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You know, I live in France and the match is not even broadcast on TV here, even if it’s the French Cup, it's a shame. It is broadcast only in streaming and it you have to pay, otherwise you have to have a special channel with a special subscription to watch the match on TV, it's so dumb, a lot of people miss the match because of that..

Aren’t almost all football matches on special payed channels?? In Holland you can watch the Champiosn League etc for free (tho they select the match for you) and World Cup/ EURO.

Dutch league/Copa games are on payed channels, but I always find a stream. Dutch or English. Is that also the same in Spain/England etc? Isn’t that also payed??.

But with PSG it’s almost always so freaking difficult to find a stream. So difficult. I will see if there’s a difference with League and Copa games, but ughhhh. I almost gave up today. I was ready to fight someone that’s how annoyed I was.