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House [Name], a family of noble paladins, has an heirloom, a Holy Avenger. It’s been stolen, and the family is extremely anxious to see it recovered. “Serah has a child on the way,” they explain, but refuse to elaborate.

When the blade is recovered, it turns out to be intelligent, and to have a personality very, very similar to the members of the family. Gradually, the party discovers that each time a child is born to the House, it is knighted with the sword. The sword then uses its prodigious Ego score to… aid the child’s moral development. It imprints a copy of itself into the baby’s mind, which takes them over completely as they grow. Thus, each child of the noble House is assured to grow into the champion of divine justice they were always destined to be.

The party faces a difficult choice; the family has helped the kingdom immeasurably, and the sword is an artifact of unimaginable holy power, but surely the ends cannot always justify the means. Right?

Fighting Evil by Moonlight

A/N: Ahhh I’m so excited that this is finally coming together, thanks to @thecurlycaptain and @kyloholic for helping me to get this ball rolling!

Summary: Two lovers, pulled apart by forces beyond their control get a second chance in their new lives on Earth. However, with the emerging threat of the Negaforce and the loss of their memories it’s not certain whether they’ll be together again. But there is one thing that you do know, you are Sailor Moon, champion of justice! On behalf of the moon you will right wrongs and triumph over evil, side by side with your friends.

A long Time ago in a Galaxy far, far, away

There lay a great civilization, the ancient kingdom of Jedha where Queen Serenity ruled. All was threatened by the emergence of a being known to his followers as Supreme Leader Snoke, creating the First Order to destroy Queen Serenity and her reign of peace and light. In order to protect the crescent moon saber and imperium silver kyber crystal from Snoke’s reach she sent it with the next generation to the distant future in hopes that one day they’d find each other again and remember their pasts, fighting to keep the light in the stars against the threat of the Negaforce.

“BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” Blared your obnoxious alarm for the third time this morning. This time you took a moment to look at the clock rather then slam on the snooze again.

Oh no, You had slept in and it was just ten minutes before your first class, crap! This was going to be a rough day, and you were having a nice dream too! You wished you could go back to sleep and dream about that handsome face again, but you were about to be late.

On your way you passed some kids bullying a small black cat, “Hey!” You yelled at them. They scattered, leaving you and the poor kitty alone. You inspected it, seeing a band aid on its forehead. It probably wasn’t the best idea but you pulled off the bandage, much to the cat’s distaste. You gasped at the sight underneath, it was a small golden crescent, and it seemed to be apart of its skin. The cat hissed at you and ran away, leaving you to realize that now not you were late for class!

Disheveled and groggy from lack of coffee you entered the classroom, met with a few curious stares from fellow students. Finally you found your best friend Molly and sat next to her, trying to get yourself together.

“Y/N! You’re late again? That’s twice this week,” She whispers to you.

“I know, don’t remind me,” You sigh. “I keep on staying up late playing Sailor V, it’s bad,” You explain. She shakes her head at you and you focus your attention on the professor. Just try and make it through this lecture, then you can get a coffee.

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Remember is to live again, and them they will live all days in our hearts, the three are magnificent warriors who will always make us remember the beautiful moments that lived together in the Shield, without doubt the best team of all time ! Forever and ever ;)



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It was said he was slain in battle, but Garen soon learned from the whispers throughout his family’s estate a mage’s bloodletting spell had taken his uncle’s life.

…. :3c 

The fact that there are several people agreeing with that post makes me sick. To say that, due to the circumstances of ones birth, that they are in ANY. WAY. worth less- is evil. There is no exception to this rule, I don’t care what bullshit reasoning you have.

This site prides itself on being loving and compassionate- champions of social justice. Well guess what? The majority of you are just as bad as what you hate. I don’t know exactly when this site went bad, because I remember years ago when it was actually fun to be on tumblr. But somewhere down the line it began telling people that if you’re part of -insert group here- then you are a bad person. I don’t care about the context. If you equate circumstances beyond ones control in ANY CONTEXT with being a bad person, or worth less- congrats, you’ve become what you claim you hate; a bigot and a bully. 

You paint anyone you attack as ‘evil’- and I’ve seen time and time-a-fucking-gain where people on this very site are attacked.

I’ve seen people try to kill themselves because of things said here in the name of ‘social justice.’ You claim it’s a small, vocal minority doing this, but every single time I go on this site I see hundreds of hate-filled posts getting hundreds of thousands of likes and reblogs. Don’t try to tell me there’s just a small part of this site that is bad. This whole site is an echo chamber for people who fight bullying with bullying.

It’s sad, and very, very scary. 

Gonna paraphrase someone here to end this whole thing; There are two options in this world- either we are ALL equal, or not. There is no middle ground there. Does that mean you shouldn’t say something when someone does something bad? No, but telling people they are worth less- sending mobs of hate to them, as this site tends to do, is an evil thing to do to someone. You’re an angry mob crying out “evil!”, a thousand guns constantly pointed to the head of a single person. No judge, no jury- no mercy. Just you, the self-appointed executioners. 

Again- there are only two options in this world; are we all equal? Or not?

I know what I believe. 


My dislike for your sister’s (was) well-known so I’ll not waste your time with false condolences. Eryn overreach on many occasions, and it finally claimed her life. But I want you to know that I had no part in your sister’s death. It brings me no joy, nor relief, to know you’re mourning a friend and valued part of your family.

Adisor, Eryn’s dear friend and a champion of justice, it seems, arrived on my doorstep, making the claim that I was responsible. A ridiculous man, to match a ridiculous and unfounded accusation. Besides, we both know that, had I been responsible, I would’ve shouted it from the Highlands’ highest peak. You would’ve been told.

Despite all that has happened between us, I want you to know that I— I’d grieve with you if I could. When you find the man or men truly responsible, I have no doubt you’ll get your justice, or vengeance, whichever you desire. In the meantime, if you need anything (resources, manpower, eyes beyond Stormwind), you know how to reach me.

Warlund Blackfyre

P.S.: If you see that fuck Adisor, tell him he owes me a debt of blood.”

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