groans wouldn’t stop from there
  • He would probably pull away from your lips to hide in the crook of your neck
  • accidently bucking his hips into yours whenever you pull on his hair to hard
  • leaves love bites on your jaw and neck while listening to you moan
  • all n all bitch this session is gonna be a long one
  • but it’s gonna end in a flushed needy woojin who still has a bright smile on his face

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  • Ahh Mama Minho
  • Your lover and carer
  • puts your needs first 
  • Likes making out after dance practices 
  • just because he’s hot and ready (if you not that vine i fuck with you)
  • Finds it funny how you whine about his sweat
  • go shower ya nasty
  • Will pull you bone crushingly close until the gap between your lips is no more
  • starts off slow 
  • then asks for permission to enter your mouth by licking your bottom lip
  • which will of course be granted
  • depending where you are 
  • he’s gonna find somewhere to throw you one 
  • in the most non-manhandling way possible
  • imagine a sweaty Minho on top of you 
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • his lips will be on yours in less the a millisecond
  • tries pulling your clothes off 
  • then figures you two are too restricted 
  • so a lot of dry humping and groping through clothes
  • heavy breathing
  • flushed minho
  • like very red cheeked Minho
  • whispers that he really needs you
  • you push him off and tell him to go shower
  • which to your surprise he pulls you with him


  • MYMAN (one of them)
  • Okay Changbin is not used to relationships in my opinion
  • and can come off as shy 
  • but he loves kisses
  • and making out is just a bonus
  • like have you seen the big ass grin on his face whenever Felix ask’s him to for a little kiss
  • so he is going to initiate it whenever he can
  • like after a stressful day of composing and practising 
  • he’s just gonna pull you onto his lap and keep a strong hold on your waist burying his face into your chest to hide his flushed self from his own actions
  • but then realises his being smothered by your boobs and gets turned on
  • will quickly pull away and bring his lips to yours hurriedly 
  • which makes you moan in surprise
  • sending an electric feeling down down his body and down to his dick
  • oh Changbin honey
  • desperately bites your lip for permission to roam your cavern 
  • ToNguEwReStLing  
  • He wins cause his deep groans have you melting into his touch
  • but will lose it the moment you start grinding onto him
  • might have one hand tightly your hip but the other will be stroking your hair 
  • cause binnieissoft ™
  • feels heart pound against his chest whenever you release a small sound 
  • honestly anything you do in that moment is game over
  • unless you two are sexually active 
  • he’s not going to carry it on further
  • but if you do then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


Good morning to Bang Chan and his curly hair only

Svt reacting to their gf coming home scared

anon asked: can i request svt’s reaction to their girlfriend coming home scared because someone was following her?

Seungcheol- You’d think Seungcheol is a big softie, but damn after you come home scared someone’s following you, Seungcheol can get hella scary. Because no one messes with you. Not if he can help it. He’ll get really angry knowing you were scared out of your mind. He’ll probably wrap you up in his arms, breathing quickly and check to makes sure you’re ok and carry you in his arms over to the couch and make you sit down and wait while he goes out to see if whoever it was is still around. You can try to stop him by saying you’ll talk to the police but he’ll go out looking anyway. And If he catches the punk, they’re going to get hell tonight.

“Stay here. Nothing is going to happen to you because I’m right here. And they’re going to never see the light of day again if they mess with you.”

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Jeonghan- Whereas Seungcheol can get scary while trying to protect you, Jeonghan would be a different kind of scary, a silent scary. He’d immediately hug you and tell you that whoever they are they’re not going to lay a finger on you and if they do, they’re losing their fingers. He’ll wrap you up in a sweater and he’ll drive with you to the police station so you can file a report. But you can tell from his stance, with his arm folded and his shoulders leveled that if it weren’t for insuring your upmost safety, he too would have gone out searching for whoever it was. And whoever it was would have regretted simply laying eyes on you that day.

“We have to rely on the system because if we didn’t I might end up seriously maiming whoever it was that scared you today and I don’t think you’d like that very much.”

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Joshua- Joshua wouldn’t have the thought of being pissed at whoever it was. He’d be completely focused on making sure you were ok and that you knew you were safe now and that as long as you’re with him, nothing will happen to you. He’ll insist on going to the police station in the morning but in the meantime he’d hold you in his arms and run his fingers through your hair and say “it’s ok, you’re ok, you’re safe now”. He’d hold you for a long time rocking back and forth until you stop shaking from fear and the cold pit in your stomach goes away. He’d get you warm tea and blankets and make sure all the windows and doors were locked and shut tight before returning to your side to hold you in his chest and kiss your forehead reassuringly.

“Nothing else matters except that you’re safe. As long as you’re safe and you’re here, nothing else matters. Nothing will happen to you, not when I’m here.”

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Jun- You’re practically crying when you frantically shut the door behind you. Jun takes one look at the terrified expression on your face and is about to lose his shit because when it comes to you no one, NO ONE, messes with you. After hearing what happened to get you so rattled up, he’ll quickly grab his coat and wrap it around you and pull you into the car to drive down to the police station. He’d be holding your hand the whole way, one hand around the steering wheel, his knuckles turning white from how tightly he was gripping the wheel. He might ask you for some details like physical descriptions and what you were doing today while he gritted his teeth and stared dead ahead. But if he hears your voice breaking, trying to recall specifics he would stop the car.

“Whoever they were, they won’t dare mess with you ever again. Because if they do, they’re not going to be able to walk right ever again.”

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Soonyoung- Soonyoung would put up a front, trying to show you his best side as soon as he found out what happened. He’d hug you and shower you with kisses while holding you in his arms, but he’d be hella protective. He won’t be able to stop thinking about what could have happened if you never came home and he’d be going crazy trying to hide the overwhelming feeling of terror that came with the idea of never seeing you again. He wouldn’t let you go for a long time, even after you both went to file the police report, he would insist on going everywhere with you even if it was just to the grocery store. You could be cooking or cleaning or do anything and you can feel Soonyoung watching you and trying his best to make you feel safe.

“I’m never letting you out of my sight again, I’m literally going to learn how to sleep with my eyes open in order to make sure you never have to be scared ever again.”

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Wonwoo- He’ll be the one in Svt that acts the most calm on the outside. He won’t say much but he’ll take your hand and wrap you in his arms and like Joshua, makes sure you’re ok first. You’re the number one priority. He’ll wrap you up in blankets and makes sure you eat something and just feel safe and warm. He won’t let you out of his sight too and insists that you sleep in the living room with the lights on, away from any entrances or windows. He might seem calm, serious, collected and smart about the whole situation, making a police report after you fall asleep so as not to worry you, but he’ll be so scared on the inside, scared that something could have happened to you. He wouldn’t get any sleep that night because of it.

“Things were scary today, but trust me, that’s never going to happen again. I won’t let someone scare you like that ever again. You’re going to be ok.”

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Jihoon- Damn, Jihoon may seem cute, but like Seungcheol, he can get pretty scary when it comes to you and anyone who messes with you must have a death wish. He’d also be a little bit paranoid and insist that the two of you stay at a hotel or a friend or family’s house in case whoever was following you followed you home. Jihoon would hold onto you tight in the car all the way to the temporary place you two were staying at. After making sure you feel safe and are comfortable, he’d take off to file the police report and won’t get any sleep, insisting they check security camera footage and post guards around your house until the perpetrator is caught and dealt with.

“You don’t have to even think about this anymore. Don’t be afraid and don’t be scared. Whoever they were, they chose the wrong people to mess with. I’m going to catch them and once I do, I’m not going to have any mercy.”

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Seokmin- Seokmin would be trying really hard to make sure that you felt safe again. The look of terror on your face was enough to want to break his heart and he, like Soonyoung, would be more than a little overprotective. He’d hold onto you and ask if there was anything he could do to make you feel safer, even if you suggest camping in the living room with the lights on. He’d drag all the blankets and pillows to the middle of the carpet and help you get settled in for the night. Secretly he’d be terrified too, he doesn’t know exactly what could have happened to you. He’ll pester you with questions, but if you start getting teary-eyed at the thought of those night’s events he’d apologize and hold you tighter until you fell asleep in his arms.

“I should have been there with you today. If I had been there, this wouldn’t have happened. I’m not going to let this happen ever again, I promise to be by your side from now on until we catch whoever it was.”

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Mingyu- Mingyu wouldn’t know exactly what to do, he’d be a nervous mess. He wants to comfort you, but also find out whoever it was and make sure they’re punished, he wants to do a million things at once and race around until his heart stops hurting from seeing the scared look on your face. He’d probably settle on going to the police station in the morning and making sure all the doors are locked and that the neighbors know there might be someone lurking around. Then he’d cook a bunch of food, all of it for you, even if you didn’t have the appetite because he needs to keep himself busy or he might chase after whoever scared you.

“We have so much food now I don’t even know how on earth we’re going to be able to finish it. But at least you’re safe and that’s all that matters to me. Should I make dessert?”

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Minghao- Would actually run into you and hold him in your arms before even telling him what happened and once you do tell him, be prepared for a scary Minghao. He’d look coldly past you towards the door as if willing whoever it was that scared you to reveal themselves to him. He’d drive you to the police station but probably would get too frustrated in the fact that there isn’t much they can do. He might go around on a rampage yelling about how the person he cares most about almost got hurt and how the police aren’t doing anything. He’d calm down if you talked to him and reassure him you’re fine, but he’s not ok. He’d apologize for his behavior and sit down next to you, but you’re not leaving his sight, he’ll pull you onto his lap and just hold you.

“The thought of someone else looking at you, following you, that’s not ok. It’s not going to happen again. And if it does, they’re done for.”

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Seungkwan- Seungkwan would be shook. He’d be puffing out his chest and asking who the ef would try to mess with his gf and try to jokingly reassure you that he can win any fight with whoever it was. He’d be hella scared on the inside though. You’re his everything and to think someone made you feel scared, he wasn’t ready for how much it hurt him knowing he wasn’t there to protect you. He’d hold your hand and reassure you that everything will be ok since the two of you were together and therefore are an unstoppable force. Then he’d drag you to the police station immediately to file a report while refusing to let go of your hand even once.

“Whenever I’m not holding your hand, bad things tend to happen. So from now on, your hand is mine, sorry, I’m not letting go ever again. That way nothing bad ever happens again.”

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Hansol- He’d put up a tough guy front to try to reassure you, but secretly he’s gritting his teeth and trying really hard not to run outside and hunt down whoever it is too. Like Joshua though, he’d put you as his first priority, making sure you’re no longer scared and that you know you’re safe. He might even insist you continue with whatever evening plans you both had wanted to do at home and insist you continue with the normal everyday activities. It’s not about ignoring the problem, no he’ll file a report with the police later, but right now he just never wants you to feel like you’re in danger ever again. He’ll do everything to distract you and comfort you and hold onto you, giving you all the love in the world.

“Don’t bring it up anymore, you don’t have to worry about it. It’s over and if it happens again, whoever it is, will be over. I believe in the police. All we need to do is stay together.” 

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Chan- He might be the youngest, but when it comes to you, there’s no doubt in his whole mind that he could easily take on whoever it was, because no one should ever dare to scare you like that. Not you. Chan would be smart and level-headed about the whole situation, maybe the most calm overall. Because he’s confident nothing like that would ever happen again because from now on he’s not going to leave your side without something to defend you. Whether that be taking self-defense classes, pepper spray, whatever works. He might even arm you with some pointy keys just in case. Chan can be one scary maknae.

“You have to aim for the eyes, that way they can’t see and you have time to run away… run away and call me so I can kick their- ahem, I meant call the police.”

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boyfriend bang chan • stray kids

genre: fluff

pairing: bang chan & you

word count: 1887 words

summary: dating chan and all the quirks/aspects of your relationship

note(s): this is my first time doing a scenario like this so i am super excited!! this will be in bullet point format. this is the first part of my boyfriend series for stray kids! starting with our cute leader is only appropriate, i hope you enjoy! <3

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  • you met chan during the summer on the bus you took everyday to your favorite coffee shop
  • the moment you had stepped on and trudged on through the adults and exhausted students a tuft of grey hair had stood out to you
  • he sat the aisle across from two boys and the seat next to the window was empty
  • you had never seen them before but were extremely thankful to the fact they hadn’t taken up your spot and settled into the back, even if they were kinda cute
  • especially the boy with the slightly damaged grey hair
  • you weren’t the type of person to be nosy but every single day you stepped onto that bus in a glum mood their conversations and bright personalities seemed to cheer you right up
  • you looked forward to it and eventually from so much eavesdropping you discovered their names
  • the boy who usually had a hat on was jisung, another boy who usually had a beanie or mask was changbin, and cute dimple grey boy was chan
  • you specifically liked to listen to chan talk
  • one day you stumble into the bus a little later than usual after waking up late and make it a minute before it departs
  • as you drag yourself to your seat you notice a little elderly lady comfortably sitting with her bag on the seat next to her
  • your heart sinks as you realize you have no courage to ask her to move her bag
  • the bus is full of everyone in their usual spots
  • except…oh no
  • the only empty seat is next to chan
  • you look around praying for a new empty seat to magically appear and it seems your luck is especially bad on that day
  • you conform to standing and holding onto a rail and as you look around nervously
  • you meet his eyes as you look around and panic
  • they’re looking at you with the utmost concern that you nearly melt
  • wow his eyes are so pretty?
  • “uhm, excuse me, the seat next to me is empty if you’d like to sit.”
  • changbin and jisung are shocked as chan gestures next to him with a shy smile
  • you almost faint as you take wobbly steps next to him, bowing about 500 times
  • “thank you so much”
  • “it’s no problem”
  • you notice the trio is a lot more hush and awkward than usual and feel a little guilty
  • until chan turns around and tries to start a conversation
  • he’s genuinely interested in what you have to say in response to his questions and smiles a lot
  • his dimples are so cute up close
  • you find out the three boys started coming on the bus as they purchased their own recording studio
  • they created their own rap group called 3racha on soundcloud and became extremely successful as a result
  • at the end of the ride all three of them say goodbye to you and nudge chan 
  • he just turns the brightest shade of red
  • he’s stuttering and scratching his neck,, it’s so cute
  • “well, i hope to see you tomorrow bus buddy!”
  • oh boy are your cheeks heating up quick as you hear changbin stifle a wheeze and poor chan is living in pure regret in that moment
  • jisung is like “no please ignore changbin” and trying to let you both live but it’s too late
  • and it all kicks off from there
  • for the next six months you both get to know each other better through slowly exchanging numbers, hanging out all the time, from visiting the three while they record, and eventually forming a strong bond with all of them
  • and getting an even stronger crush on the bang byungchan ooo
  • and on the seventh month of knowing each other when you get onto the bus there’s a little rose on your usual seat
  • jisung and changbin are whistling and pretending to not be spying on both of you
  • boy they suck at not being obvious
  • and chan is looking at the floor and then at you and back at the floor while jiggling his foot up and down
  • “i think i really like you and want to be more than friends”
  • god you hated that stuffy smelly bus so much but it just got 500 times more lovely to you
  • phew that took a while now let’s get onto boyfriend chan shall we?
  • you constantly nag him to put down his work and go to sleep but he refuses
  • and you refuse to leave him alone
  • you sit next to him every time he works on music at home
  • whenever he gets frustrated he just turns to you and buries his head into your shoulder in silence and wraps his arms around you except it’s messy and like a sloth
  • but you love it nonetheless
  • you are his biggest fan
  • every single musical decision goes through changbin and jisung but your word is the most important
  • “chan i think it’s nice already…but don’t listen to me changbin knows better and i’m not a professional”
  • “changbin who? i guess he’s just wrong.”
  • “no chan wait”
  • as a gesture of love you try to cook for him but it ends awfully
  • chan takes up cooking after that but he doesn’t mind
  • he always has you nearby so you can watch and learn
  • and whenever he has you try to do any cooking he watches you attentively
  • “no you’re doing it wrong, it’s like this”
  • and he’ll come up behind you and hold your hands while you cut vegetables
  • whOOPS the sudden contact makes you so flustered you cut your finger
  • “see it’s not that ba-WHY ARE YOU BLEEDING”
  • wee woo wee woo medic chan is on the way
  • your first kiss is in the middle of a disney movie marathon on the couch while you try to grab the box of pizza from him and he holds it up shaking his head and laughing
  • “give me a kiss first” and you’re like okay i guess and he’s like wait what and you just lean in
  • his whole mind goes blank and he drops the box on the floor and holds your face while he kisses you back
  • his stomach is in an absolute frenzy and you finally pull away and reach for the pizza with a huge grin
  • “i did it”
  • “i didn’t think you would and now i’m in a dilemma because i wanted the last slice”
  • lots of lazy cuddling on the couch after a long day of recording, he just loves taking in your scent and having you next to him
  • chan constantly keeps you up on your tippy toes
  • you procrastinate on all your college work and he’ll come by to check on you
  • “how’s it going babe?”
  • and you’ll drop your phone in shock and all he sees is you watching another group on weekly idol and now you know you’re in for an intense study session
  • whenever you try to joke your way out of your work or get distracted he gently scolds you and gets you back on track even if you protest
  • but your grades are always improving because of him and you’re thankful
  • no matter how busy he is saturday is the day specifically planned for you no matter what
  • one time woojin tried to come over and hang out with chan but he was quickly and gently shoo’d away
  • he’s not the type to get viciously jealous, but he does clear his throat and put a kiss against your cheek just to be sure that the other person knows you’re together
  • he’ll take off his hats and put them on you and your eyes always go so wide
  • you act like it’s nothing but it means so much to you and you feel so special when he does that and he notices
  • he thinks its the cutest thing in the world
  • your contact on his phone is “my baby” with a bunch of heart emojis and its so cheesy
  • the contact picture is worse it’s a picture of you sleeping and curled up into him
  • his snapchat is full of videos with the rest of the boys and both of you using filters and being silly
  • sometimes if you’re lucky and he’s extra tired he lets you climb onto his bed with him and straddle him while you draw things with his dimples
  • his favorite creation of yours is when you made flower petals around his dimples
  • he loves playing drake aloud on the bluetooth speakers in the house and showing you all his favorite musicians
  • and overtime because you’re so used to it you learn the lyrics too
  • and whenever songs like 0 to 100 come on you both grab a broom or mop and rap into the microphone and make exaggerated gestures and facial expressions at each other 
  • he does this little weird dance and you always follow
  • you look so cute to him with your messy hair and your bouncing steps and big smile and wow…he realizes he’s actually in love with you
  • just as you’re his #1 fan he is your #1 fan
  • chan pushes you to be more productive and believe more in yourself
  • anything that affects you negatively affects him as well… you’re both so united and everything that happens to both of you feels so personal
  • when things get rough for you he holds your hand and lies with you in bed until you’re ready to talk about it
  • sometimes he feels like it’s his fault and he’s deeply afraid of losing you
  • he gets a lot of dms on instagram from girls who are looking for more than just a conversation with their favorite rapper
  • and you’re always a little frustrated but happy as he doesn’t really care and doesn’t pay mind to it
  • one day you wake up and check your phone blowing up
  • he posted a picture of you and him holding hands on his instagram telling everyone he’s happily in a relationship and would appreciate not having his dms spammed
  • skinship with chan is so calm and soothing
  • he’s more about touching like hugs and hand holding than he is kissing but when he kisses you it’s passionate and more than just a peck
  • he always tells you how thankful he is he met you
  • and he could never say it out of fear of scaring you but he hopes to have a long future with you
  • he just knows he wants to be with you and keep you safe and happy
  • “hey chan?”
  • “yeah?”
  • “what are you thinking about?”
  • “i was thinking about how i want you to move in with me because it’s like you live here…if that’s okay?”
  • “i was thinking you’d never ask.”
  • one day he brings you to the studio and asks you to sit down and listen so you put in the headphones
  • the song is about the bus you met him on 4419 oh yes i love being clever
  • when he asks what you think he looks over at you and sees you’re crying and panics
  • “why are you crying? did i do something wrong? does it suck that much?” and you just gently smack his hand and wail
  • “i’m crying because i’m in love with you and that song.” and his heart just beats
  • it’s the first time you’ve told him you’re in love with him
  • and while he ruffles your hair to calm you down he hopes you can be his for as long as he exists
Soulmate AU! ; Bang Chan

        >> Genre: Soulmate AU! :: Fluff

        >> Member: Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

        >> A/N: None [ Request box open ] <Please I need help with writing ideas>

•Flower tattoos connected soulmates

•When they met both flowers will appear entwined on both of your wrist/forearm but will only intertwine when you make direct contact (look at moodboard for reference)

•And each person is born with a flower tattoo that resembles their soulmates personality

•Someone born with a Gardenia would have a soulmate with purity and sweetness and indicate a secret love but if your flower was to turn into a black rose that would indicate your soulmate  was on the verge of death/ has passed

•You were born with an alstroemeria flower, also known as a Peruvian Lily

•This meant your soulmate was devoted, prosperous, able to withstand trails of everyday life, and was following his/her dreams and achieving their aspirations

•And if you were being honest it would have made you fall more for your soulmate if it hadn’t been for the fact you weren’t really in a rush to find your soul mate

•Sure some of your friends had already found theirs and would post about cute things they did together

•And although it did spark a small jealousy in you, you pursuing your own passions were more important to you than love

•That being said you became a trainee at the infamous company YG

•Not only were you a trainee you had helped compose some songs for some of the groups

•You could say your hands were pretty filled with school and trainee life along with the fact you would help at your parents cafe

•So you could literally say you had no time to worry

•On the flip side your soulmate was very similar in some ways but was way more infatuated with the idea of soulmates

•His tattoo was of a red carnation meaning deep love and admiration

•He would find himself tracing  his finger over the small dainty flower on his wrist while he was trying to compose a song and would quietly smile to himself

•”Changbin-hyung… why is Chan smiling creepily like that again?”

•”I don’t know the old man is probably going insane from his lack of sleep.”

•”ExUsE mE bUT i cAN hEAr yOU, YoU LItTLE pRIcKS”


•Que eye twitch followed by a serious face


•Sometimes he would write little songs about his soulmate and imagine cute things with you but never to the point it would interfere with his work

•Nevertheless you could say he was way more ecstatic than you

•One day while you were going to practice in one of the rooms you accidently bursted into the one were Stray Kids from JYP would have been practicing

•You had heard they would be doing the traditional JYP v YG but you never imagined or intended to accidentally burst in on them

•Your face progressively got hotter as all eyes landed on you out of surprise

•”I-I’m so sorry.” You bowed multiple times before leaving in a rush

•Although at the time you didn’t feel it Chan most certainly felt it

•As soon as his eyes had landed on you he pulled up his sleeve and was left with disappointment upon seeing that his flower remind alone

•Shaking  his head he guessed it was just his imagination and proceed to practice and help ease the younger ones nervousness

•Once it came time to actually meet the YG trainees you were long gone from his mind knowing his chances of ever seeing or meeting you again were slim

•WElL tHiNK aGAiN cHAn I think I’m funny

•Everything was going smoothly with meeting the other trainees actually till YG had walked in late, dragging a smaller trainee with him

•The room was filled with hellos till JYP had caught a glimpse of you

•After a little explaining You were introduced as one of YG’s aces and was asked to stay as part of it considering you’d make a good unbiased opinion

•it was awkward as hell for you considering they were the group you had walked in on you sorta had a hard time evaluating them but still complimented them on their skills because come on they obviously had something going for them *cough* talent *cough*

•Afterwards you quickly bid goodbye and good luck to the trainees and Stray Kids shaking each of their hands politely

•All was normal till you had gotten to the leader of the group

•You’d be lying if you said he hadn’t already caught your eye the moment you saw him start to perform but you never thought it was because he was your soulmate

•So instead of shaking his hand you opted for giving him a small smile along with kind words not sure if you could take the “burden” of him being your soulmate

•Chan noticed and frowned a little as he watched you leave the overwhelming feeling of affection was too strong from him to not notice or even ignore

•”Jeonwoong who was that  again.”


•”They walked in on us practicing.”

•”Oh they’re (Full name)”

•With a smile he thanked the boy before slipping out of the room to try to find you

•It didn’t take him long considering there was only one room in the hallway that was blasting music super loudly

•Taking a deep breath he placed his hand on the door


•”Jesus christ Jisung!”

•”We’re leaving now let’s go”

•Just then the music cut off and Chan quickly grabbed Jisung and walked down the hall to exist the building

•”Hyung what were you doing.”

•”Nothing Jisung.”

•with a sigh he slumped  into his seat trying to figure out how in the world was he ever going to see you again

•Sure you guys were soulmates but that didn’t mean you both were destined to met

•After all some people had their tattoos changed into a butterfly weed meaning “leave me” indicating  their soulmate had fallen in love with someone else (Of course only appearing when the relationship was destined to stay ex. When their soulmate was to get married)

•Once they had made it back to the company Chan instantly walked to the practice room to wallow in his own misery

•With a sigh he opened up his laptop and took out a pencil and paper

•If he was going to be sad and mopey why not busy himself with creating a song

•And within a few hours Chan found himself staring at the clock that read the time of 2:34

•He could barely keep his eyes open but at the same time he didn’t have the heart to fall asleep

•Grabbing his laptop and things he walked out of the building and headed to the nearest cafe to continue his work

•Where were you?

•Well you were leaning over the cafe counter a book in hand as you waited for the next customer to appear from the busy streets of Seoul

•You look up when the door bells jingle and you instantly straighten up

•”Welcome to Brew and Bakery cafe.”

•When your eyes met the boy standing in front of you, you wanted nothing more than to pass out

•Lowering your head in a lame attempt to hide your face you waited for his order

•”Can I get uh…hot chocolate.”

•As a lowkey coffee connoisseur you lifted your head up in amusement totally forgetting your earlier dilemma

•”Really? I took you as an espresso kinda guy.”

•You joked as you punched in his order

•the fact that he laughed at your boring ass statement made your heart kinda flutter, you didn’t know if it was because you were tired or for the fact his laugh was just the cutest

•”I took you as knocking kinda person.”

•*cue fidgetiness*

•”Th-That wou-ld be *ahem* $2.95.”

•”Here keep the change.”

•You nodded and turned around to make his simple hot chocolate

•”So what makes me a expresso kinda guy?” He mused

•”You look like a sleep deprived dad.” You played along trying to lighten the atmosphere for yourself

•”I get that a lot.”

•With a smile you turn around and hand him his hot chocolate

•”Here’s your hot chocolate..”

•”Chan.” “Expresso man.” (Ya’ll taking in unison what cuties)

•He shot you a smile as he grabbed the cup his hand brushing against yours

•At the same time you both felt the overwhelming sense of affection and adoration again

•Taking a glance at your exposed wrist you noticed the intertwined flowers of peruvian lily and red carnation

•”I guess this means were soulmates.”


•”Mind if I treat you to some of my hot chocolate?”

•”I’m more of a (insert favorite drink) kinda person.”

•Shaking his head lightly he chuckles lightly

•Afterwards the both of you kinda bond with Chan explain about what he was doing up so late and you explain your thought process on the whole soulmates situation right now, in which Chan totally understands

•Thought Chan is totally up for the challenge of making you fall for him as much as he did when he laid eyes on you

•In order to do so he would often come late at night with a song of his asking for your advice or to just bond over coffee

•In all honesty the boy seriously knew how to make your heart flutter

•With his witty jokes, funny faces and determination to debut with his members as 9

•Not only that but you were a huge fan of his music as much as he was of your different coffees you would make for him

•But what brought ya’ll closer than anything else was music and it was the thing that brought you two officially together

•Chan had brought you to the company wanting to hangout at the practice room rather than at the cafe for one day

•Both of you sat in front of the small desk as  he worked on his most recent piece

•Despite being in your own chair your legs were on his lap with your arms lazily holding on to his waist with your head resting on his chest

•Chan honestly thought it was the cutest thing ever tbh

•and when you start to mumble his rap parts with him he just could stop himself from smiling to himself

•like you were literally being so cute and he just had to steal a kiss

•he’d dip down and give your lips a quick peck to see how you’d react

•once he saw the light blush on your face and how quickly you hid your face in his chest he knew he had your heart just as much as you had his

•guys I’m melting this is so cute did I just compliment my writing..#concededisme

•wow I just ruined the moment…well in my defense it was the end…okay I’ll shut up now I hope you enjoyed it sorry for it being so long (and for that I’ll give you small bonus)

•dates with Chan would literally be so late but so worth it because you always end up wrapped up in his arms

•the dates are either at yours or his company or at the cafe

• The boys call you composing koala couple

•they literally gush at the sight of both of you

•when it’s just the two of you relaxing Chan has the cutest habit of tracing the flowers that are entwined on your wrist and will occasionally kiss the tattoo because he’s literally so in love with you and the fact that both of you are together

•literally can’t stop saying how much he loves and highkey enjoys it when he catches you staring at him

•tells you to take of yourself  and literally will ask you if you’ve eaten or rested well almost every day once a day

•and in return you give him words of encouragement/congratulations BeCauSE YOuR MAnZ IS tAlENtEd

•but overall both of you are just perfect for each others and love each other with every inch of your living being

Making out w/ Stray kids

(Maknae line) (Hyung Line)



(I know he’s legal but I’m not gonna make it as smutty as the hyung line)

  • Okay my baby
  • my husband
  • my sunshine
  • bitch get comfy this gonna be longggg
  • So Hyunjin is really giddy
  • like his always giggling at something and it so fucking cute 
  • Now we all know that Hyunjin is a sucker for cuddles
  • so this session probably started from a cuddle session
  • that turned into Hyunjin’s face nuzzled into you neck
  • which led to light kisses on your neck 
  • that led to nips on your neck
  • that turned to full blown love bites
  • woAH
  • You’d probably jump when he bit your skin a little to hard causing another giggle to appear
  • You were slightly embarrassed but you will not lose this battle
  • before you know it your own his lap and he’s the embarrassed one
  • You can’t help but smirk at his red cheeks 
  • but Hyunjin won’t be defeated either
  • so he presses his lips against yours
  • now everyone’s embarrased
  • doesn’t pull away though
  • likes the taste of your lip balm too much
  • arms wrapped around your waist
  • loves when you play with the hairs on his neck
  • won’t admit it but loves the way your boobs are pressed his chest
  • bite his bottom lip 
  • please
  • his reaction is so hot
  • like a groan comes from the back of his throat
  • and vibrates through his chest
  • fuck wow
  • watch him get hard
  • he’s a teenage boy im sorry
  • but that’s as far as he will go
  • too shy to actually do more with you
  • hands will sneak under your shirt to feel your skin though
  • likes to rub circles into the bottom of your back
  • when you start rolling your hips
  • that’s when it’s time to stop
  • pulls away with red swollen lips
  • smiles widely at your flushed state
  • cause
  • he did that
  • and he’s proud

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  • Bias wrecker welp
  • okay but jisung is so adorable
  • like imagine just staring into his big eyes
  • and squeezing his little squirrel cheeks (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
  • he would grab your hands
  • and like smiles
  • while holding them
  • thats your que to die
  • cause same
  • brings his face closer to yours
  • while still holding your hands
  • and doesn’t stop till your noses are touching
  • hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • looks into your eyes one more time
  • then  connects your lips
  • he actually tastes like ice cream
  • hasn’t stopped holding your hands
  • your flustered self falls backwards
  • and now you underneath your boyfriend
  • finally lets go of your hands and hold himself
  • he’s gonna play footsies 
  • fight me
  • uses one hand to wrap your arms around his neck
  • likes the closeness
  • you two are so close that you can feel his heartbeat
  • won’t pull away until he’s literally blue in the face and gasping for air
  • and when he does 
  • just stares at your face 
  • hits you again with that smile
  • plants butterfly kisses around your face till your giggling
  • i think i shed a tear

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  • my first bias
  • still is
  • right
  • Felix is no coward when it comes to kisses
  • Changbin knows
  •  And basically kisses you on the daily
  • but makeout sessions are a once a week thing
  • not because he don’t like it
  • To Felix it’s really special
  • It always starts with him on your lap
  • just playing with his hair
  • while he rants about his day 
  • and how Changbin ditched him for jeongin
  • You honestly stopped listening 
  • and was just staring at his pretty features
  • cause everything about him is really pretty
  • like ethereal much
  • but because of it you didn’t even notice how close his face was
  • “Y/N?” 
  • laughs at your shocked face
  • finds you too cute like
  • uWu
  • Thinks you deserve a quick peck 
  • that leads to 2
  • 2 leads to 3 
  • 3 leads to the two of you french kissing on chan’s perfectly good ikea couch
  • smh
  • not impressed kids
  • I don’t know why but I imagine Felix massaging your thighs during it
  • not like full blown masseuse
  • just like soothing circles here and there
  •  strands of his hair getting caught between his eyes
  • you moving them out of the way
  • to see his adorably closed lids
  • whines when you pull away
  • nuzzles into your neck 
  • still leaving kisses on your neck
  • Jumps when he sees Changbin crying


  • My babyyyy
  • my angellll
  • if you haven’t noticed he is my SON
  • okay makeout session
  • Seungmin is a little bub as we all know
  • and would be a bit shy with these things
  • soooooooo
  • girlll your gonna have to initiate it
  • just make sure not to do it by surprise 
  • don’t want to scare him now
  • but when it does happen 
  • just know
  • you are the luckiest girl in the world
  • his lips are so soft UWU
  • really hesitant to touch you at first
  • your gonna have to put his hands on your waist for him
  • but even then they might still hover over your skin
  • not in a sexual way of course
  • but like have you seen him at fansigns
  • he can be so mean at times 
  • but in a cute way
  • and he’s gonna be mean to you aswell
  • like he’ll pull away 
  • just to hear you whine cutely
  • but just like grab his face 
  • and he’ll be all blushy again
  • likes to hold hands sometimes
  • just to feel a stronger connection with you
  • when he pulls away he’s gonna hug you tightly
  • and hide his face in your neck
  • because he doesn’t want you to see his bright red face
  • BABY

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  • The baby is here
  • okay
  • this is gonna be really hard for me
  • but Jeongin is new to this
  • so he is still kind of Childish
  • don’t blame him he’s being raised by kids himself
  • makeout sessions with Jeongin are so soft
  • like little kisses here and there
  • that lead to a few giggles 
  • that lead to intense staring
  • I can imagine giving you that cheeky little smirk
  • and a little eyebrow raise
  • that kills the mood a little
  • cue more giggling
  • but then someone plucks up the courage 
  • and before you know it
  • cheeks are red
  • lips are locked
  • and Chan is freaking out because of Jeongin’s lost innocence 
  • He likes to open his eyes sometimes to see you cute face
  • and smiles into the kiss
  • and you pull away for a second asking whats wrong 
  • only for him to blush and shake his head and bring his lips back to yours
  • because no lie
  • your lips taste amazing
  • like wow
  • hit me up with your lip balm
  • but like your makeout sessions probably end because one of the members interrupt 
  • and the two practically jump from eachother
  • feeling quite embarrased
  • okay but you guys are now my otp

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[3:46am] Chan tells you to go home for the millionth time and for the millionth time you ignore it, pressing a chaste kiss to his shoulder you said “I want to stay with you.” With a sigh he intertwines his fingers with your own, pressing his own kiss to your temple.

renjun: im so glad i chose jisung as my bias!

jisung: aw thanks renjun!

renjun, holding his stray kids poster: i wasn’t talking about you.

through the looking glass

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soulmate!au w/ chan

(ft. changlix)

pairing- reader x chan

genre- fluff

it’s 4 am and I haven’t slept a wink but,,, GUYS WE LITERALLY JUST HIT 100 FOLLOWERS HOW ARE WE SO CLOSE TO 200??? i’m so shook I don’t deserve you guys 💘

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Just imagine, one day, years from now, Lee Chan sitting in a retirement home, perfectly content playing checkers and listening to Michael Jackson’s Greatest Hits when suddenly, he gets a phone call. He picks up the phone with his frail hands and on the other end, he hears…

‘Dino nugu aegi?’