chan jam studio

Chan Jam Pixels!


Kat commissioned me to do her seven characters from Chan Jam as pixels and welp. Here they are! Xingo is personally my favourite because her colors are the easiest to pixel with, lol.

Kat if you see anything you don’t like, lemme know and I can fix it before you pay for them. (◡‿◡✿)

I really wanna do a Chan Jam Update. I have ideas and everything just…no motivation to actually draw it.

Anyway, have a CEO dressed in the clubbin’ outfit Nellko and Blackriver made her wear for their night at a specific bar before heading to the club. Nellko accidentally dyed Nelly’s hair. Now she has a giant white skunk striped that goes down her hair and tail. Oh, also she’s in catgirl mode. CATGIRL SLEEPOVER.