can I just say that as much as I love Pakistan winning, I love the fact that both teams thanked each other, congratulated each other and showed genuine professionalism and showmanship and friendship beyond the political bullshit both teams are forced to endure. Kudos. As buzzed as I am by PK winning, this was a victory for BROWN cricket and I’m so freaking here for it

I’m so delighted that Pakistan won the ICC Champions Trophy but why are Indians making fun of the way the players speak English? English is not their national language, its Urdu. Do you also not see the effects of Colonialism still being prevalent today? You have internalized the prejudice, racism and the inferiority that you don’t notice that you’re actually embarrassed by your own language. 

the guy who took home 2 awards, hassan, had a translator present and spoke in urdu. it moved me to tears. the rest of our players speak weak english and often become the subject of mockery- do you not see the country suffering from post-colonial effects still? its absurd that we’re made to believe pride only comes with a fluency in the language that has nothing to do with our heritage whatsoever but is rather a reminder of the years of oppression our people had to go through. pakistan is battling on every front right now and it will not stop bleeding till we ourselves bleed green as a nation.
today was Historic, you’ve done us proud boys