A.C.E(에이스) - Adventure: Spinoff Animation(BGM : Prod. WOW)

No More (part 2; Dino angst)

Asked: "Can we get a part two to the dino angst please? The first one was really good :)“ & "i-i cannot deal with angst… esp when its abt dino. will you make a pt2 for no more?:o //pls//” & “do a part 2 of the dino scenario plsplspls <3”

Members: Dino x Jeonghan x reader

Genre: angst

Warnings: slight swearing

Word count: 900+

link to part 1

“Come on, pick up, pick uuup..” Jeonghan hopefully repeats as he calls you, for about the fifth time.

You see your phone screen light up, your eyes still encased in shells of tears. Your vision was blurry but you knew it was Jeonghan calling; ever since you rushed out of the Pledis building seeming so uneasy, he has been trying to get a hold of you. You didn’t stop when he grabbed hold of your wrist, asking what happened - You didn’t even turn around. And being caring as he is, he was determined to find out what happened.

Your phone rang and rang as you sat with your face buried in your hands, the bag holding what was once meant for your best friend carelessly laying on the floor in front of you, most of its contents gone. 

Jeonghan finally took the unanswered calls as a sign to let you have some time to yourself, and tossed his phone to land on the couch he was previously resting on. Dino practically came out of nowhere, speedwalking towards the entrance of the building, but was stopped by the older boy grabbing onto his wrist. 

“Hey, where do you think you’re going?” He asked as Dino half-heartedly tried pulling out of his grip. “I don’t know what happened between you two but it obviously wasn’t good.” He continued on, letting go but standing directly in front of him, both of them not going anywhere. “Care to tell me?”

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A.C.E(에이스) Chan - Adventure: Spinoff Animation(BGM : Prod. WOW)

From The Moment You Wake Up // Performance Unit (Part 2)

Based on a Soulmate AU where within a year of the younger half of a pairing turning 18, soulmates will switch bodies with one another. They have 24 hours in their soulmate’s life before being returned to their own. While in their soulmate’s body, a person is inhibited from mentioning their other life. They also cannot contact themselves in any way, however, people have figured out methods around this rule.

This is your life afterwards.

Seventeen’s Performance Unit (Hip Hop // Vocal)

Part 1 // Part 2

Warnings: Light Swears (Jun), Mentions of Blood (Dino)

-by Admin Bee

A/N: Welp, that’s a wrap. Whether you’ve been here since Hip Hop part 1 was posted or started reading in the middle, and to everyone who has read this series and left replies, tags, and messages alike, thank you thank you thank you thank you. Your support made this possible. And finally, thank you to Mari, the first person I told about this idea all the way back in April, for being an amazing editor and steering me away from cliche plots, comma errors, and really dark endings.

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Your Hair [VIXX, N]

Originally posted by nxnight

Prompt(s) : “Can I do your hair?”

Characters : VIXX’s N || OC

Genre : Fluff and uh, idk what else

Requested by: @animeotakupooh

written for the 100+ followers event

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