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For some of the boys out there who are feeling insecure about their bodies, I want you to look at some Olympic athletes:

Mo Farah, 10000m gold medal winner. He’s quite small and doesn’t have huge muscles. But he’s still a champion

Lasha Talakhadze, weightlifting gold medal winner. He’s not skinny; he clearly has body fat and a rounded face. But he’s still a champion 

Kōhei Uchimura, gymnastics gold medal winner. He’s muscular, but is only 1.61m tall (5ft 3″). But he’s still a champion 

So what I’m trying to say is that men and boys are often given expectations to be muscular, thin and tall - the diversity in male Olympics athletes shows that you absolutely do not need to be all/any of those things to be valid. You and your body are valid no matter what.

me, an actual psychic with real psychic powers predicting the future five years from now: wow Japan’s living legend, five time world champion and Olympic gold medalist Katsuki Yuuri and his husband, Russian living legend Victor Nikiforov are the greatest power couple in all of sports; gay icons, amazing, incredible, magnificent, astounding. 

F L E U R   D E L A C O U R 

“’Arry, you saved my sister’s life. I do not forget.

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On Yurio


You wanna know which Russian skater was a Junior World Champion/Junior Grand Prix Gold Medalist and became the Senior World Champion/Senior Grand Prix Gold Medalist on her senior debut?

I present to thee: Queen of the Tano Jump (raised hand position)

Evgenia Medvedeva

Coincidence? She’s a huge YOI fan…

Btdubs: She set the short program world record during the Grand Prix in Marseille a week ago…

Dragon Master Lance headcanons

• Lance hates to admit it but fairy type Pokemon terrify him. Whenever he sees one he’ll always stay a safe distance away
• Training dragon Pokemon is very difficult and as a result, it has made Lance rather strong. He could totally give his s/o piggyback rides
• Lance isn’t very much a fan of junk food and instead prefers snacking on healthy things
• Bought his s/o a matching cape
• Lance is a really, really heavy sleeper and snores very loudly. He also wakes up early in the morning to train
• If anyone insulted Lance’s s/o, family, or friends, he would not hesitate to obliterate them
• His favorite kinds of movies are action or mystery movies
• Lance looks like he has killed a man but really he’s very nice and would love to discuss dragons with anyone
• However Lance’s kindness does have a limit and he has beat up members of Team Rocket in the past

 After Amanada Nunes dominated Miesha Tate at UFC 200 in the main-event, she has become the first ever openly gay UFC champion.

 On a side note; The first ever UFC Women’s title fight consisted of Ronda Rousey (the champion at the time), and the also openly gay competitor, Liz Carmouche. It was also the first ever women’s bout within the organization, following Dana White’s comments, stating women would never fight inside the octagon. Carmouche was unsuccessful in taking the title.


USA once again won olympic gold medal at Rio 2016 ! congrats !!!
I’m sorry I didn’t draw all the players (miss Paul George, Harrison Barnes and Kyle Lowry).