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Some ACS that ties into those recent ones? Like some of the other PWT combatants reacting to Giovanni's new relationship.

(Short and sweet >< sorry really not familiar with who’s all in the PWT and I’m pretty sure I totally messing up how it’s actually done….)

“E-excuseme? Is there a…Mr. Sakaki here?” The delivery person askedholding an impressive bouquet of fully bloomed red roses.

“Looks like somebody got themselves an admirer!” Alder chuckled.

Giovanni rolled his eyes and approached the delivery person and took the roses.

“No name?” the older man asked.

“No I see a card,” Norman stated as he plucked it from the arrangement.

“Put that back before I make you Norman,” Giovanni growled some.

“So it IS an admirer!”

“Shut up,” Giovanni said as he snatched the card back. “You two are children I swear.”

“Oh come on—”

“Stop breathing down my neck!” the Kanto native yelled at Alder.

Cynthia strode by and snatched the card herself. “Lets see who i—” The Sinnoh champion cut herself off when she read it.

“…Cynthia? You’re turning red,” Lance pointed out. The Dragon-type master’s eyes darting to Giovanni…alright now HE was curious.

Giovanni actually felt a brief flash of fear when Cynthia marched up to him…and even though she was only a mere two inches taller than him, how she stood at that moment made it feel as if she was looming over him.

“Yes?” Giovanni asked, voice calm and unwavering.

“I swear…if you are using him…” Cynthia began, her hand balling into a tight fist, crumpling the card.

“Come now, he’s a grown man, I am certain he can handle himself. Please do give him more credit than that,” Giovanni stated with a smirk.

Which he immediately regretted when he saw the absolute rage flash in the cold gray eyes.

“…I assure you…I am not forcing him into anything. Everything he has done has been on his terms,” Giovanni said.

“Forgive me if I do not believe you,” the blonde woman said as she stepped back.

“Then perhaps you should accompany me when I go see him tonight and ask him yourself.”

Cynthia was about to respond, only to have the announcer cut her off.

The Kanto Leaders Tournament was going to begin.
She watched as Giovanni left, eyes boring into the man’s back.

“…Cynthia?” Alder asked as he approached the still somewhat livid champion. “So…who was it from?”

“Cyrus…” Cynthia stated simply.  

“Oh….-EH!?” Alder looked at hear eyes wide…as did the remaining combatants.

Giovanni Sakaki….was courting Cyrus Akagi?