shoutout to nd witches
  • shoutout to add/adhd witches who do nonverbal spells because saying them out loud means you get mixed up or say the wrong thing
  • s/o to witches with headmates who all channel energy in their own ways
  • s/o to bpd and bipolar witches who channel white magic in elevated states and channel black/dark magic when they bounce down or split
  • s/o to the above who love that as a part of their identity
  • s/o to the above who despise that as a part of their identity and want stability in their magic
  • s/o to the witches who form long distance connections with their friends
  • s/o to the autistic witches who stim to keep their energy up
  • s/o to the autistic witches who make sigils instead of spells because images make more sense than words
  • s/o to fictionkin witches who make spells and focus magic based on their character
  • bonus: shoutout to all the steven universe fans convinced that one or more people are witches, even rsugar herself, because too many things stack up within the Gems’ magic to point otherwise
  • s/o to the headmates of witches who aren’t used to channelling energy in these bodies and can’t front for more than a short while or a few minutes
  • s/o to any witches who’ve tried to write sigils for health and happiness on their arms with sharp impliments
  • s/o to those who draw the sigils in pen instead of blood
  • s/o to those who resist the urge entirely. you champions
  • s/o to witches whose special interest is magic and read avidly
  • s/o to witches who practice in their spare time
  • s/o to witches whose headmates are angels or demons, helpful or harmful
  • shoutout to my beautiful nd witches
  • blessed be

FC Barcelona + Social Media reactions to winning the UEFA Super Cup

ardaturan: Visca Barca!

luissuarez9:   Let’s goooooooo, yes let’s go Barça !! Another cup !! Great effort by the whole team !! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

andresiniesta8: Greatttttt team !! We suffered a lot but we won the first title of the season! Champioooooons!!!!!!!

sandroramirez9: Yesssss championnns 🔴🔵 Great team! Let’s go for more 💪

3gerardpique: One never gets tired of winning cups! One for the museum! Visca el Barça!

ivanrakitic: Let’s gooooo, another one .. !!! 🏆🙏👍 we have suffered together. !!! Great game, congratulations to @sevillafc.! Next, comes another cup .. 😃👍 Going for you, my princesses ❤️👸🏼👶🏼❤️ Daddy loves you very much. !!! @fcbarcelona #SupercopaDeEuropa

sergiroberto: Yesss Champions of the European Super Cup !!! Great team!!! Força Barça! 🔴🔵🏆

munirhaddadi: Let’s gooooo championss!!🔴🔵🏆

_17pedro_: Another one thanks to this spectacular team. Enjoy it !! Very happy with the win and the goal. Greetings to all.

danid2ois: It is difficult, it is tasty, it is ours! If it was easy, everyone could do it. Always give your best, and appreciate each achievement you get, because it is very complicated to achieve goals, but it is very tasty when we can. Congratulations to my team for always delivering. #nopainnogain #viscaBarçaforever