chan doodles

AGH I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE ASK but an anon requested a college or high school au! (i was too indecisive about the background so there is none)

I imagined a college!AU where Viktor is a TA (or could be a young teacher) and Yuuri is a sophomore who keeps seeing him around campus but never works up the courage to talk to him *u*


January 9th - Sketches and Ayando

Well… as you can see Ayando is my OTP (and the reason why I got so into Yandere Simulator) so I had to draw them.

And thinking about their relationship, since Budo is a year ahead than Yandere-chan, he is also Ayano´s senpai, and I just thought that, when Budo starts his crush for Ayano (and considering that she never says her senpai´s name), at first, he innocently thinks she is referring to him when she is dreamily talking to herself 8´D…