This is the Kantou Library Force! I hereby choose to exercise my right as a Library Officer Third Class to gather materials freely, as acorded in the Library Laws, Article 30!

By the authority granted to me by the Library Law enforcement regulations, I designate these books as my discretionary selection!

—  ~ Doujo Atsushi ~

Toshokan Sensou

Muahahaha! Third blog video, shortest yet: Why I am Sailor V. Yup. Little bit of cosplay. Little bit of Sailor Moon Facts, Little bit of awkward. All of it worth it.


Something I do really find CONSISTENTLY endearing and amazing about this Usagi in particular (and the other ones too, but they do a better job with this one I think) is what a wonderful person she is to strangers.

She sees this girl going through a hard time, basically being bullied. So her immediate reaction is to step up and try to protect her in the best way she can. This is a trait that all the Senshi carry, but she does it in such a Usagi way that it’s incredible to watch.

Rei would approach aggressively, demanding that the bullying stop. Mako would threaten physicality. Ami would be shy but firm, and probably threaten to call authorities. Minako would insult them until they were shamed into stopping. But Usagi just defends the person, and gives her huge and endearing smile to try and win them over with her love and guess what, it usually works.

We’ve seen her stick up for Ami, and now for Rei. It’s no wonder all these girls love their princess so much, because who can possibly resist!

Abe-niisan just IMed me even though he is invisible to ask if I was safe after our earthquake.

Abe, who lives in Japan and was in Japan’s earthquake a few months ago (though not in any of the hardest hit areas) just IMed me to ask if I was safe after an earthquake that didn’t so much as knock anything over where I am. Even though I’ve told him I’m safe and there was no damage since the earthquake was very small, he’s still very concerned about me.

Abe-niisan why are you such a wonderful person?