My boi turns a year old soon!! I’m not sure of when his actual hatch date is, I think it might be in February, but I brought him home in late march last year when he was a teeny tiny screaming baby.
His full name is  Sir Champion Pepper of Pepsi Michizo Tachihara, but we just call him Champion, because otherwise it gets too complicated and confusing to explain or say. <3 

some fun stuff from da2′s party banter:

  • varric talks about writing an epic with the hero based off of anders
  • varric either hires guards for anders and the clinic or pays off the undercity gangs so they don’t bother him
  • fenris believes that suicide is a sin in the eyes of the maker
  • fenris says meredith “is the only thing holding back the madness” in kirkwall
  • anders and isabela met in the pearl. she identifies him as “the runaway mage who could do the electricity thing,” so presumably they hooked up
  • anders jokes about isabela having a heart of gold
  • if anders kills ella, he asks aveline if he can go to her funeral. aveline doesn’t allow him to
  • before act three, aveline says she always expected anders would be the one to “go out in a blaze”
  • anders describes warden mahariel as “valuing privacy rather highly”
  • merrill and anders both like cats. anders seems to have a preference for tabbies
  • merrill calls anders’ coat “a crow in the middle of anting”
  • hawke is taller than fenris, according to varric
  • isabela writes “friendfiction” about donnic and aveline and shares it with varric
  • varric bribes the guards so merrill won’t get in trouble for wandering through people’s gardens and picking their flowers
  • according to aveline, varric “hates commitment” but remains at hawke’s side even after six years. according to varric, he lies a lot
  • carver used to nail bethany’s braid to the bed while she was asleep
  • varric gives merrill a ball of twine in case she gets lost. merrill tries to give it back near the end of the game, but varric tells her to keep it
  • varric, again, either hires guards or pays off gangs so they don’t bother merrill during her late night walks
  • merrill is afraid she may not live to see what happens to kirkwall. she asks aveline to watch out for her friends because “anything could happen”
  • isabela thinks fenris and elves in general have pretty eyes
  • an unromanced fenris and isabela hook up at least once and are implied to continue doing so
  • carver has a tattoo of a mabari that he got before the events at ostagar. he can make it bark
  • aveline often changes the guard patrols around fenris’s mansion so none of them get suspicious of him commandeering the place
  • sebastian invites fenris back to starkhaven with an offer to train soldiers
  • fenris and donnic play diamondback together once a week
  • sebastian’s armor is so shiny that isabela uses it as a mirror
  • merrill doesn’t always get dirty jokes, but she certainly wants to get them
  • sebastian adds wesley’s name to the memorial in the chantry
  • merrill’s mother used to sing to her when she was sick

and some stuff from dlc banter:

  • varric offers hawke three potential nicknames depending on what personality hawke has: red is killer, blue is waffles, and purple is chuckles
  • anders played cards with the coterie, who now have claim on his right ear
  • hawke picks up a feather and considers giving it to anders. they say he “molts in the spring” and could always use more feathers for his coat
  • isabela wrote and sent books to bethany while she was in the gallows
  • isabela broke into a prison in val chevin to rescue her first mate
  • merrill has always wanted a baby griffon called “feathers”
  • anders isn’t very good at wicked grace or diamondback (varric mentions that hawke’s mabari is better at diamondback than anders is)
  • anders calls the grey wardens “the taint brigade”
  • merrills drops marbles into isabela’s boots to see how long it takes them to reach the bottom. she says her boots “go on for eternity”
  • hawke once led the party around the wounded coast for three hours because they were lost but didn’t want to admit it
  • merrill busted hawke’s wardrobe; it fell over the railing when she and sandal were trying to climb onto the chandelier